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Forte Tean.
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Species: Cat
Occupation: DJ.
Current residency: Metal City.

Forte has grey fur with dyed neon green stripes. He is usually seen wearing a black hoodie with his green symbol on the back and regular blue jeans and yellow shoes. He has Yellow eye's and has a pair of hearing aids that fit in the inside of his ears. He also has a pair of headphones around his neck most of the time.

He rarely is in a bad mood and doesn't usually get upset unless he's confronted by haters or people who dislike what he does.

Fotre is a pretty quiet and calm individual who usually spends his time in his music studio working on new albums and songs. When out and about however he's hard to miss as he loves to host events or just play on the street in general. He is very kind but it's hard for him to communicate with others.

~Watching movies 

~Broken instruments
              Powers and abilities.

Sound manipulation: 
Forte has the ability to manipulate sound to extreme accuracy. Using the sound from either his music devices or just his speaker head phones he can create devastating concussive blasts. He uses these powers to better help music career and as self defense.

Music Empowerment: Taking from his mothers side his music has an empowerment effect allowing him to boost or de-buff people in it's area of effect. This is the main use of his sound manipulation and his expertise.

~His powers don't require much energy to use.
~Can turn just about any song, his own or not, into a useful tool in combat.
~Has great eyesight to make up for his lack of hearing.

~Is all but completely deaf without his hearing aids.
~Without his amp-headphones or and other major sources of sound he can't use his abilities.
~Has a crippling fear of fire.
Good relations:
Darren tean.
His younger brother and the one who built him his hearing aids. They grew up the closest.

Mandy Tean. 
Eldest sister and the one he currently lives with in Metal city. They share a great sibling bond.

Negative relations:
None known currently.
Forte us Darren's slightly older sibling and second youngest in the Tean family.
Forte was born with a defect in that caused him to be incredibly hard of hearing. In spite of this at young age he loved music and you couldn't stop him from dancing or singing. Sometimes creating his tunes and melodies. That all changed however when at one point the school the he was attending caught fire and burned down. Forte was unable to hear the alarms and such until it was to late being one of the many unlucky ones who got stuck inside, the roof caving in and trapped him. Forte's vocal cords got severely damaged and he lost his voice in the process before the emergency response teams could get to him. The experience was traumatizing and it permanently gave him the fear of fire and he greatly dislikes being in schools.

After the event Forte was extremely secluded and shy. Having lost his voice and almost no hearing forte was incredibly stunted in both school and social life. It wasn't until he was 13 when Darren built him his pair of special hearing aids and Amp-headphones when he finally started to get better. With a sudden burst in activity he also found out his powers of sound manipulation and music empowerment and, with the help of his parents, learned how to use them incredibly well.

He is currently a hireable DJ and plays at all kinds of events and special occasions.

Fun facts~

~Due to his demon heritage he can swap his eyes to being black and back on a whim.

~He can actually read and right in some demonic languages unlike most of his siblings.

~While mute and mostly deaf he has refused the many new operations of modern day that could fix these problems as he says they are a part of him now and it's who he is.


"You can break my body... but you cannot touch my soul."

"Battle isn't about beating your opponent. It's about two fighting spirits clashing and growing... a betterment of ones self through combat and understanding your limits."

"I'll do what it takes too help everyone. Powers or no powers, anyone can be a hero"
Forte Tean 008b10

Guild cards done by the amazing Electrisa.
Profile picture done by the awesome Spekkal.
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