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Name: Travis McGable
Age: 45
Gender: Male
Species: Wolf
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Eye Color: Jade green.
Weight: Approximately 200 lbs.
Height: 6’0”
Fur Color: Light brown.
Birthplace: Rocky Top, TN, USA.
Residence: Somewhere in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.
Relatives: Trish McGable (twin sister); Death (mother); Henry McGable (father).
Occupation: Unemployed.
Appearance: The offspring of Death, Travis McGable, doesn't look anything like a scary killer. Although he has various battle scars which would deem him unapproachable, Travis's body language is always relaxed, making him seem more laid back and friendly. Travis takes on the appearance of an anthropomorphic wolf, making it pretty obvious that he isn't from Mobius. Travis is naturally athletic, which makes it easy for him to bulk up and get toned like he always is. When out and about in public, Travis's street clothes usually consist of simple, solid-colored tees, jeans, and black boots or something else entirety since he doesn't much care what others think of him. Of course, if Travis is out on a date, he’ll always try to look his best by wearing suits or nicer clothes that’ll make him stand out. Whenever the wolf is working out, Travis believes simplicity is best. A pair of shorts and running shoes are all he needs to get to exercising his muscles.

When out on dangerous missions or quests, however, Travis usually tries to wear cargo pants, all-terrain boots, a short-sleeved shirt, and holsters for his weapons and gadgets. Very rarely will Travis choose to go on risky missions without a shirt on. If Travis allows for his fur to grow wild and unkempt, the fur on his face will start to resemble that of a long, viking’s beard. Travis has short hair that blends with his fur, making it somewhat hard to distinguish what's his hair and what’s his fur.

Personality: Travis grew up with traditional southern values due to spending most of his childhood and teenage years in the southern states of the U.S. Loyalty to his country, state, family, and trusted friends means a lot to Travis, even though he believes his mother often has an agenda behind most of her actions. Travis is rather stubborn when it comes to fighting for what he believes is right, making it next to impossible to sway his mind once it's made up. While he is rather cautious around strangers, Travis will allow friendly interactions to take place. Although he has gone through some traumatizing moments in his life, Travis has learned to either remove such memories or forgive himself and move on. Because of this, Travis is able to have a clear, focused state of mind when he is forced to battle his foes. Oddly enough, the child of Death prefers to use non-lethal means to take down his enemies, believing this to be the path to his own inner peace. Only if someone has done something truly horrendous, Travis will kill him/her without hesitation, putting them through a fate he believes will be the most agonizing way to die. Travis is observant about others, often taking notice of what others fight for and what they value.

While it almost never happens now, Travis knows exactly how to emotionally and mentally break down people by taking away everything they hold dear, essentially giving his enemies little to no reason to continue fighting. Travis is a firm believer in that power eventually corrupts even the most pure of individuals, twisting their views and perverting the causes they claim to be a supporter of. Due to this belief, Travis often refuses positions of power and believes that the media is the greatest threat to many societies. When asked why the media is such a fearsome threat, Travis will explain, “The media is like a Southern Baptist in the Bible Belt of the United States. If you pound a certain idea into someone's head, tell them that they have the ability to do something, chaos and destruction always follows. Power seems great, but in the end, it can darken your very soul and turn you into a monster.”

Although he is at a rather peculiar age, Travis likes to take as many moments as he can to relax and have fun. Around friends, Travis prefers to use the concept of southern hospitality and loyalty to treat his allies with respect and make them feel important to him. He’ll often try to convince others to go with him and partake in his favorite activities, which usually consists of fishing, camping, singing, or anything else that he considers to be a fun, country thing to do. If Travis feels that he has bonded strongly with someone, he will start to open up more about his personal life and reveal details that he normally wouldn't share with others.

Concerning matters of love, Travis tries his best to be romantic, even if a date is going spectacularly terrible. Believing that a girl can never get enough affection, Travis isn’t afraid to verbally and physically display his love for those he has developed a romantic relationship with. He also is adamant that there is no greater wrath than that of a woman scorned. Because of his traditional values, Travis believes that a true man must always take care of his family, his country, his friends, and his fellow neighbors all while maintaining a stoic, brave attitude.

Despite his noble, good attributes, Travis always finds himself in the middle of his mother’s, or his mother's sisters’, conflicts. Knowing better than to mess with powerful goddesses, Travis always obeys the commands of the Sisters of Life. Fortunately, he rarely has to get involved with anything very serious when completing tasks given to him by his mother and aunts.

While Travis doesn't have much to protect since he chooses to isolate himself away from society, the one person he views as his entire world is his twin sister, Trish McGable. Because of their excellent relationship, Travis often visits his sister whenever he is able to.


  • Fishing.
  • Camping.
  • Alligator hunting.
  • Mountain dew (and he ain't talking about the soda).
  • Country cooking.
  • Country fairs.
  • Singing old country songs.
  • Relaxing.
  • Homegrown tomatoes.
  • Watching old westerns.


  • Power-hungry individuals.
  • Senseless killing.
  • His world's society.
  • Media outlets.
  • Pop music.
  • Disrespectful youngsters.
  • Being called a “dumb country hick”.
  • Having to fight for no particular reason.
  • Magic.

Positive Relationships:

  • Trish McGable: Travis's twin sister, Trish, has been a vital part of the wolf's life. Trish, being the first one to be born, always looks out for her brother as best as she can. Although she can't fight due to her slender body type, Trish always gives emotional support to Travis if he needs it.
  • Venessa: Venessa is a female human who was raised by Vitality, one of the Sisters of Life and Death's sister. Although the daughter of Vitality and son of Death naturally shouldn't get along, somehow, Travis and Venessa have developed a very close bond with each other. There are even hints that the two may be romantically interested in one another.
  • Sarah Crawley: The deceased leader of the infamous Slayer Squadron Security mercenary force may have carried out unspeakable actions against Travis, but she did teach the wolf a very important lesson about power. It took a while to decipher Sarah’s use of complex vocabulary and paradoxical statements, but Travis eventually figured out that Sarah’s view on power is that power will eventually turn people's hearts towards a path of evil, hatred, and misery. Despite the rather hypocritical statement, Travis believes that somewhere down the line, Sarah lost her vision on her goal to keep others from gaining too much power. To give her the respect she deserves, Travis visits her grave as often as possible and discusses about the current affairs of the world with her.
  • Faleena: The clairvoyant, female bat was always one of the nicest members of the Slayer Squadron Security mercenary force that treated Travis like a person. After helping heal his mind through a series of meditations and trances, Travis's friendly relationship with Faleena strengthened more. As a friendly tease, Travis often starts randomly singing “El Paso” by Marty Robbins, which is a song about two lovers, one of whom is named Faleena.

Neutral Relationships:

  • Death and the Sisters of Life: While Death has given birth to Travis, the wolf feels the need to try and stay as far away from his mother’s activities as is humanly possible. However, this is where traditional southern values kick in. Feeling as though that he can't stop interacting with family, Travis always finds himself conversing with his mother. As for Death's sisters, Travis always has a neutral relationship with them by doing what they order for him to do yet avoiding actions that’ll offend them.

Negative Relationships:

  • Nothing to note as of yet.


  • Travis is naturally athletic, which allows him to easily traverse terrain, brawl, and finish any other physical activities better than most.
  • Travis's stubborn attitude to most things makes him a very determined individual when he sets out to accomplish a goal.
  • Although slow in his attacks, Travis's heavy-hitting brawling and grappling style makes him a danger to his enemies.
  • Travis is well-trained in all firearms due to his military background.
  • While he tries his best to not use Slayer Squadron Security tactics, Travis is keen about breaking down his enemies’ will to continue fighting by taking away their reasons to do so.
  • Travis, oddly enough, is able to stay calm and focused at all times, allowing him to take comfort in a fight, even if the odds aren’t in his favor.
  • Travis is able to block or entirely eliminate traumatic memories from his mind, granting him mental peace.
  • Travis's superior sense of smell comes in handy during many situations.


  • Travis's biggest weakness is magic-related attacks, which have the ability to instantly knock him out or kill him.
  • For whatever reason, Travis has an infamous track record of losing to women. The exact cause for this is unknown, leaving many to believe that Travis McGable is cursed.
  • Although he is likable, Travis is cautious around strangers, revealing almost next to nothing to them.
  • Being the son of Death, Travis always finds himself in the middle of his mother’s tasks. This can conflict with other goals that Travis has to do.
  • Fire attacks are very effective against Travis and can even make him pass out if he becomes too hot.
  • Ice attacks are also effective against Travis and can slow him down depending on what attack is used.
  • Although he is powerful, Travis does leave himself open to counterattacks when he strikes.
  • Travis's view on power and its effect on society often leads him to isolating himself from many who seek to gain power for any agenda, even if it's for a just cause.
  • Travis is loyal to his friends and tries to do right, but his view on what is right can lead to him opposing others, even if they are his friends.
  • Speed-based attacks gives Travis a hard time to deal with due to how fast they are performed.
  • Whenever one of the Sisters of Life requires something, Travis always obeys since he doesn't want to go up against powerful goddesses.

Background: In the beginning, there was an end. After the end came a beginning.  The beginning of what is a question that lingers in the minds of many. Some believe that an omnipotent, almighty figure was in the beginning whereas others choose to believe that a strange, mysterious, scientific event created the beginning. Whatever the truth may be behind the creation of the universe, only the Sisters of Life hold the answer. While there are many, many Sisters of Life that have yet to be discovered, only three were powerful enough to rule most of mankind. Vitality, Survival, and Death became prominent goddesses. Vitality ensured that there was life in the universe, Survival gave challenges to see if mankind was prepared for life, and Death escorted the deceased into the afterlife. Eventually, the question as to who should rule all of life made itself known.

Death believed that to have a beginning, there must be an end, therefore she should rule above all. Vitality believed that to have an end, a beginning must take place. Survival, however, chose to stay out of the argument, content to help both of her sisters. The issue of who should rule all of life eventually led to conflict. Vitality and Death soon battled for control of the universe. The battle, however, resulted in a victory for Vitality. Death was then banished to a different plane of the universe known as the “Afterlife”. Vitality was now left unchallenged to rule the universe and help life grow by creating beautiful, large lands, rivers, lakes, seas, and oceans. All of life coexisted peacefully with one another. Survival, however, saw that a balance was necessary to the progression of life. Seeking out Death, Survival formulated a plan with her sister to carry out the very first murder in order to give Death power. With a goal in mind, Survival gave a being called “Man” the feeling of hunger and taught him how to relieve this sensation. Man ended up killing an animal, cooked it, and ate it. The act granted Death a small amount of power. Desiring more power, Death asked Survival if the sensation of hunger could afflict all of life. Survival then gave all of life an empty stomach and taught every being how to alleviate this sensation. Death gained more and more power thanks to all of the killing, but it was still not enough, for every being no longer became hungry. This ceased the killing.

Desiring for more power, Death asked for Survival to curse the living with hunger once more. Survival obeyed her sister's commands, leading to more killing. The event allowed for Death to gain so much power that she unleashed several ways for the living to die, starting a cycle that would go on for an eternity. To keep her banished sister in check, Vitality gave Man a new being called “Woman” and taught them, along with every other being, how to produce life. The more life was produced, the more Vitality was able to draw power from the fact that they were living. This angered Death.

With more and more beings dying, Death came up with new, sadistic ways for the living to expire. Eventually, Death gained too much power. Survival helped Vitality find a way to limit Death's vast amount of magical power by granting each and every being their own advantages and defenses. Despite this, Death's methods on taking the souls of the living were only hindered instead of being completely eradicated. With her source of power sabotaged, Death ventured into the land of the living in search for something or someone she could use for her own agenda. Death encountered Man, who was suffering from a disease that Death created. Death made a deal with Man to help end his pain so long as she bore a child with him. Man accepted the deal, sparking the beginning of Travis McGable’s family tree. Death ended Man’s pain by killing him. Nine months later, Death gave birth to a son named Gabriel and instilled hatred and anger in him by teaching him how to kill. Because goddesses are deemed perfect, their offspring are born without any birth defects or illnesses. Death had a certain idea in mind to keep producing warriors.

After many eons, Travis McGable was born. With a plan in mind, Death prepared Travis to become the ultimate killer, a monumental figure in the battle for control of all of life. Unfortunately for Death, Venessa, the daughter of Vitality, tried to stop Travis from going down a dark path. Venessa’s efforts bared no fruit, for Travis soon joined the United States Air Force after finishing high school. While in basic military training, Travis met one of his best friends, Bryon Adams, an African-American human whose father was a decorated marine. Travis and Bryon bonded almost instantly, learning much from one another and having a chemistry that none of the other recruits could match. After several weeks, Bryon mysteriously disappeared, leaving Travis with many questions that he wanted answers to.

Whenever Travis inquired about where Bryon could've gone, the wolf's questions were met with dismissive responses and silence. Little did Travis know, a large private military force had a contract with the U.S., allowing them to do what all was deemed necessary to the defense of the citizens of America. Travis was being watched for quite some time. A week after Bryon’s disappearance, the leader of Slayer Squadron Security visited the base that Travis was training at. Sarah Crawley saw something special within Travis, prompting her to take the wolf into the ranks of the Slayer Squadron Security mercenary force. For several years, Travis was trained in the art of combat and murder before being given the ultimate test. Sarah Crawley wanted to see if Travis could kill someone he had developed a close bond to, Bryon Adams. Because of the torture Travis went through for every mistake he made, the wolf was in a frazzled, primitive state of mind. Without hesitation, Travis killed a tied up, beaten Bryon Adams. Sarah’s ultimate test was complete, which meant that Travis could now go on missions.

As time went on, Travis did some highly questionable things that pushed the boundaries of his loyalty. After years of mercenary work, Travis was forced to do one thing that made him leave the Slayer Squadron Security mercenary force. Killing a scientist's young son proved to be too much for Travis McGable to handle. Emotionally wracked with the guilt of killing a defenseless child, Travis threatened to expose some illicit activities of the Slayer Squadron Security group to the United Nations before leaving. Sarah immediately saw Travis as an enemy, someone that had to be eliminated immediately.

Despite letting Travis walk away from the Slayer Squadron Security mercenary force, Sarah concocted a plan to ultimately remove Travis's will to fight by destroying things he held dear. One fateful night at a lone cabin in Tennessee, Travis was with his girlfriend at the time, Abigail Blissfield. The two were spending a romantic night together, knowing each other better when Sarah and her crew of elite members from her mercenary group barged into the cabin. Travis and Abigail fought their attackers as best they could, but the numbers played against them. Abigail soon found herself outnumbered and overpowered. Sarah delivered a bullet straight into Abigail’s head. Devastated by the death of his girlfriend, Travis went into a blind rage and attempted to take out as many people as he could. Sarah stopped Travis by striking hard enough to send him to the ground. Apologizing coldly for having to kill Travis, Sarah fired at Travis's head. Believing to have killed Travis, Sarah left the scene of the crime. Be it fate or pure luck, Travis somehow survived the brutal attack and stumbled towards the nearest town he could find before passing out from his wounds.

It didn't take very long for someone to spot the wounded wolf and call for emergency services. As soon as Travis woke up in the hospital, Trish, his twin sister, was the first person he saw. Trish, seeing that her brother was alive and well, hugged him and cried. Travis hugged his sister back and assured her that he was okay. Trish, feeling as though she had to take care of her brother, took Travis to her home and helped him recover from his wounds. During his recovery, Travis was torn apart emotionally over all of the things he had done, especially with the failure to protect Abigail. Anger built up inside of Travis, and it eventually became too much for him to contain.

Against his sister's protests and his better judgement, Travis, still recovering from his wounds, went out to get his revenge. Despite being injured, homeless, and ill-prepared, Travis worked his way up from small, local crime to major jobs for politicians. In exchange for doing such jobs, Travis requested information about the Slayer Squadron Security force. With such information, Travis began travelling the world, sabotaging various operations carried out by Sarah’s mercenary force. Travis even went as far as destroying any insignias and clothing that was in the possession of the private military force just to weaken their morale. After learning the whereabouts of elite members of the Slayer Squadron Security force, Travis began hunting down each and every elite member one by one. Those who had done no wrong towards Travis were spared an agonizing fate. The few who survived Travis's attacks soon went into hiding, cutting off communication between them and the Slayer Squadron Security group for fear of dying by Travis's paw. Travis eventually learned the location of Sarah and her plan after rescuing Faleena, a clairvoyant bat that Travis knew well from his time as a member of Sarah’s military group.

Sarah’s plan consisted of forming a coup and enacting “eye for an eye” policies to protect the United States of America. Travis, after taking Faleena to the hospital, set out on a path to stop Sarah from going through with her maniacal goals. Infiltrating Sarah’s base of operations, Travis snuck and fought his way to his former mentor and leader. The two engaged in a hard-fought battle, exchanging blows and bullets for their objectives. Travis ended up defeating Sarah and questioned her motives behind her actions. Sarah simply laughed at Travis before explaining, “To stop power. Power corrupts, pervert, and twist people's morals and dreams. There is a cycle that never ends, and I wanted to destroy it. Power makes martyrs out of people, and the people who use power comfortably allow others to die for them.” Sarah went on to apologize for what she had to do to Travis and hoped that her death gives him clarity of mind. The wolf then shot Sarah’s head, killing her instantly.

Despite having fulfilled his fantasy, Travis felt oddly empty. His revenge was bittersweet. Travis returned to his sister's home and became haunted by those he had killed and the traumatic events he had to go through. All of the stress soon became too much, and Travis had a mental breakdown. During his crazed state, Travis hurt her sister, which made him stop his rage-induced state. Scared of his thoughts and memories, Travis hugged his sister and expressed his crippling fear of his mind. Trish helped Travis by taking him to Faleena, believing she had the power to help Trish’s brother.

Faleena treated Travis's mind, putting him through meditations and trances. With the help of his old friend, Travis was at peace with what he had done, moving on from his actions. The grizzled wolf soon obtained a place of his own in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee and carried on with his life, even rekindling relationships. Of course, peace can never last long. Travis soon found himself having to do errands for Death, Vitality, and Survival.

Fortunately, the three seemed to have lost interest in their never-ending war, accepting their roles in the world. This, however, didn't stop them from making Travis go on bizarre quests, sometimes tagging with Venessa on some of them. One day, Death came to Travis to send him out for the retrieval of a useless crystal that she lost in a different universe. Travis, knowing better than to mess with a goddess who was his own mother, accepted the task. Using her magical powers, Death teleported her son into the universe she misplaced her crystal in. With no way out of the task, Travis is now wandering around Mobius, searching for his mother’s crystal and getting into odd situations.
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