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Name: Ivory Kaige Vandeviere-Azeteus
Nickname/Alias: Ivy, Kaige
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Species: Wolf (Lycan more specifically)
Location: Wolf pack nation nearing Northamer
Height: Average (162.5 cm)
Weight: 137 lbs
Build: Mesomorph
Markings: 3 dark brown "stripes" on each cheek, Stripes on Her thighs that go down to her ankle.
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Personality: She's extremely confident in her swordsmanship, coming from a long line of swordsmen, She's extremely proud of her heritage both of a royal & lycan.  Though Hostile and Abrasive towards newcomers, When she sees no viable threat she often avoids any further communication & interaction with those she doesn't know. She shows very little to no interest in getting to know anyone other than those who are already a part of her clan. Extremely defensive, protective & territorial over her own. Often seen giving dead cold glares.  She's often seen as standoffish, distant, & seems to have no social able skills due to always being seen alone or in the company of family. Though she's seen as such she's just very cautious, she goes to extreme lengths to make sure her clan/family are protected & doesn't care if she's projected as a social outcast by others. She does have trouble showcasing her soft side due to the combative mentality, she does not mean any harm. She's sometimes clumsy & tends to blunder a lot by thinking with her heart instead of logic. But She's truly adorn by her clan members & is seen as a sweetheart with a few rough edges. 
Orion Stone Vandeviere, Father of Lazarus, Dante, Shamix, Ivory & Gabriel Vandeviere. Ex-Alpha of the Vandeviere clan, Husband of Eternity S. Azeteus. As a child, Orion was Ivory's first "boy" love. She absolutely adored her father, craving his approval & praise in everything she did. At an early age, She took a liking to swords & wanted to pick up on it sooner so she could practice with her father. She excelled quickly in her swordsmanship though lacked in her awareness & serenity but much to her father's liking non the less. Soon the practices with her father happened less & less due to his duties as an alpha or so he claimed. Ivory's relationship with her father steadily declined once she found out about his mistress, Isodora. She didn't approve of the relationship but said nothing as per request of her mother. After the apparent death of her mother, She lost all respect for her father, often refusing to acknowledge him as her father, resorting to referring him by his first name & refuses to rekindle their relationship.
Eternity Seraphine Azeteus, Mother of Lazarus, Dante, Shamix & Ivory Vandeviere-Azeteus. Former Luna of the Vandeviere clan, Wife of Orion S. Vandeviere. Being born the first daughter to Eternity, her mother often doted on her, showering her with affection & gifts. Despite showing a tomboy demeanor, her mother accepted her as she was & encouraged her to do more things that was often normalized as a boys activity. Though when first born, Ivory resembled her mother the most but as she got older her lycan genes proved to be just as strong as her royal genes, resulting in a dark fur & fair colors. Though one permanent trait she did get was her mother's silver hair. Growing up, Ivory knew her parents marriage wasn't perfect or that it wasn't much of a marriage to begin with but was content. After her father's indiscretion, she very deeply believed that was the direct reason why her mother essentially died. Often feeling like she was partially part to blame because she blindly followed her father's instructions to please him resulting in Eternity's coma. She misses her mother very much, often visiting her. Speaking to her, hoping she'll wake up.
Isodora Avalon Salvatrix, Mother of Gabriel Naveen Vandenviere, Misteress of Orion S. Vandeviere, Stepparent to Lazarus, Dante, Shamix & Ivory. Ivory ultimately despised Isodora. Though she knew she was her father's mate, she greatly hated her for ruining her family as well as envious for attaining her father's attention from her without much of an effort. She often felt ignored by her father so he could tend to Isodora's needs. Despite her great distaste for this woman, she remained quiet in her presence as to not attack her & get reprimanded by her father. Ivory believed her mother was her father's real love & it was the Lycan genes telling him otherwise, because of this she saw that factor of her genes as a sign of a defect which caused her to reject the mate aspect of her genes later in life. Despite Isodora's efforts, she could never get passed reserved nature she imposed on her which Isodora didn't take too kindly to. So in an effort to put a strain in Ivory's relationship with Orion, she told Orion to force the children to refer to her as their mother even in the presence of their biological mother. Isodora fell pregnant with Gabriel which did crush Ivory. After finding out, she ran to her mother for comfort only to find her, cold & still. Almost statue like. So in an effort of vengeance for her mother, she reported the infidelity as well as the "wretched" child which was produced to the clan elders which resulted in Orion's strip of power & leader, Gabriel will be nothing more than Beta. Though Ivory hates to admit it, She was happy to hear of her Stepmother's death. 
Lazarus Argent Vandeviere-Azeteus, Eldest Son of Orion S. Vandeviere & Eternity S. Azeteus, Eldest sibling to Ivory, Dante, Shamix Vandeviere-Azeteus. The two siblings are despite being seen as competitive, cold, & overall different in attitudes towards the clan leader are extremely close. Though often seen screaming bloody murder at one another & bump heads on most subjects, they care for one another & trust eachother resulting in an unbreakable bond hence the reason why they are often seen together training together. In comparison between the two, Ivory is the more mature of the two because of this people tend to confuse Ivory as being the eldest despite being the youngest.
Dante Klein Vandeviere-Azeteus, Second Eldest Son of Orion S. Vandeviere & Eternity S. Azeteus, Eldest sibling to Ivory & Shamix Vandeviere-Azeteus. Younger Sibling to Lazarus. Though Dante & Ivory don't seem the have the same close relationship as she does with Lazarus, They love each other very much & still hunt together with the same amount of trust. She admires Dante the most for his "cool" & calm personality. Often being cited as the favorite sibling because he tends to side with Ivory as well as teach her new things such as life outside the clan's walls. Dante having no interest in the throne or becoming alpha passed up the opportunity to further up his position in both his respected families to be "set free" from the burdens & destruction that comes with the status. While this upset Ivory, she understood & respected his wishes.
Shamix Alabaster Vandeviere-Azeteus, Third Eldest Son of Orion S. Vandeviere & Eternity S. Azeteus, Eldest sibling to Ivory. Younger sibling to Dante & Lazarus Vandeviere-Azeteus. Shamix is credited to be the sibling that brings the most out of Ivory. He pushes her to bring her all the every single sword stroke & taught her how to keep her sword, Azrael, dormant when not in use. Shamix has the most experience in dealing with Ivory when in her "Last Resort" stance. This form truly frightened him, it not only endangers the life of her clan members, those around her but also endangers her life as well which he is deeply concerned about. Which stemmed his need to further investigate the origins of the sword, Azrael, & as to why the royal family took possession of it & presented it to his family. This is why he isn't seen very often, Though he does visit his clan & spend time with his family, it's only for a short period of time. He mostly pops in to check up on his younger sibling. Ivory looks up to Shamix the most, she mostly seems him as more of a fatherly figure than her brother but she hopes to be seen in the same light as her brother for his caring & nuturing personality.
Gabriel Naveen Vandeviere, Youngest Son of Orion S. Vandeviere & Isodora A. Salvatrix. Youngest sibling to Lazarus, Dante, Shamix & Ivory Vandeviere-Azeteus. Ivory & Gabriel interact very little almost none at all. This is due to the fact that Gabriel resembles, Orion, but also has the physical traits of Isodora, Ivory's stepmother. It's because of his perfect blend of the two Ivory greatly resents Gabriel in the sense that he is a reminder of her father's betrayal & the physical product of said betrayal. She cannot physically or emotionally stand being around Gabriel without feeling some hint of anger, so she's constantly in fear of directing her negative emotional responses on him. She knows deep inside her heart her feelings of hatred & anger towards him aren't justified or excusable because this happened long before he was born as well as he also lacked & lost a mother as she did. So in spite of this she does try to show him kindness & sibling affection as well as try to involve him in functions. 

Appearance: In normal attire, Ivory wears her clans colors which are white & red. Typically seen in a white tightfitted, low cut jumpsuit. She has Heterochromia iridis in both her eyes, Her eyes are mostly an mint green but have a golden yellow tint aswell. She has long, dark auburn colored hair which she typically keeps braided for easy maintenance as to not interfere before, during or after a fight. However, her bangs and small parts of her hair, mostly located around her cheeks & face are a silver color with a hint of purple hues. If left unbraided, her hair is long & wispy, reaching the floor. There are some instances where she has tripped over her hair. Her fur color are a variety of browns, She has dark brown, stripe patterns on her cheeks as well as on her thighs. Her muzzle has two colors, The outer color is a light brown & the inner is a light warm Ivory color. This is consistent along her body as well. Her tail is often seen in a curled up position, though she can move it & let it hang down, she normally has it curled up.
Likes: Headpets, Spending time with her brothers, Preparing meals with said brothers, To help in the teaching young lycans & their swordsmanship
Dislikes: Orion, Certain Lycan gene factors that make up her genetic code, Non-Team players, Self sacrifice for the sole reason of beneficial purposes. Wearing her emotions on her sleeve. Some traditional customs that her clan carries out, considering them almost barbaric to a point.
Powers: Telepathic communication, Limited to those in her clan.
Strengths: Sword, Azrael, when her life is in "danger" takes the Last Resort stance which takes possession over her body & fights ruthlessly until the fight is won. Agile, quick on her toes. Azrael can be split into two weapons. Being a wolf, she has senses such as a great sense of smell. She also able to run extremely fast when the need is there.
Weaknesses: Lack of visual Awareness/observation. Emotions tend to get the best of her, essentially blinding her from thinking logically. Her Sword is connected to her via soul, Azrael blade relies on rich demon blood to remain strong, if not done so the blade can be broken from not collecting rich demon blood. Also during Last Resort, though it may seem her mind is shut off & body is not taking damage, she feels everything in her deep slumber & could potentially die from the damage inflicted.

History: In the beginning, The Vandeviere Clan was one of the first few Lycan clans established as the lycan specimen became more prominent in the Norther & Eastern regions. With the sudden uprising in a new species this beckoned researchers to capture lycan pups & studying their behaviors by the means of putting them through barbaric trials to see their limit such as their endurance in the condition that they had stones placed on their chests or backs, each stone being heavier than the one before it. Many clans joined together, one of the leaders being the Vandeviere's, to destroy these laboratories, as well as diminish the researchers that conducted such harsh means of testing. After the Lycans attacked, they left little to nothing of these labs, hushing the experiment rumors. However based on the research salvaged from the destroyed bits of the labs, Lycans bared a strong resemblance to those of wolves however their forms of natural adaptations skyrocketed in the Lycans which surprised the researchers, feeding the need to conduct more experimentation on the pups. Throughout the years the lycans developed different genetics in the means of enhanced strength, build/size, as well hearing. When the labs were destroyed, the pups who were experimented on were released & returned to their respected clans. Based on the statistics provided by every clans leaders, 15 percent of the younger pups that were taken did not make it past a couple of weeks of being released, 17 percent of the older pups that were released were very mentally disturbed as well as later developing homicidal tendencies which became more noticeable in their adolescent years. Many of the experimented children were euthanized and those who did survive throughout the trauma lived to live respectable lives, keeping quiet on the experiments they endured.
 The Vandeviere clan quickly became more known around the country as well as feared by mundanes, They were known for their honorable heritage line full of swordsmen & women as well as for their tactics for war such as their form of defense, communication, and means of torture, many of which they adopted from the researchers, to receive information from captured soldiers. Using said information, they formulated plans to base & enter through weak points of any clan or building. Lycan children as young as 7 years of age were pulled from their homes & trained endlessly in close combat, durability, how to survive on just the surrounding area as well as which weapon they would opted to use. Such as Swords, Axe's, scythe's or Bow & Arrows. Many adolescents or young children who shined through among the many child soldiers were put through many savage trials such as torturing them for information to see how long they could hold out or see their trustworthiness to the Clan before being promoted to Sergeants of their own unit while also gifted a special weapon. Many child soldiers were seen in the battlefield when attacking other clans for expansion of territory & numbers, very little surrendered to the feet of the Vandeviere's. Fighting to their very deaths which the Vandeviere's did admire, offering them a chance to serve as a higher up. The clans that were taken over almost immediately surrendered their former identities to serve & honor. Many rebelled against the hierarchy, which the Vandeviere's didn't care, expecting this however when things escalated the rebels were almost always executed. Throughout generations of the Vandeviere clan into rose higher into power, leaving only 5 big lycan clans, and numbers, the highest amount of members being over 20,000. However they also became more closed off, keeping conflicts within their own people private. While other clans moved onto much higher forms of technology such as weaponry, communications, & transportation, completely abandoning the traditions that the Vandeviere had completely adapted to. Refusing to advance, the clan became more reserved. Hostile towards outsiders which clan members quickly adopted this attitude.  The Vandeviere clan became more reluctant to join & defend in wars, the last few wars recorded in their history were tied to the first & second Robotnik war, which contributed towards to steady deflation in their numbers by the end of the final war, only 16,475 members remained. 
Almost immediately, The Vandeviere's were at war with the Azeteus Royal family over territory along with a feeling of supersitition over the royal family. The Alpha at the time, Asitvaran, believed the royal family were connected to a series of murders around the surrounding area. He believed the family were targetting primarily poor families, exchanging their daughters or sons for currency. The children were supposedly drained of their blood which he believed they drinked as to upkeep their youthful looks & lived long lives. The war between the two families lasted well over a decade, which greatly impacted the Vandeviere's decreasing their numbers down to a little over 10,000 clan members. Finally the two families met at the conference room of the Royals.
 They discussed for days on terms & agreements for them to end the on-going war. Sabre, one of the royals sons, hinted to Asitvaran that he knew of the decrease of his clans members as well as stating his knowledge of the Vandeviere's clan only heir and the lack of possible mates for their heir to continue on the Vandeviere lineage. Sabre proposed a deal, that would benefit both sides. Upon agreement between the two families, In order to prevent the extinction of the Lycan clan, Asitvaran was to produce his young son, Orion, to the family upon the arrival of one of the royal members newborn daughter who was later named, Eternity, to provide more interaction between the two. When they became old enough, they were to marry. During the time of their marriage, Orion is to go back to his clan with Eternity & become Alpha, where he is to when necessary always side within the Azeteus's benefit. The two were to produce three children, both of Lycan descent & Royal descent, as a symbol of their agreement. The conditions of the contract were to be fulfilled which also stated that they were to remain married until one of their deaths. Orion was instructed to reject his mate.
 In exchange the Vandeviere's were to provide the royal family with 24 hour surveillance of the castle grounds & protection over all the heirs & heiresses of the Royal family, including future heirs/heiresses. As well as the future children to uphold some of their royal duties as to not taint the Azeteus name. Orion, though got along with his wife for the most part, felt trapped. He hated his arranged marriage but endured it for the good of his people. The two produced 4 royal/lycan children. Which to Orions excitement tried to file for a divorce, when the Azeteus family caught wind of this, they threatened to end the agreement & go back into war. The Elders assured them no such divorce would happen, rejecting Orion's many appeals which infuriated him. Though Orion was a good father to his children, he was less than a perfect husband towards his wife. His wife, very much in love with him, agreed to when the time came for his mate to come, he could see her. Under the condition he didn't produce a child, as well as keep it secret & away from the children which he agreed to the terms. 
His mate later came along, an omega by the name of Isodora. Orion kept to his word & kept it away from his family but in the process cut off time away from his children which led them to find out about the affair. Instructed to keep quiet, Isodora used this to her advantage. She convinced her mate, Orion, to push his wife to suicide. That way the contract would still be fullfilled & they could be together with their own family. Though Orion was reluctant, though he was not in love with his wife he still had a sense of endearment for her. He eventually agreed, going as far as to move his mate into their home, spending nights with his mate instead of his wife & showing actions of affections he knew his wife wanted even forcing his children to refer to her as their mother. As time went by, Isodora announced the soon arrival of their own child. Which is believed to be the reason why as to Eternity's apparent death. Once the elders caught wind of what happened, the Azeteus were immediatly notified. Drakkar, Eternity's father, was furious at the lack of actions & attention the Vandeviere's had placed on his daughter, blaming the elders as well as Asitvaran. To Drakkar's dismay, the contract was technically complete. He took his daughter's seemingly lifeless body back home. As for the actions of Orion & Isodora, Orion was stripped of power & banished. Isodora, after giving birth to her son, Gabriel, was allowed to spend a day with her child before being executed the next day for her crimes.
All five children then resided in the care of their paternal grandfather, the former war Alpha, Asitvaran. Though they were allowed to stay & go with their maternal side of the family as they pleased, Asitvaran was their primary caregiver. While her affections projected onto her grandfather & he reciprocated after her older brothers became more and more vocal about their lack of interest in the position of Alpha, Asitvaran began inflicting his methods of discipline & training on his grandchildren more so on his granddaughter as to prepare her for the inevitable fate of becoming Alpha. He deprived her of positive reinforcement as well as placed her isolation at a young age as to toughen her up. As she grew older Ivory's high endurance to physical training & adaptability impressed her grandfather, by the age of 15 she could withstand running 50 kilometers a day in different terrains & weather conditions, her body withstood temperatures of 45 degrees F to 110 degrees F, & She could lift items as heavy as 130 lbs. However when her results where not up to his standards, he'd discipline her with isolation or being hung upside down for up to 12 hours. As she trained more & more each day, she became more reserved & lacked positive emotional responses which people who were new to her clan mistook for her having a condescending attitude. 
During her freetime, she was to demonstrate deception & counter attack techniques in sword fighting to the children who were learning how to become great swordsmen. This also meant she had to train children. She enjoyed demonstrating this with her elder brothers, being her opponent. Upon her extensive training with her paternal grandfather, she also started trained aswell as studied at her mother's side of the family on being a royal, having the royal mannerisms, dressing the part of royalty, aswell as means of proposing & working out trades & peace agreements between other kingdoms or countries. Many of these duties included her organizing special parties in honor of these families, adapting her personality to the liking of other royals, as well as traveling to other kingdoms to meet & renew alliances with supervision. 
At her older brother's 18th birthday soiree held at the royal's castle by her maternal grandfather, Drakkar, presented to him the sword which was named Azrael. Lazarus took hold of the swords grip, it started burn his hand as a sign of rejection of it's new user. The pommel of the sword seem to lit up & grew brighter when Ivory approached Lazarus to hand him a damp cloth for his injured hand. This beckoned Ivory to try the sword out for herself, asking her grandfather, Drakkar, permission to wield it. When coming into contact with Ivory's hand, Azrael's Light grew bright, having onlookers averting there eyes from the light. After the light grew weak, The sword had chosen Ivory as its user. The sword was revealed to have been created by the Vandeviere's ancestor, using the bones of fallen warriors & demons & mending them together to create the swords blade. & the light was the sword connecting itself & her soul as one as an agreement of using said sword. Many consequences came with the sword, while it gave out power to it's user during battles, it also took something from her, depending on the situation it varied from feeding off of fragments of her soul or total control of her body. Cost also depends on her intentions of said sword, if the sword is use for malevolent purposes it begins total consumption of her soul, leaving her dead. Azrael blade must also be drenched in demon blood to keep strong until her natural death if not done so, the blade will break & she will die with it. While this worried her brother's, she was very insistent that this was a burden she was willing to take for the sake of her family. 
 By the time she turned 18, she had maintained Azrael well in her care, Though her brother's grew more & more concerned for her fate as not only was she forever bound to the sword,  she was mostly definitely becoming Alpha due to her elder brother, Lazarous denouncing his right to becoming Alpha as his interests were not in it. Her brother Dante also denounced his right to both the throne & Alpha as he didn't want the destruction it came with it & started to go off into the world & explore. Shamix rejected his right to Alpha aswell to venture & travel out to study the mysterious sword that came into his family's care. This left Ivory to be Alpha, which she did not feel as though she was prepared for such a position for a large clan. The elder's gave her until her 21st birthday & on the day of she would become the Vandeviere clans Alpha.

⦁ Ivory's left handed. She's ambidextrous but predominantly left handed.
⦁ Very easily spooked.
⦁ The first female Alpha in 4 decades in her clan, she's aswell as the youngest in her clan to become alpha.
⦁ While Dante & Shamix as often referred to as her older brothers & Dante is only older by 15 minutes & Shamix is older by only 8 minutes. But due to her older brother's looks & maturity they look & seem much older than what they seem hence why the confusion.
⦁ Her one guilty pleasure is Hi-C flashin' fruit punch juice boxes.
⦁ Her existence though long-awaited, was unexpected. In the contract made between the Vandeviere family & the Azeteus Family, it was agreed upon that only 3 children were to be created to fullfill part of the contract.
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