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Post by Wolf478 on Sat Oct 06, 2018 11:51 am

(Here's a thing.)

I figured that if there wasn't anything that was clarified in my OC's bio, then you could ask your questions here, or maybe even if you'd just like to ask a random question, you can shoot.

If you've RP'ed with some of my characters before, you'll know that there are quite a few holes or gaps in their stories that haven't been filled in or answered (I'll answer them if they aren't too plot-revealing) maybe even something that I've forgotten to tell you about?

Anyway, I've basically got two Ocs as of now, There'll be more on the way, but here they are:

Darken: Hello! Please tell me that's all I gotta say. I'm Darken... Millennial, but you can just call me Darken if you like, I'll be Please don't make me do this Answering your questions about me.

Alia: Hey, I'm Alia. But you can call me anything you like. I'll be happy to answer Any questions you might have about me, so don't let me intimidate you or anything. It certainly works on Darken here.

Ask what you want, but there might be some things I can't tell, because I'm saving them for some RPs.

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