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Post by Masked Jedi-K on Sat Aug 25, 2018 10:53 pm

Name: Masuka of the Shiki tribe.
Nicknames: Currently doesn't have any.
Age: 3,017 years old.
Species: Seasonal kitsune.
Gender: Female.
Occupation: Freelance artist.

Appearance: True form - She is a kitsune with three tails and emerald eyes, her basic fur color is grey, similar to the thing she is based off of, a silver fox. She has various markings on her face and limbs that change color and shape depending on the current season. She wears a flannel long sleeve tied around her waist, slightly battered blue jeans, sneakers, and carries a whip in a holster secured to her belt and a satchel full of art supplies.

Illusion form - Appears to be a common looking fox with orange and white markings but still retains her emerald eyes, blue jeans, sneakers, and height of approximately 5'8". She wears a hoodie and her whip disguised as a scarf.

- Nature
- Drawing and other art forms
- Trying new things
- Exploring areas
- Crowded cities
- Individuals set on capturing her for the abilities she possesses
- People invading her personal space bubble
- Having to be on alert of potential threats

Personality: Generally she is laid back when she feels comfortable, even when in the middle of combat she at times will remain laid back due to her confidence that the majority of fights are an attempt at capturing her alive, and mostly unscathed. Being overconfident however, is one of her faults in battle especially as she relies on the thought she is probably safe often times. She may have to defend herself often, but she goes out of her way making sure she doesn't overly wound her attackers or kill them, she is aware that a lot of them are doing it for money, not because of evil intentions.

As laid back as she normally is, she is mostly cautious when entering cities due to them being far from any amount of nature and crowded with potential capture teams.

In conversation she can be sassy, sarcastic, and attentive, she will give you her full attention and is normally courteous. However, she can also be indecisive in thought and holds suspicion against anyone new she meets due to her fear that trusting in the wrong "friend" could end up with her in a cage for the rest of her life.

|Ecokinesis (or nature manipulation) - First known ability, this power allows her to control nature and weather.|
|Illusions - Can use this ability to mask her real appearance or throw off enemies in battle.|
|Hypnosis - Able to persuade others into doing what she pleases.|
|Flash step - Is a burst of super speed to evade.|

- Being in nature allows her to use ecokinesis more freely, she's even able to merge into objects such as trees.
- Decent at 1v1 combat.
- Pretty good at avoiding combat by using her flash step and more manipulative abilities; hypnosis and illusions.
- Communication, whether it be an average conversation or persuasion.
- Experienced with her whip.

- Being in locations like cities and other man made structures greatly decreases her power of ecokinesis, It also requires a bunch of energy and can't just be used to create huge events constantly.
- Her illusions don't work on beings such as robots, can only control illusions while conscious, and doesn't work on others who also possess the same power.
- Hypnosis requires her to lock eyes with her target and not be an unreasonable request.
- Flash step being her newest ability, it's her least experienced skill. She can't flash step straight through solid objects, she can't change direction when in use or tell where she is.
- When fighting, she can be overconfident, plus combat with multiple people can prove to be difficult if her only option of defence is her whip as it can only affect max, a few people at once.

Positive relations: N/A
Negative relations: N/A

History: As previously mentioned, she is a seasonal kitsune, this breed of kitsune are a seriously rare version of season kitsune which are also an uncommon variation of normal kitsune. In short, there are very few of these type of kitsune roaming around. They can live up to around 150,000 years, making them semi immortal.

What makes them special are their abilities, they can control all aspects of nature to some degree, unlike season kitsune. Due to their abilities, there is a widespread legend about them almost as well known as fairy tales. It's said that seasonal kitsune can cause crops to grow more effectively, pollution in areas to decrease dramatically, and weather to be more ideal. This is all true, but it's mostly caused when they feel a strong emotion such as happiness; however, it has the flip side of when they are angry or distressed it causes negative weather and nature effects.

As a result of all of this, there are people and groups devoted to capturing kitsune for their power, that's where we find Masuka. She used to live in Kakusareta village on Hinan island with her tribe of season and seasonal kitsune, they were found by capture teams and forced to move to remain hidden, in all of the commotion, she was separated from her family. Since then, she has been on the move for approximately 2,000 years, area to area trying to stay off the radar from capture teams and the sort.

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