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Post by DeltaGear on Sat Jul 21, 2018 6:04 am

Study journal of Leona Acacia.
Day 534

I am making this recap on everything I have learned so far about this area to better view past and present data and information.

The Botanical Forest is the result of years of chemical and biohazardous waste being dumped here. The zones wildlife and ecosystem has mutated and in spite of the massive changes it has remained... is amazing how it now stands as one of the most amazing wonders of this world.

But... it is also one of the most dangerous places in the world...

This areas atmosphere and air has a low poison containment that can kill anyone who is exposed for more than a few days. It's waters are a cesspool of raw chemical materials. Oddly enough it's not unstable and can actually be drunk like normal water by the mutated wildlife and myself. Unknown effects on humans or other Mobian however (Note: Must run tests on this as soon as possible).

The fruit and other plant life here is also a site to behold. Many tree's have amazing colors or interesting growth patterns. I have noticed several plant infused creatures roaming about, something I have yet to fully study this phenomenon.

As for facts and specific information.

~Rivers and ponds can have unforseen effects if the multi colored fluid is ingested.

~Eating fruits and vegetables here can cause both positive and strange effects. I even saw one person turn completely blue from head to toe, fur and all. Another actually morphed species for a bit... (Note: Effects only.seem to be temporary. Must run further tests on extended exposure...)

~Prolonged exposure to the air here can leave people brain damaged, blindly, chemicaly unbalanced. It's ill advised to be here without proper equipment.

~The area is home to many ore rich area's. But hese are not area's you wnt to be in. Filled with such hazardous material ore like Cinnabar, Coloradoite, Chalcanthite, Hutchinsonite and more materials either naturally here or waste dumped by various company's years ago.
This location holds many secrets i intend to unlock. I best make sure that nothing impairs my experiments and work here. Especially them... 

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