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Post by DeltaGear on Mon Jul 23, 2018 1:24 am

Name: Leona Acacia 
Age: 28
Gender: Female 
Species: Dog
Occupation: Scientist, researcher.
Current residence: Southwest Botanical Forest Zone.

Leona is of average height with an unnaturally green toned fur. She has blue eyes and black ears with her left ear down. Commonly seen wearing her Chem-bag and a small tank on her back. She also wears a pair of special gloves and shoes, along with a lower half gas mask on occasion.

Leona is a serious person who doesn't take much time out of the day to socialize and relax, preferring to stay busy with her work. She is known to have a rather odd sense of humor and often likes "Including" others in her experiments. She can get extremely distracted with her to the point of being completely oblivious to others around her.

All in all she's not a bad person and can sometimes be enjoyable to be around when she's not totally consumed with her work.

~Scientific discussions 
~Relaxing music 

~Failed experiments 
~Having her work discredited 
~Others meddling with her work
£Powers and traits)
(Acidic Body)
Her body is a mass collection of various plant-like poisons and toxins that at her highest levels can melt through some metals. Even at the lowest possible toxicity level she can muster, touching her can cause temporary blindness if gotten into the eyes and causes severe skin irritation, making areas affected susceptible to sunlight and burn easily.

Her body also secretes an toxin that's filtered from her blood. She uses this as protection and an offensive weapon as she wears gloves to collect this fluid in a tank on her back. Spraying it or making physical contact.

She can also consume special mixtures to alter her own bodies acidic fluid to give it different properties.

£Plant-like body)
Her body also naturally preforms photosynthesis and absorbs sunlight that heals her and allows her to release it in burst for burning damage. 

Along with her own acidic abilities she carries a bag that holds a variety of mixtures she uses for defense and attacking. The bag is always pre-loaded and does not auto mix for her, it must always be restocked.

The bag usually contains mixtures of these types.
~Strong to weak acids, some designed for corroding certain materials.
~Heat and cold based mixtures. able to freeze or set stuff aflame.
~utility mixtures like fluids that make stuff have no friction or incredibly bouncy.
~Rarely some exotic mixtures. Like mixtures that can alter one's body.

~her home has a near infinite supply of raw materials she needs to maintain her arsenal.
~passively immune to hazardous gases and toxins.
~extensive knowledge in the biological, chemistry, and botany fields.

~can only carry a limited supply in her Chem-bag.
~Her body only produces a small amount of fluid a day. Limiting her natural bodies abilities in combat.
~Not incredibly good social skills.
~Stuff that'd normally be healthy off set her bodies balance and can make her sick.

€Social relations)

£Good relations): 

£Negative relations): 

Leona grew up with her parents who were both incredible scientists in their own fields. Wanting to be like them she aspired to become the best and lead a whole new front in her selected fields.

She graduated with a master's in Biology and Chemistry, continuing to learn botany as well. She was soon recognized by the A.L.C and employed by them and soon became one of their lead scientists.

While her work was always... questionable... she never made unnecessary risks or put people into harms way. However her love of work soon turned sour as she learn of the companies corruption and underhanded schemes.

Learning that her work was being used as means to create biological weapons she attempted to reveal the A.L.C for what it was. Catching wind of this they created an "accident" in order to try killing her. In the process she was horribly change by the chemical overflow and radiation poured into the lab in attempts to kill her and those who knew to much. This caused her body to gain similar attributes to various toxic plants and turn her fur green.

She was able to escape and successfully destroyed most of her work and took whatever else she could and escaped to the Botanical Forest Zone, a place nobody ever goes and deemed too unsafe to travel to, in order to keep her knowledge out of the hands of whoever wishes to use it.  

She is presumed dead after the A.L.C ChemLabs incident.

€Character fun facts)
~her eyes are blue naturally, but progressively turn a sickly neon green as the toxicity in her body gets higher and higher.

~Her own breath, tears, and fur is toxic and the fumes and smell can cause other to fall unconscious. She focuses all the toxins to her hands and feet,  collecting it in a tank to avoid hurting others around her or causing unnecessary damage around her. 

~Absorbing or consuming a lot of one color toxin or poison can turn her whole body a different color.

Huge credit to Electrisa. The original design of the character is hers. I simply adopted greatness.


"You can break my body... but you cannot touch my soul."

"Battle isn't about beating your opponent. It's about two fighting spirits clashing and growing... a betterment of ones self through combat and understanding your limits."

"I'll do what it takes too help everyone. Powers or no powers, anyone can be a hero"
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Guild cards done by the amazing Electrisa.
Profile picture done by the awesome Spekkal.
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