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Post by Zeek on Sun Jul 01, 2018 4:03 pm

Name: Ezequiel Santiago Santiago

Nicknames: Zeek, Eze, Windy

Age: 17

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Occupation: Sword for hire/Bounty Hunter


Ezequiel is a 6'2 tall human with raven black messy hair and dark chocolate brown eyes. He is a well tone/built person due to him having a training at a young age, due to his occupation he has the scars to show. To go more in detail on scars he has a "X" pattern scar on his chest, reaching by his shoulder down to his hips, on his face he has a slash scar across his bottom lip on the right corner down to his bottom left chin, and on his nose he has a sideways slash scar as well, but finally he has another one on his left cheek from a cut as well. Besides the scars from his chest and face he has more on his back, from the look of things they seem stabs, slashes and some from whips. As for clothes he often wears a simple black leather jacket, a neon green scarf and a dark gray shirt, finally he wears simple navy blue jeans made for combat and as well black combat boots. Besides his clothes he always carries with himself a simple two hand Zweihänder scabbard/sheath on his left hip.

The sword itself is 5 five and 3 inches long and weights around five to six pounds. The sword is made of great steel, great for cutting and stabbing/thrusting.

Personality traits


- Candy/Sweet stuff

- Sparring

- Fishing

- Most types of meat


- Racist Mobians towards humans

- Spicy food

- Needles

- Failing a mission


He is a calm  person, rarely will he ever shout at someone outside of combat. Because he dislike racist Mobians who hates human he treats everyone as an equal as he doesn't want to be a hypocrite. He isn't the smartest person but his intelligence is passable as average, in terms of charisma h can talk to people just fine but sometimes wont get a joke nor know if he is getting flirted on.

Combat traits

Ezequiel has power over creating wind energy by using his own energy or using less energy if strong winds are present, being in out during a heavy windy rainstorm can use most of his power better bur in a place with slow wind means to use more energy to create/control it. By utilizing his body and lungs he can blow in front of him to create some sort of air/wind to use for a single attack or support skill. Beside creating wind based attack he can help his fellow team mates by making breath underwater with an air bubble, push them farther away from harm, gather weak bacteria in the air for low and slow level healing, and some more that he will discover when the time comes.


- Able to use wind around him for quick power usage at the cost of small amount of energy

- Due to where he came from he has superhuman strength and stamina as well senses. He can lift up to 1,249 pounds with both hands, half of that in each hand (624.5 Pounds in each hand) as well able to run up to 90 miles per hour ( If there is wind then he can use a bit more energy to double that, a total of 180 miles per hour).

- Wind and sound immunity, since he can use wind that means other wind based attack won't harm him and would convert into energy for him to use more wind based attack or support skill. He is only immune to sound based attack if it has to travel through air, but if it travels through water or something solid he can't do anything to it.

- He can meditate in the open for quick energy recovery as well to heal himself with the good bacteria in the air but only out of battle.

- Melee/Hand-to-hand combat expertise and a bit of training with mid-range attack with his powers.


- Ice based attack does double damage to him as he isn't used to cold stuff.

- There has to be strong winds for him to use/make very powerful attack without wasting too much energy.

- He isn't very smart, he can make some tactics in battle but he can't really hack anything or repair stuff, best stuff he can do is make basic survival stuff as well he know's how to cook.

- Not very socially smart as well, he can talk just fine but he doesn't know that some joke's are joke's and doesn't know if he is being flirted on.

Social information

Positive relations

- Lyra The Queen of the Yrvx race

- Aira Latro The Spider and bookstore owner in central city

Negative relations

- None as of now (Same as before)


Ezequiel used to be called Anti-Mobian Specimen (AMS) for a reason, he wasn't born from a female human but rather created in a lab far more then just to create live, but rather in case of an all out race war between Human's and Mobian's as well as to try and make humanity take a next step in it's evolution line that is yet to be found. He was created by a paranoid scientist Prof. Ricardo Santiago. Growing up he was look over by his father, although he was cold with him he was his son, he hates needles for a reason because of the blood test and drugs he had been given as a kid. He had great sword skill due to a robot the professor had made for him as he decided to use a steel sword as his main weapon. Life was...decent at most, at least he had books to read while growing up so he wouldn't be stupid but he mostly reads fiction instead of none fiction, his favorite genre being adventure, action and or romance.

For powers he was given the ability to use wind, every time he uses his powers his brown chocolate eyes turn into a neon green color as it is the same color as his wind attacks and support skills. The reason he was given this is to combat against Mobian's, henceforth he was nick-named as the Anti-Mobian Specimen, although he doesn't hate them. He read some books that where made up stories that human and mobian's working together and being friends, so he wants to do that, to be friends with anyone but knows he can't be friend with everyone.

He was able to escape the lab due to it being under  attack by a local town for the scientist trying to play God, he was able to slip past the attackers but at the cost of his father live, it made him sad for a few days but knew he wasn't a good man as he travel around. Now he is a simple sword for hire/bounty hunter, using his skills to make money and be able to eat and rent a place to stay, he is still young and the world is still open for him to learn from and explore.

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Ezequiel Santiago Empty Re: Ezequiel Santiago

Post by Shrike Marine on Sun Jul 01, 2018 5:08 pm

I enjoyed reading this nice character you got there.
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Ezequiel Santiago Empty Re: Ezequiel Santiago

Post by Zeek on Sun Jul 01, 2018 5:18 pm

Shrike Marine wrote:I enjoyed reading this nice character you got there.
Thank you, I made him to see I can join the guild so I could role-play and make new friends.
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Ezequiel Santiago Empty Re: Ezequiel Santiago

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