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Post by Wolf478 on Wed Aug 22, 2018 5:17 pm

Name: Alia Stevenson 
Nickname: Alia 
Agent Name: Agent 446
Age: 25
Birthday: 23/8/1994 (Or whatever year is cannon minus her age)
Species: Hedgehog
Gender: Female
Occupation: None
Alia the Hedgehog Unnamed__1__by_wolftree47_dd08aij-pre
(Art by the Amazing ForevaYoung!)
Alia is slightly Taller than most hedgehogs, but similair in stature, and featuring the same trademark quills. Her eye-level is roughly 1cm above most other hedgehogs, putting her at just above-average height. Her body and quills are a magenta colour, but with the exception of three singular pink arrows travelling up her forehead and onto her main quill. All other traits are similar to that of the common hedgehog, and as such there are no noteworthy traits of her Base Physical Appearance.
Alia's Eyes are an intense shade of Emerald green
This Hedgehog can tend to get a bit saucy when it comes to clothing, but luckily she won't normally exhibit this around strangers, instead she tends to wear tight-fitted, high-manouverability clothing so as to prevent her from being hindered in the event to of a dangerous situation arising. She does have a special wardrobe though, which she is seen in most often, and gives her the appearance of being ready to workout anytime:
   A single Sports-style Crop top, usually a black and yellow/pink design, one of the       two. This will always be accompanied by a pair of black and yellow/pink yoga             pants, the colour of which will always depend on the colour of her top.
Personality Traits

  • Company
  • Adrenaline
  • Hill-climbing
  • Sunlight
  • Sculpting


  • Isolation
  • The Darkness
  • Time Wastage
  • Being Called by her Agent name
  • Her old Master


Alia is a hedgehog who prefers sitting on a plan, contemplating it's ramifications and any possible ways to bring about it's execution, rather than a straight-up meeting. She hates when other people try to interject themselves into her life, and attempt to change the way she lives or behaves, and were someone to do so, she would hold a grudge on them for quite the while. She loves to break or test the rules whenever possible, and will always try to find new ways to do so. She will often decide on things completely independent of others, and as a result, neglect to inform them of her plans. Which can be quite a problem in dire circumstances. Alia will tend to stay out of sight of her subjects, observing their actions to judge what they are capable of, but prefers to see them in action. She is often self-centred, but when her plans require another's participation, she will ensure that that person is kept safe and comfortable, but not to the last. 
Alia has been permanently scarred from her experiences as slave agent for Tress  and his army, and she hates even the mention of the character. She despises any person who tries to interact with her on the subject of her time in servitude and would steer herself far away from any conversation alluding to such information. 
Alia loves to cause a bit of emotional conflict with those around her, yet feels an inexplicable need to be with others due to her time in solitude. She doesn't mind a bit of hand-to-hand combat, but would prefer if the fighting was kept short and simple, finished with a bullet or two.
Combat Traits
Alia does not have any special abilities, but is slightly more agile than the average Hedgehog, being able to perform fast manoeuvres in a flash, and able to hide sufficiently within most shadows. She is also able to figure out the functionality of most electronic devices relatively quickly, and as such is able to commandeer most vehicles or machinery.

Social Information
Positive Relations

-Darken the fox, Housemate and love interest
Darken the fox currently owns the residence in which Alia resides, and she is incredible clingy to him. A short while ago, she became involved with Darken in a plot to overthrow her slave master and succeeded by tricking Darken into injecting himself with a strength serum. Alia is tremendously infatuated with the grey fox and ensures he knows it. Darken, sadly, does not return the same feelings of affection for her.

-Kitty the Cat, Housemate
Kitty the Cat is also one of the few characters residing within Darken the fox's residence. Kitty has no other name and does not care for such formalities. She once ran a mechanics shop, before she tracked down Darken, right about the same time as Alia had. There is a personality conflict between these two, as Kitty is easily irritated by the hedgehog's quick remarks, and is too quick to be offended by them when directed at her.
-Breeze the Fox, Housemate and Love Rival
Breeze the Fox is yet another one of Alia's housemates, and is the main Love Rival for the Grey fox whose house it is. She was rescued after a brief encounter with Tress, and was accepted into their home. Breeze is a kind person, who wishes to have everyone treated fairly. But this doesn't stop Alia from envying her, and holding a few grudges She is excellent for emotional or mental support, and has the ability to teleport.
Negative Relations
-Tress the hedgehog, Arch Nemesis
Tress is a green hedgehog, that has no other name. While he has no actual name, extremely powerful entities & more powerful than him refer to him as Tress and do not require introduction to know his name. It was Tress who had enlisted the slavery of Alia and forced her to undergo missions of assassination and treason. Tress has the ability to exile creatures souls from their body, until further instruction. Those soulless bodies are then completely mindless drones that obey any of his commands.

Current Faction/s:


  • I will now be posting Alia's backstory the way it was originally intended
    As a 3 part trilogy of novels.
    You can find that: Book 1 Here
    (Posting will be Irregular, I need to edit and re-write a lot of it)
  • Agents because this is also pretty important in understanding where she came from.

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