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Post by ThePromiseIncarnate on Sun Aug 19, 2018 4:06 am

Name: Arcadia Goodenough
Nicknames: Arc, Project Lithium, Lithion
Age: ~39 years old
Species: Cougar
Gender: Female
Occupation: Convenience Store Cashier

Appearance: Arcadia is a female mountain lion of average height and build, having mostly black fur excluding the odd shine of gray along her tail, paws, and long hair. Her eyes are blue, though when charged or near a strong source of electricity, not only do her eyes glow blue but her gray markings turn blue as well. She tends to wear buttoned shirts, jeans, and tennis shoes, but has no usual outfit.


Arcadia by Masked Jedi-K
Arcadia Goodenough 20180818_001217

Personality traits

-Video games
-Disco, 80s pop, and techno
-Cooking and baking
-Screwing with annoying people
-Being acknowledged as intelligent
-Coffee and alcohol

-Being treated like an idiot
-Most military, and general controversial science
-Crime organizations
-She holds herself accountable for the death of her husband and child, so she has a bit of self-hatred

Personality: Arcadia can be seen as very irritable, and a bit of a downer, but at her best can be calm, cool, and sweet. She is known for almost always looking tired, or frustrated, but never gives a straight answer to most people who ask. If you see her staring out into space, or notice her stuttering, you'll realize that while normal, uncharged, she has a terrible memory and lack of focus, but still gets her job done well.
She also has a few bad habits, like using her powers to avoid power bills, drinking, and smoking, though she's trying to quit smoking.

Combat traits

Powers: She can generate small amounts of electricity and manipulate electricity to a small degree, but her primary ability is to absorb electricity and discharge it.
While absorbed, her hair, eyes, some markings in her fur glow neon blue, and her speed, reaction time, and intelligence increase while her perception of time slows, and she can expel this energy as electrical attacks or a dash ability. With just the static in the air, she has constant access to annoying static shocks and is known to be able to redirect bolts of electricity - if she ever got struck by lightning, she could actually get it to travel through her center and into her other arm to exit her.

-She's great at math
-While charged, she gets more intelligent, faster, and her perception of time slows
-She's an amazing cook
-Completely immune to electricity
-Very agile, due to being a cat
-Extremely durable, she can take a punch

-Suffers from severe depression and bad memory
-Her memory gets worse after losing a charge, making past memories foggier and almost erasing recent memory
-Earth-based powers can make her powers worthless and especially strong or skilled fighters trump her average self-defense capability
-Low stamina, she can't take many punches

Social information

Positive relations
-Julian tends to come by her store every so often, she's a friendly person

Negative relations


Arcadia was born in a lower class home in northern(advanced) Sliam. She grew up with her parents trying their best to afford everything they needed for themselves and their daughter, as well as get out of debt with a gang. As a result, she couldn't afford to go to school and was mostly homeschooled as a relatively cheaper option. As a result, in her late teens, in exchange for enough money to rid her family’s debts, she gave herself up to the MHOS, letting them do what they wanted with her.
By the end of it, the genetic experiments to make her a living battery seemed to work but people got nosy and while her family got out of their money problems, she wasn't allowed to go back home and was required to go under protection and sent to another country until they needed her for future use.
The experiments allowed her to store generate small charge, but also store and expel stored charge from her body. It took her awhile to get use to it, but with all the money she herself got while under protection, she eventually found a home and learned that her powers were more useful than harmful, even allowing her to avoid spending so much for a power bill by being the power source herself.
Eventually she got married and had a child who notably had some of her living battery traits, such as being made of a soft, organic metal.
She got a job at a convenience store and tried to make a better life for her kid, but at age 12, the MHOS came to take what they believed was rightfully theirs, murdering her husband and kidnapping her kid.
She fell into a deep depression since, especially learning what was to become of her baby, meaning they were basically dead.
Her deep resentment for the MHOS continues on, and she keeps going because she knows they'd want her to keep going.

Maybe something about revenge.
Or something.
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