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Solstice the Hedgehog(Winter) - New and Improved! Empty Solstice the Hedgehog(Winter) - New and Improved!

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Name: Selene “Solstice” Ecliptic Galicia II
“Mistress Moon”

Age: According to myths, She is older than even Earth itself, 
but her appearance makes her look to be 18.
Species: Hedgehog
Gender: Female
Occupation: The “Queen” of a group of wolves, owls and 
miscellaneous animals that dub themselves the “Moon Children.” 

Selene is the embodiment of what a man wants in a women in appearance- Curvaceous and revealing. With a bust and a wide set of hips, her body symbolizes Fertility and the Male’s urge to breed. Her fur under different lights can change, like for example, her fur appears black under sunlight, but under the moon her fur is a dark indigo. Various parts of her body glow like the galaxy in an expansive pallet of blues, reds, and purple, examples being on her hips, hands, quills, etc. her quills are long and curl at the tips, going from her fur color to either pink, blue, or purple in a gradient. Her quills look akin to waves in an ocean. Lastly, like Sonic’s colors, Selene has a golden-tanned patch on her stomach and arms. 

As a Goddess in her previous life, Selene felt no need for clothes. She does adorn herself with two silver bangles that hold the power of storms and life itself, though in modern day, these bangles lost a significant amount of power, due to the aftermath of the Great War. She wears besides her bangles fingerless gloves that are colored dark purple, a similarly colored choker with a Moon Pendant made of silver, and roughly 6-inch heeled boots, parchment-colored with a rapier strapped to her right boot. Her thighs are adorned randomly with straps that hold things like small trinkets, and she wears a double-belt on her hips, strapped with two pistol she had acquired from killing a G.U.N. Soldier who mistook her for another fellow dark-colored Hedgehog. 


(Coming Soon!)

Personality traits
Watching over her “Moon Children” and helping them. 
Spending her time either bathing in the Moon Pool or Training/ Honing her skills back to Before the Great War. 
Singing Lullabies and Helping others by either sending omens through dreams or using dreams to aleve others of pain or turmoil.

Anyone or Anything who attempts to destroy nature or life through unnatural means. 
Men initially, and Women. 
“Sun Warriors.”
Unimaginative People


Selene, according to the myth, was once a beautiful and devoted wife to her brother Solaris, reserved and loyal to only him. Today, she does reflect some of these attributes still- loyalty to her people and to particular characters she shares feelings toward. However, she is no longer reserved. She does as she pleases- She gives no regards to what anyone suggests to her or who tries to assist her. She believes now that she cannot depend on anyone to do their part to keep the “precious balance” of the Earth, and strongly believes that she alone knows truly what is best for her people and her “Child” planet Earth. She is also quite a dirty trickster. She knows well her figure poses a valid weapon against men and some women, and will often appear flirty and seductive toward being she thinks will maybe be a valuable asset to her in the long run. If her body is not enough to entice, she will sometimes promise wealth in grand amounts or even immortality. 
Initially, she is cold and distant toward newcomers, especially Men. She will give to them the cold shoulder- Abandoning them or condemning them to almost certain death or leaving them to solve a deeply troubling issue. In some cases, she might even “play with her prey” by going into their dreams and faking omens of turmoil to condemn them into creating a fate they weren’t destined to have initially. To win her trust, one must prove their loyalty to her- This used to be the other way around, where she proved to others her loyalty. If one was to be successful, they would expect her to be a tad bit more considerate, with small acts of kindness toward the individual. She might invite the individual to dinner beside her as a special guest or have her guards escort them around the village she watches over. Only people who show real loyalty and interest in her however, get to see the Selene depicted in the Myth. 
Men who make her heart flutter are in for a rollercoaster. She is deeply insecure, and fakes her strong and dominant attitude she always portrays to the public. She is also deeply troubled and paranoid of relationships, due to the abuse she had endured with her brother. Men who try to comfort her and makes her calm down initially will see the same paranoia at a constant, and she cannot recover from it. However, those who are patient enough to endure the hardships and look past her imperfections and understand her pain will see a completely devoted and loving girlfriend. She is quick to sacrifice her own time and even her own life to protect her beloved if she feels he is worth the risks, just as she treats her beloved “Moon Children.”

Combat traits

Selene has an array of interesting prowess that reflect what she could do back before the creation of Modern Mobius. 

Selene has the power to manipulate water, meaning she can use water to either attack or to heal herself. More often, she uses water to recuperate in the day if a cave isn’t an option. When she attacks with water, it only shoots at a designated target at a high pressure. It hurts, but it doesn’t shoot holes into things either- akin to being hit with a firehose. 
Selene’s signature “trump card” per say is her ability to lull people into deep lumber through Lullabies. She can put unsuspecting prey to sleep by singing to them in a hidden location, and when in sleep, she can completely contort their realities through manipulation of their dreams. Often she will portray herself as a Water Serpent, or Leviathan- Something related to water monsters/Mythology. Her hallucinogenic dreams can be broken out of however if she is far too off from the victim’s perspective of reality or doesn’t act in-character of the person she is trying to portray herself as. If she is too out-of-character or if the victim is able to become aware that what they are witnessing is a dream- they can break away from her hallucinations through Lucid Dreaming.
Solstice is able to hide in the dark very, very easily through melting into the shadows of objects or people and lie in waiting. She sits in a sort of “pocket dimension” while she sits in someone or something’s Shadow, and can retreat at anytime. However, if the shadow is eliminated too quickly or light is casted onto it, she will be thrown out of the shadow and stunned.
Like most Hedgehogs, Solstice can do a spin-dash and strike enemies in a ball-form. Otherwise, she is trained in hand-to-hand combat. She can run quite fast, able to keep up with even some of the fastest creatures alive, but only for periods of time before she collapses and needs to recharge. However under Night, she can run for much longer. 
The two silver bangles around her wrists channel energy from the solar system, according to legend, and it is because of them that she could bend the laws of physics to her will. Due to the events of the Great War and having to use this power to stop the eradication of Earth completely, theses bracelets have lost a tremendous amount of power. Not useless though, as some energy can still be channeled. Using them now, she is able to possess “stars” in her hands and shoot them at her enemies. 
Solstice is easy to find due to the instant drop of temperature around her if close enough. The closer someone gets to her, the coldest and less humid it becomes, making it challenging for her to sneak up on anyone and ideal for people to sneak up on her. It doesn’t help that she is also a glowing nightlight in the dark, and patches of her fur glow brightly of the galaxy and stars. 
On her choker is her signature weapon- Yuèliàng’s bow. Named after her mother, she wielded this strong Longbow during the Great War, And legend says that she fired the North Star into the sky with this very bow. Nowhere near that capable of feat but still formidable, she can fire three shots of stars from her bow at once before collapsing and needing to recharge, regardless of it being Day or Night. 
If she is able to acquire a Chaos Emerald, some of her fabelled powers would return to her, like the ability to fly. She would also be able to fire direct moonlight beams from her palms that would cause instantaneous freezing of water and burns to anyone who was hit by her power. 

Solstice is stronger and faces less limitations in the Night time or in darker places where light can’t touch. 
Solstice is able to call to her side her “Moon Children” in a case of emergency, strengthening her numbers. 
She is able to wield the powers of water to aid herself and her allies and to heal. She is also able to wield the powers of darkness to hide or gain strength. 
Solstice is trained to fight alone in hand-to-hand combat and has two pistols that she can fight with. 
She is a loyal and loving companion toward those she is closest to, and is quicker to sacrifice herself than to allow others to do such for her. 

The Daytime is where she is more susceptible to weaknesses, drowsiness, slowness, and she can even start to evaporate if the Sun is too strong. 
If she is torn out of her shadow, she is sluggish and easy to subdue due to her inability to react quick enough. 
Solstice is quicker to fight than to run away, but will try to if things take an unexpected turn. Nighttime she can pull this escape easily, but in Daylight, she is nowhere near as fast or as energetic. 
Solstice struggles to fight against her own “creations,” which includes Mobians. She only resents Humans, and won’t hesitate to kill them off, but she will hesitate to slay a Mobian, no matter how evil or dangerous. 
Solstice is not a social butterfly- She avoids people at all costs if she doesn’t know them prior or if they do not recall her from tales or worship her. 
Deeply, she is insecure and timid toward those she likes. She will shut down if those people were to betray or backstab her, and she will turn as cold as she did originally, and show no sympathy toward even other allies who had nothing to do with the event. 

Social information

Positive relations

“Moon Children” - Worshippers of the Moon Goddess who loved them, protected them, and provided to them foods like cows and pigs or apples and carrots and water.
Yuèliàng - The Moon itself that was said to have given birth to the Solstice Twins.

Negative relations

Solaris “Solstice” the Hedgehog - According to the Myths, he was responsible of the multiple apocalypses and almost destruction of Life, the Earth, and Existence. 
“Sun Warriors” - Worshippers of the Sun who believe in genocide of those who they deem “weak.”


(I post here a link to their Mythology. This was a school project that I decided to keep.)

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