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Necessity is the mother of invention, when the need is there, progress will be made. Born out the a desire to spare lives in the future against the common enemies of the world, enemies who do not play by rules and those who will use what ever they can to win in the end. Such Tactics costs the lives of many in stopping such forces in their tracks. The creation of the Cybreds was the answer to this problem, a concept dating well back over 20 years. Why have living beings fight a battle for us and lose their lives when machines can do it and be mass produced, the question

Over the course of those years varies companies began the race to build the answer, a machine that could replace organic troops and personal in dangerous operations, but not be  mindless or controlled, but one that could think and act like a living being to make choices and do the right thing with out any input. 20 years on it was Vektor Engineering that won that race, creating the first true self aware, self reliant A.I dubbed "Harbinger" It was a technological triumph for not only the Corporation but G.U.N and even the world over, this was the beginning of a new era. 

Harbinger proved so successful that the use of miniaturization technology to create more in its image soon went into full swing, the creation of the Cybreds. Put into work in fields of dangerous areas, the machines proved they could handle the jobs far better then their organic counterparts and with out risk of injury what more coul you ask for. 

But the real reason for them being created was first and foremost, for the military, Cybreds would now fight the battles for them with out the need of Human or Mobian intervention. The first Cybred combat unit was a large bipedal war machine standing 9 meters tall and bristling with weapons. Its first combat mission against empire forces sold the deal on the effectiveness of these new weapons, with out any input from personal the lone Cybred was able to beat back Empire robots of equal size with utmost ease on the out skirts of central city, thanks to its advance thinking and ability to adapt to changing conditions. 

Mass production began immediately, Cybred factories were established where the only personal where those who owned it, Cybreds building Cybreds it really was the start of a golden era. 

More and more Cybreds were deployed into service to combat the tide of enemies on the planet, demonstrating the ruthless effectiveness of their systems. There was still one issue at hand. 

The Cybreds still relied on personal to find threats and handle all communications which sometimes proved to be fatal, communications were often slow and often by the time the Cybreds had been deployed the battle was over and the enemy had already fallen back. 

To solve this problem Vektor engineering decided to incorporate "Harbinger" into a system to command the Cybreds via a global network that would run through G.U.N's system, allowing it to detect threats or possible threats almost instantly and deploy Cybreds to deal with said threats effectively and with lightning speed, Thus the Cybred command element was created, a vast network system linking the Cybreds directly to the system and to Harbinger it self.

The system was brought online and straight away the rate of success only sky rocketed as now the entire system was automated no longer needing the assistance of Human or Mobian to interfere. However it became apparent that mass production of said machines were far to extreme. The amount of resources just to build one Cybred was astronomical, the force would have to be kept in limited supply, some machines were even scrapped against their will, leaving a lasting impression in Harbinger It seemed like a pipe dream to replace all but at least they could cut the number of lives lost dramatically with what they could make. 

Today the Cybreds are a staple force across the globe, ready and willing to face the enemy with effectiveness no living soldier can match, they are the new line of defense against the enemies of Mobius. 

Cybreds and what they are.

A Cybred is a self aware, self thinking and fully self sustaining A.I they do not need any input from personal to function and simply follow orders either dictated by the Cybred command element or high ranking members of those who's region they are operating in. Cybreds are fully aware of what is going on and despite the inability to speak they are extremely intelligent and aware of events around them, learning and understanding as they are exposed. 

While cybreds have been created to handle some other forms of work such as dangerous mining 90% of all Cybreds are combat units. Cybred combat units take the form of large bipedal weapons platforms some times commonly referred to as mechs. These large machines can stand from any where in the region of 5 meters to a towering 12 meters and come in various designs and roles. 

Cybreds are armed with the latest weapons and technology provided giving them the means to defeat their enemies with swift and crushing force. Weapons can range from Simple lasers, Charged particle cannons, missile launcher, Autocannons, plasma cannons and more. 

Shielding is another advance feature for the Cybreds, each Cybred comes built with a type of advance modulated electromagnetic field system which protects the Cybred from incoming attacks, tho the shields can whether attacks extremely well constant attack will deplete them, it is then up to the armor to ensure the Cybreds protection, Cybreds are caste in a new form of armor called duranium, this light weight armor is extremely tough and easily allows most Cybreds to take one hell of a beating before being brought down. 


Each Cybred although based on the same model of A.I will develop and change over its course of deployment through how it interacts in the world, this system allows the Cybred to adapt effectively to what ever the conditions of the area it is fighting in and the type of enemy it has to deal with while at the same time each cybred develops its own sense of what loosely described as "personality" some or more quick to act, some tend to favor a un conventional tactic other may even take a general order and carry it out as best they see fit and in some extremely rare cases will attempt to mimic living beings actions they are exposed to noted for example when a Cybred Headhunter model attempted to mimic behavior of kids kicking a ball, it self attempted to mimic said behavior with success. 


Large machine gun: 5-6 barrel rotatery minigun like weapons designed to deal with light armor and ground troops firing tugsten tipped depleted uranium rounds.

Laser: Standard optical focused beam laser, good accuracy but can draw a lot of energy to use, useless in dust storms or any thing that interferes with the optical lense.

Missiles: Various types of missiles such as Fly by wire, Thermal seeker, active radar seeker, Anti air, Thermite, cluster and more.

Particle beam laser: larger more powerful version generates enough power to cause immediate explosion on target surface extremely powerful

Autocannon: Large bore weapon firing deleted uranium shells. 

Electro particle projection cannon: Man made lighting weapon, extremely dangerous at short range can be firing for a long duration but drains energy fast.

Plasma cannon: The single most power but almost most energy consuming weapon the Cybreds, the Plasma cannon fires devastating spheres of super heated and compressed ion plasma which cause horrific damage on contact, tho due to high energy consumption only the largest Cybreds may use these and even then are taxing on energy 

Types of Cybreds

The current list of cybred types currently produced and active. 

Cybred TLN- Talon
Height: 5.1 meters
Weight: 36 metric tons
Speed: 140 kph
Weapon hard points: 2

Overview: The Talon is the lightest and fastest Cybred current on the field, tho only able to carry 2  weapons , however combat is not its main goal, with a top speed of 140kph the Talon can out run any thing it can not fight, making it the go to scout and recon Cybred, usually deployed in pairs as a scouting force, Talons are a common sight.
Cybreds AI combat force FnW783Z

Cybred: SCN - Scorpion
Height: 5.8 meters
weight: 38 metric tons
Speed 128 kph
Weapon hard points: 3 

Overview: The Scoprion is the second lightest and fastest Cybred on the ground, reaching top speeds of nearly 130 kph the Scorpion's are slightly bulkier scouts which can put up more of a fight then the Talon tho lacks the advance radar systems and faster speed.
Cybreds AI combat force UU9ymlw

Cybred: EFN- Enforcer
height 7.1 meters
weight: 46 metric tons
Speed: 97kph
Weapon hard points : 4

Overview: The Enforcer is all round jack of all trades medium Cybred, its seen in every combat roll out side of scout, the most common Cybred to do date, in large numbers a solid and robust design. 
Cybreds AI combat force 6zO1HAo

Cybred : DBL- Diablo
Height 8.7 meters
weight : 60 metric tons
Speed: 75Kph
weapon hard points : 8

Overview: The Diablo Cybred was created as an offensive unit, heavily armored and armed the Diablo along with others such as the Hyperions and Myrmidon's are tasked usually in attack roles, using there vast firepower  good armor and shielding to crush enemy defenders and or engage high threat targets.
Cybreds AI combat force Gy5wODf

Cybred: Myd- Myrmidon
Height: 8.5 meters
weight : 65 tons
Speed: 75kph
Weapon hard points: 7

Overview: The Myrmidon class Cybred is a heavy type, it is a backbone unit built to fore fill a wide variety of roles and is fairly common unit in any type of situation, the Myrmidon mounts good weapons and  top speed for its size, tho despite it having less weapons then a Diablo the Myrmidon is noted for having superior armor and shielding technology due to it being a newer design, it hits hard. 
Cybreds AI combat force IqaOqmP

Cybred: HYP- Hyperion
Height: 9 meters
weight: 72  metric tons 
Speed: 70 Kph
Weapon hard points: 9

Overview: One of the largest and most powerful Cybreds built the Hyperion is a power house sporting the largest array of missiles and weapon carry power compared to other Cybreds, the Hyperion strength lays in offensive operations where its bulk can be brought to bear against enemy attackers tho it is still dangerous even in defensive situations, hitting far out with its vast array of weapons, the sight of a Hyperion can some times force a surrender alone, for these reasons Hyperions are rare.
Cybreds AI combat force OmFqnCe

Cybred: HDT - Head Hunter
Height: 8.9 meters
weight: 75 metric tons
Speed: 67kph
Weapon hard points: 8 

Overview: Borrowing design concepts from the GUN Bigfoot including new miniaturization technology the Head hunter is one of the newest and most powerful Cybred types currently in the field tho the original concept dated as far back to the original prototype, sporting a unique torso design the Headhunter has a easily recognizable sight, able to support up to 8 weapons the Head Hunter excels in attack and defense, its MK 12 Shield display system is noted to be able to absorb damage more effectively then most other types. They are rare due to being new and expensive to produce. 
Cybreds AI combat force 7LXGyYi

Cybred TJN -Trojan
Heigh: 12 meters
weight 200 metric tons
Speed: 54kph
Weapon hard points : 1 single trio weapon slot

Overview: The largest Cybred every built the Trojan in fact is so large that 2 legs alone were not enough to keep the machine up right, thus the Trojan is the only Cybred with a Quad leg system, standing higher and weighing in more then any other Cybred the Trojan is primarily a defensive unit, lacking the speed to really keep up with others, in combat it is said that whole forces of attackers are needed to bring just one down. They are usually armed with a trio weapon set either triple Autocannon, triple Particle laser or triple missile launcher. 
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