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Name: Charlie Ironworth
Nicknames: Dr. Ironworth, Ironworth, Project Babylon, Babylon
Age: ~78 years old
Species: Clockwork Babylonian
Gender: Male
Occupation: Scientist/Tinkerer

Appearance: Clockwork is a metallic, relatively sharp and clunky old clockwork replica of avian Mobians, standing at approximately 3 feet 10 inches and weighing approximately a surprisingly light 24 pounds, made primarily of aluminum and brass that has tarnished naturally over time, giving them a dirty look to their relatively gold and silver colors. Their wingspan is an impressively large(compared to most Mobian avians) 3 feet 8 inches, the wings consisting of aluminum metal plates arranged similarly to a bird’s feathers and to act as fingers if needed - this seems to be a function worked into the wings much later, as previously it wouldn't have been necessary, though how it was done without fingers to begin with is a mystery. The internal structure contains no electronics but instead metal rods, gears, ropes, and rubber bands in a vaguely humanoid shape designed to move accurately to Mobian or human anatomy, but also reveals normal arms were built for the contraption and that the wings and tail are separate from the internal body, instead resembling more of an ancient hang glider design that was slapped on top of and attached to the thing by the arms(seeming to lack hands, proving that the feather-fingers function was later added somehow), explaining the purpose of the handle-esque things near the tail feathers for the feet to go into and help control flight. Its body appears to primarily be an exoskeleton based on all this, made of metal and designed similarly to knight armor but instead of resembling a suit it was instead meant to resemble Mobian avians, even having a beak that doesn't open and eyes resembling camera lenses, with the right one appearing to wear a monocle due to the small chain hanging down from it, and the three metal plates extending up and forward slightly like the feather styles common of these Mobians. For such a simple appearance, it can come off as somewhat eerie due to its uncanny face and actual aura, feeling bitter, hateful, and yet powerful. The fact that it can speak only adds to it because clockwork creations couldn't do that, not even the most advanced robots built at the time could - and let's face it, this is all because it's not just an ancient robot, its possessed, specifically with the spirit of its creator named Dr. Ironworth, sporting a pitchy, cockney accent.


Dr. Charlie Ironworth by DeltaGearDr. Charlie Ironworth 20180701_135913Dr. Charlie Ironworth 20180701_135919

Personality traits

-Babylonians and the Babylon Garden
-Children’s toys
-Old horror stories and dark poetry
-Robots and Tinkering

-Fears lightning
-Has a hatred of the Sliamese, and has let it taint his view of most furries and the Niman Islanders over the years since his death
-Big events like parties and festivals, distracting, loud, and overcrowded
-He finds animatronics to be poorly made and ugly, unsure why anyone would use electronics in machines to make something more creepy and less capable than even his clockwork creations
-Clockwork Foundry, due to the creepily dim lighting and being stuck there for about 150 years
-Canines, especially wolves

Personality: The obsessive, talkative, mad Dr. Ironworth is known to be polite, proper, energetic, and hard working. However, due to his super focus, he can come off as obnoxious and absent-minded, he is not a great listener at all. Arrogant and morally questionable, he's comparable to a Willy Wonka(the original movie) rather than a Mad Hatter, but it was his apparent madness, obsessiveness, and sense of flow that cost him his life.
Now he's a bitter old pessimist who isn't really sure what he really wants from life any more. He only wants his old life back, for his work to be recognized, and maybe a second chance at a family. At least, that's what he says, the three things he told himself to give himself purpose in life.

Combat traits

Powers: He can attach himself to simple machines with a bit of work to temporarily make it part of him/use himself as a tool for making something work, and while this would “kill” a normal clockwork if it didn't work, being an immortal, possessed machine means that he's not afflicted with some weaknesses of being so simple in design.
He has blades in his arms that he can extend with his inner clockwork mechanisms, but primarily while the machine was part of the Clockwork Soldier line-up, meaning it was a simple automaton meant for the sole purpose of being an expendable, cheaply made weapon and soldier in wars that would need no training(basically, if you built enough of them you could supposedly win any war by sheer numbers), it was designed more as a personal project by Charlie to make an automaton that could fly. Due to being so basic it barely worked, gliding around and wobbling mid-air, but with Charlie now able to live through it as his body, he has a much greater control over it, allowing him flight about as good as many birds both feral and Mobian, capable of moving approximately 80 miles per hour through the air at max speed.
Finally, while at first he didn't believe that he could gain magical abilities simply by seemingly… “willing it”, after death the supernatural force of his body separated from his spirit and his obsessive nature culminated into a strange ability seemingly tied indirectly to his interest in the inner workings of clocks. He could “rewind” the state of his soul and the Clockwork of which it was connected to an earlier point in time to dodge attacks easier, fast-forward his own personal time until he's seemingly doubled his speed for at most two turns(if he uses up his turns, he loses all time powers for another two turns), and “Save” and “Load” his position in space for limited teleportation, always keeping his memories. Finally, he can stop time for everyone except himself for pseudo-teleportation, though he loses all access to his time abilities for a two turn cool down period if he does this.

-Due to being a possessed machine, they don't tire out at all, and can fly for virtually forever as long as weather conditions are right.
-At max speed, he can fly at 80 miles per hour. With fast-forwarding, this technically doubles to 160 miles an hour.
-He is a very capable tinkerer, so capable in fact that he can modify his body and attach himself to other simple machines to act as a temporary extension to himself. If he can do that, imagine what he can do to other machines! Heck, he helped build the not-so-simple Clockwork Foundry, meaning he does have knowledge of electronics of such a grand scale.
-His main body being mostly made of brass, he is pretty tough and can repair most injuries to himself given enough time.
With his time abilities, he can correct many of his recent past mistakes.

-His wings, though light to help with flight, are relatively fragile and due to their slightly more complex design, takes much longer to repair.
-Theoretically if his entire robotic body was destroyed, he could just possess a new one, but he’d likely have to get use to the new body. It's just as likely that it just means he’d die without coming back - same for if someone destroyed his original body, which probably wouldn't be that easy to find so it may just require crashing the entirety of Clockwork Foundry where his body presumably is...
-Heat or electricity is especially dangerous, extreme heat warping the metal and damaging the rubber and ropes acting as his muscles and tendons. Electricity is naturally attracted to his metallic body and would do the same thing but even quicker, probably even setting his internal structure on fire… This is especially bad if he's in the air, which as a flying machine he'd be expected to be in the air a lot, since he'd have no way to ground himself.
-Based on the above, it should be clear he has a severe fear of lightning and electricity.
-People who have space or void abilities could act as a counter to his time abilities.
-He does have an energy limit, in the form of his winding mechanism. His soul normally winds it up and keeps it wound naturally, and rewinding or loading a saved state will return him to that previous state with all his current memories, but fast forwarding or performing a time stop will unwind him. While completely unwound, his speed increases by half as his soul then has to bear the entire weight of the body while also winding him back up to full.

Social information

Positive relations
-The Clockwork
-His children, Jane and Ciel Ironworth, as well as his wife, Mary, all presumed dead of old age

Negative relations

-The Modern Sliamese Government and the MHOS

Charlie Ironworth was born in Spagonia and grew up in an upper middle class family before becoming the apprentice of an old inventor, learning under him until the man died and he eventually married a woman named Mary Sage.
Charlie was a scientist with interest in ancient Mobian history, particularly the Babylon Garden, and is notable for creating many machines, notable for their relatively simple design, to act as tools replacing more basic jobs in factories, even saying that they could be used to build the very robots who would be designed to keep the factory bots running. Simple machines capable of doing factory work in place if the people losing their arms from tire, meaning people would only have to worry about keeping them functioning.
The Sliamese rulers at the time, intrigued with this, had got in contact with Dr. Ironworth shortly after his kids’(twins) 10th birthday while he was out doing field work studying a region where the Babylon Garden had supposedly crashed to hire him for a special job building soldiers for the purpose of less real casualties during war.
Charlie and a team of scientists had built a replica of the Babylon Garden based on his research, known as Clockwork Foundry, and started work on the Clockwork Soldier project. Eventually, to complete the series, Charlie began working on something that put his two passions together, clockwork robots and the ancient Babylonians…
As he began Project Babylon, the other scientists seemed concerned with the lack of communication with Sliam, as well as the lack of funds… Charlie didn't seem to care, too obsessed with his newest work.
He got in one test, where it seemed to fail and he was about to start reworking the design... before a bunch of furries in military wear rushed into the ship and attacked everyone, the humans mostly defenseless, confused, and trying to defend their hard work, died or were imprisoned…
Charlie was one of them who was killed.

About a month later, without even getting activated, the container holding Project Babylon began moving. Upon freeing itself from its chamber, it walked with great difficulty, as if too weak to hold itself up.
It freed its siblings, and wound them up, and eventually it got used to moving.
Charlie had been revived.
And the Clockwork Babylonian could fly… he could fly.
Stuck on the Clockwork Foundry, Charlie wandered the halls, awaiting the time he could fly free.

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