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Name: Sonya Winchester
Nicknames: Sonya, Sonny, Kitten, Baby, Glacier
Age: 19
Species: Cat-Bear Hybrid
Gender: Female
Occupation: Street Fighter, Hockey Player

Appearance: Sonya is stocky, large brute of a young woman, weighing in at approximately 255 pounds at only 5’1”, with quite a bit of muscle and fat. She has brown eyes and brown fur, with brown fluff around her mouth, back, and between her large breasts, and black fluff around her ankles and elbows. She has wavy headfur which she dyed the tips of her hair gray, and with fur-paint, painted blue triangles below her eyes, her tail is very short but very fluffy, her forearms are thick and fluffy with thick fingers, her nails sharp and retractable, and ears shaped like rounded triangles.
She tends to wear a dark blue carhartt jacket over a black shirt, blue jeans, brown work boots, black fingerless-gloves, torn blue toboggan torn for ears to fit through, and she wields a long, blue hockey stick.

Sonya Winchester 20180731_180916

Personality traits

-Video games, comics, and anime
-Fighting, sparring, and rough-housing
-Cold areas and Winter
-Sports like hockey, boxing, and wrestling
-Drawing and writing
-Sweets, especially ice cream
-Meat and energy drinks
-Cool breezes

-Authority figures
-Rich people
-Losing fights
-People commenting on her tail size

Personality: Sonya is known for being somewhat absent-minded and a frequent daydreamer, but just like her mother she too can be very introspective and tend to ramble and deals with superfocus just as much as Julian had, getting stuck on problems or creative endeavors and constantly thinking about it. This may be part of why she is so easily frustrated with such a short temper she seems to have inherited from her father, as well as having to deal with her controlling parents. She isn't the smartest and is kind of a rebel, but she's as good hearted as her parents were. She's very stubborn and headstrong, raised to be a fighter, and filled with passion. She is very hyperactive, immature, and can come off as rude though unless you are her opponent or enemy, she really means no harm.

Combat traits

Powers: She has bear-like strength and can climb walls with little difficulty, and learned how to fight from her parents, a few schools, and eventually self-taught. With her hockey stick, she can slash at opponents similarly to a scythe or pike.
Sonya can decrease the temperature of the air, being capable of freezing the moisture in the air to create ice constructs such as icy projectiles, and can thus generate snow to use against opponents. She can freeze normal water this way as well, but also freeze it by walking on it. Another notable ability of hers is firing beams of freezing energy in bolts to potentially freeze them for a turn. Finally, it takes one turn to do so, but she can cause a small blizzard for five turns to weaken her opponents and give her a lot more ice to manipulate.

-Very sturdy with a high endurance, because she's a fucking glacial wall
-Being part bear, she is even stronger than Julian, capable of lifting more than 1000 pounds
-Is a great boxer, wrestler, and knows karate and a bit of jiu jitsu
-She is passionate and creative
-If in a region with lots of water, fresh air, or ice, her powers are strongest
-As a result of being both a cat and a bear, their senses - especially smell - are heightened greatly
-Not a bad artist or cook
-Can freeze water under her feet
-Like her mom with hope, the calmer she is the stronger her ice powers are
-She's elementally strong against water, earth, wind, metal, and plants and does well in cold environments dye to her natural affinity with the cold, thick fur, and being well-insulated

-Despite being a cat, and bears not being too slow either, her speed is at most below average
-Is easy to frustrate, which not only makes her predictable but weakens her powers
-Terrible singer
-Nigh constant over-analyzing and over thinks everything
-If in a very dry or hot area her powers are significant weakened, and she gets hot very easily dye to her fur and body type
-She's weak to fire, and some water users can block her powers easily
-Isn't a great comedian, unable to take jokes at her expense or laugh at herself and her own sense of humor is morbid or immature
-Hates authority, even if they want the best fit her

Social information

Positive relations
-Julian Winchester, though she doesn't know it, is her mother in another timeline.

Negative relations

-(None yet)

To Julian and James Winchester, along with Blu, a young girl named Sonya was born. She was raised to have a better life than any of her parents, but they did it in a very controlling way, not allowed to make her own mistakes. She was put into karate classes around 2nd grade of her schooling, where she discovered her powers at an early age.
When karate became too expensive, she was taken out and further taught by her parents, mostly Blu and James given Julian had no confidence in her fighting ability but still sparred from time to time.
It was around this time she decided she wanted to be a professional fighter for her future, but she did get into art and sports, especially hockey(the primary reason she wields a hockey stick instead of a practical weapon), in school. Throughout her teen years, much to her mother’s dismay, she got into street fighting and eventually even began using her powers to fight crime.
After a big fight with her parents, she ran from her house to go find her friends for comfort.
Afterwards, she passed out, and she soon woke up in a completely different location, and as she'd soon learn, a completely new time…
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