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Forever, And Forever. Empty Forever, And Forever.

Post by Awakened Vega on Sun Sep 23, 2018 11:32 pm

Running. Sprinting. Gasping. Stumbling. Falling.

Fade to black.

His eyes would open, his blurred vision seeing nothing but grass, and the eye-obscuring liquid that would fall to the ground beneath him. Nothing would escape the whit-furred hedgehog but incomprehensible groans in between his sorrowed gasps. His fist slamming into the ground, making the moistened soil break apart until his hand. He began to crawl forward until he reached the body of exiled water in front of him. He frantically wiped his eyes to clear the tears, in order to free his gaze, until he stared into the moonlit water, to see the similar looking being staring him back in the face.

"You were supposed to change!!" He screamed at the reflection, which was unmoving, static. "You were supposed to learn!! You...You...." Before his gasp and cry-filled shouting could finish, he swiped at the water, causing it to ripple and splash... only distorting the reflected image before it simply reformed in front of him. "You were supposed to be gone..." He now spoke, quiet, tired, exhausted.

Vega turned his back, sitting with his back to the pool of water, his knees sliding up to his chest as he hugged them tight, his eyes gazing to the moon. "Why can't I just... be...strong." He spoke to himself, his weak voice mumbled into his own body. "You were supposed to be a hero, you were supposed to be renewed. Why do I keep falling." He mumbled on, his entire body shaking violently, whether it be from the cold night, or from his emotion. "I can never be secure!" He shouted to himself, slamming his head into his knees, heavy tears flushing down his cheeks.

It was at this very point, that a cloud began to move across the moon, shadowing it with a huge, slow moving sheet of darkness. And the timing of this, coincided with a transformation in himself. His white fur with its bright silver shine began to dull. Turning to a dull, drab grey. Even the yellow accents of his fur beginning to drop a few shades.




He was silent, his throat tired from shouting, crying. He sat there, silently sobbing into his knees for close to an hour. His eyes reddening from the pain in his eyes. "Why... I keep... letting people in. I trust, hold tight, but always let them slip!" As if by sudden magic, Vega leaped up and rushed a few steps forward.

"Rrrryagh!!" He screamed out as he slammed his fist into a tree, his body igniting in a burst of light, his energy swirling around him. His fist suddenly snapping through the trees bark, right through the otherside, causing the upperside of the tree to collapse to the forest floor. His breath was heavy, his silver eyes staring at the dissected tree, his heart ready to burst out of his chest, but instead, it was him that burst.

"Hyy-AGH!!!!" He screamed out, consistently, his voice filling the entire area, as at the same time, his aura flared up, a bright white energy exploding around him, making the leaves swing and some branches snap from their trees. The aura reaching heights of close to 50 feet tall, Looking like a beacon. "You can never learn, YOU CAN'T HAVE ANYTHING!!!" He screamed to himself, his eyes seeming to even lose the very pupils inside of them, his power booming around the entire forest.


A sudden, deep voice boomed into Vega's earshot. Before any kind of reaction, Vega's massive power output was immediately cut off, as if stolen away from him. As a white, solid form of light began to seep out of Vega's chest. As the light began to fall from him, he gasped, as if his very power was taken right from him. Making him collapse to his knees again, his eyes locked on the light that had left him. The light began to amalgamate, forming into a mobian figure, it had no visible features, other than being completely made of solidified light and looking mobian.

"I have had enough of you Vega." The figure spoke, yet it had no mouth of which to move, the deep voice simply echoing at him. "You've not grown up, you make the same mistakes, and then shoot yourself in the leg at every chance." The voice continued to echo on as Vega stared to it in shock. "But I-"

"QUIET!" The voice echoed back. "You are pathetic Vega, I have been with you you're entire life, you fail to even act like a regular person unless you are carried by overbearing friends or a woman that you can cling onto. YOU HAVE NO INDEPENDANCE." The voice from the figure continued to berate him as Vega simply looked with tear filled eyes.

"But, I've tried! Ever since I took this form, I tried to just be me!" He replied, almost pleading with the being of light. "And where has that gotten you Vega? Nowhere, you're still the child you always have been, you need the comfort, the hand holding of a lover to help you through, or you simply end up here. Well heres your wake up call..."

"If you cannot find your independence spiritually, then you shall no longer find my help physically, NOW, you are truly on your own, until you learn your lesson once and for all." The figure spoke in a commanding tone before beginning to disperse into mere particles of light, floating upwards.....right into well...The Moon... how fitting. 

Vega stared up at the moon as the light began to fade, before his eyes widened, he clutched his stomach as a deep, red blood shot from his mouth, out onto the floor and space ahead of him. His vision beginning to blur, fading, his legs going shaky as he attempted to stand, making him stumble backwards until... 


Vega's weakened body fell into the water, shading the clear water with red. As even, the unmoving reflection, disappeared.

What Have I Become, Now That I've Betrayed
Everyone I've Ever Loved, I Pushed Them All Away
And I Have been a Slave To The JUDAS In My Mind
Is There Something Left For Me To Save, In The Wreckage Of My Life
I'm Becom-, I'm Becom-, I'm Becoming
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