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Post by The_Terror on Tue Aug 28, 2018 8:04 am

Name: Declan Sampson
Nickname(s): Void
Species: Fox/shade
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Eye Color: Ruby red.
Height: 3’9”
Weight: 100 lbs.
Age: 18 years old.
Occupation: Unemployed
Appearance: Declan might be a fox, but his otherworldly physical state suggests otherwise. While simple, his gooey appearance is enough to strike fear in many. Declan’s fur is pitch black and drips a strange, black substance. Strangely enough, he doesn't seem to lose any mass of his body despite constantly dripping black goop. His slender figure may suggest weakness, but Declan is and can be a formidable foe. Although this form seems the farthest thing from a shade, if Declan is resurrected, he will take on a new appearance. In this new appearance, Declan will have a humanoid shape, a mist-like yet solid physical state, and no distinguishing facial features except for two glowing red eyes.

Personality: Declan Sampson is a laid-back guy who just sort of blends into the background wherever he goes, both literally and figuratively. It is rather easy to ignore Declan since he mostly keeps to himself. He tries to be friendly to everyone he meets, often going on about things such as professional wrestling, comic books, video games, and writing novels based on superheroes. Hearing about Sonic’s latest adventures often inspires Declan to form fantasies of becoming a superhero himself, which leads him to practice the art of cosplaying. Declan’s biggest problem, however, is his curiosity and his inability to reject orders. These flaws caused Declan to create an alter-ego called Void.

Void is nothing like a superhero. An alter-ego of Declan, Void is a paranoid, violent, scared individual who uses his powers to isolate himself from everyone and take out his anger on those he feels that have done him wrong. With the mindset to destroy constantly, Void is very hard to reason with. While he wishes no ill-will on those not involved in his quest for violence on those he seeks, Void is not afraid to take out those who get in his way. He is quick to anger, which can make him go from peaceful to an atomic bomb within a matter of seconds.


  • Comic books.
  • Video games.
  • Destruction.
  • Pro wrestling.
  • Cosplay.
  • Vengeance on those who wronged him.
  • Heroic fantasies.
  • Music.
  • Using his powers.


  • Being confronted.
  • Being shot at.
  • Having his flaws pointed out.
  • People getting in the way of his goals.


  • Shadow Manipulation
  • Teleportation through use of shadows.
  • Resurrection, but he loses his humanity.


  • Void’s unique powers can be a pain against those he is up against. Because of his power to manipulate shadows to his purposes, Void has an advantage over those who have never encountered his offense.
  • Void’s ruthless, erratic behavior can make him a dangerous enemy, for he doesn't hold his powers back until the battle is over.
  • Void can't truly die and can be resurrected at any time.
  • Void is able to make a shadow clone of himself, forcing his opponents to deal with two threats at once.
  • Dark magic attacks seem to have no effect on Void.


  • Although he does have some different powers, Void is just now understanding them. Because of his inexperience, he will have problems coming up with strategies that best suit him in battle.
  • Void is dangerous, but he tires very quickly, taking a break and exposing himself to attacks.
  • Void’s biggest weaknesses are attacks that deal “pure” magic. While he is vulnerable to nearly every other attack, magic by individuals considered saints can easily end him.
  • Although Void can be resurrected, he will lose his humanity in the process, which forces him to obey only one person and carry out atrocities without hesitation.
  • Void’s paranoid behavior can force him to push away those who only want to help him.
  • Magical artifacts can reduce the power of Void’s attacks.
  • Void only seems to have abilities meant more for a “merciless attacker” type, which means that he focuses very little on defense.
  • Void’s off-putting appearance makes him easy to spot.
  • Void’s shadow clone may be annoying to deal with, but it is easy to defeat since it is very weak.
  • Void draws powers from the shadows and darkness of his environment, which limits him to hand-to-hand combat when he has to fight in an illuminated area.

Positive Relationships:

  • None so far.

Negative Relationships:

  • None so far.

Biography: Declan was brought into the world of Mobius just like everyone else. With a simple life, Declan strived for simple goals such as buying a house, going to sci-fi conventions, and hanging out with heroes. Of course, this goal required a job for financial benefit. Hired as a janitor at a G.U.N. research facility, Declan did his job as best as he could. His imaginative mind, however, inadvertently got him into trouble. One day, while cleaning a lab, Declan decided to pretend to be a hero. Using his mop as a sort of high-tech samurai sword, Declan accidentally knocked a dark, glowing, purple crystal off a table. Panicked that he may have just disrupted the progress of a project, Declan decided to try and put the crystal back where it was. Once he touched the crystal, the fox began coughing and puffing heavily before screaming out in agony as he experienced something strange happening to his body thanks to the hidden power of the crystal. Transforming into a strange being, Declan took a look in a nearby mirror and was horrified to see his gooey, pitch-black physical state.

Terrified of what had taken place, Declan tried running as far away from the area as possible. Falling through a nearby shadow, Declan somehow used his newfound abilities to teleport himself into the middle of a packed city. Surrounded in a well-lit area by nervous onlookers and cautious police officers, Declan’s story is just now beginning.
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Void the Shade Empty Re: Void the Shade

Post by DeltaGear on Tue Aug 28, 2018 3:53 pm

Very cool, has a good story and character construction. I can't wait to him in action.


"You can break my body... but you cannot touch my soul."

"Battle isn't about beating your opponent. It's about two fighting spirits clashing and growing... a betterment of ones self through combat and understanding your limits."

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Void the Shade Empty Re: Void the Shade

Post by The_Terror on Wed Aug 29, 2018 6:50 am

Thanks. I have moments like these where my high points of thinking and inspiration creates a character like this. I'm glad you like him so far.
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Void the Shade Empty Re: Void the Shade

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