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Name: Bonnie Hwitely
Nicknames: Fluffybuns, Project Echo #1
Age: 21
Species: Wolf-Husky Mix Breed
Gender: Female
Occupation: Cashier for Chaos Café

Appearance: Bonnie Hwitely is a chubby, albino wolf-husky mixbreed weighing around 189 pounds and standing at 4 feet 2 inches. Her fur is colorless, appearing white and is thick and fluffy, including the fur on her 1.5 foot tail and her wavy, untamed headfur that reaches past her shoulders. Like most albino, she has reddish, pink eyes. She tends to wear entirely blue clothing, from her long sleeve sweater, to her blue jeans, to her blue tennis shoes, and in her headfur is a violet corsage. Her normally dull and somber expression paired with her soft looks give her an air of relaxation and calm, comparable to a cool breeze. Her soft, sweet voice has a hint of sadness, but gives her a surprisingly childlike feel.

Bonnie by CrisisNoi
Bonnie Hwitely Bonnie_sweetie_by_crisisnoi-dcapjyl

Personality traits

-Sweets, especially ice cream
-Small animals
-Fireworks - notably her happy place is watching fireworks at night on a bridge
-Magic tricks
-She loves new age, classical, country, pop, as well as techno or general ambient tracks - anything relaxing
-She enjoys drawing and coloring, and likes to sing though she rarely would in public
-Comedies, but also likes a good bittersweet ending in fiction

-Romance, action, and horror
-Metal, rap, and hard rock
-Her weight or comments about it
-Her memories are a sticking point that seriously bothers her, due to her constant confusion between events that really happened
-Racist attitude of the Sliamese
-Destruction of nature

Personality: Bonnie Hwitely is most notable for her kindness, shyness, and lack of self-confidence. Suffering from depression, she does her all to make everyone else feel better, but doesn't think much of herself or her abilities. It is difficult to say she hates herself, but she does have a difficult time looking past her flaws. She is very loving, but on the topic of romance she seems to have closed herself off due to a past experience she doesn't fully understand. She has a few well hidden secrets, and she does have a very childish, playful side, being very imaginative and curious, but not naive as she is very intelligent when she takes the chance to show it. Down to earth, sweet, with an air of calm, childish innocence, and sadness, this young woman wants to understand herself, her feelings, and her past while helping others to the best of her ability with their problems.

Combat traits

Powers: Bonnie is not a fighter. Not only does she not know how to fight, but she doesn't want to harm anyone.
This fact is shown quite notably in the special abilities she does possess, manipulating her own aura and strengthening it with other’s positive emotions to generate shields of various kinds and heal people.
Aura abilities can be considered a blood cannon sense it's extending your own life energy into an exposed state, or could literally be poured out of them. While this may not be painful it can be physically draining and at best if done too much of the aura is too damaged, they could be left incapacitated. That's where the “strengthening it with other's positive emotions” comes in. Since aura is an easy way to tell how someone is feeling, the effects of a positive aura will heal and strengthen her aura to increase its power. She is capable of healing anyone fully over time as long as someone nearby is giving off a positive aura. With only her own aura, it'd take much longer to do a full heal, potentially exhausting her. Shields generated by her tend to glow bluish and are transparent, can protect at least two other people to either side or back behind the shield, and can take one heavy physical attack before dissipating. With positive aura, it can take as many heavy hits as there are people protected by the shield including herself, and can protect a larger number of people depending on the positive aura.
Finally, the Angel’s Channeler is a pitchfork-esque tuning fork, looking like a Devil’s Tuning Fork was slapped onto a long pole. She can summon it and dissipate it at will and with it she can not only create stronger, thicker shields that she can place around like blocks(they dissipate after a short while but are virtually indestructible with positivity) but she can fire healing beams at people within range equivalent to the weapon but with positivity can extend it to double that size. It can also be used as a bo-staff to block attacks, stun everyone in an area susceptible to loud noises or high pitches(including herself and people on her side…) for a short bit by smacking it on stuff, and even give her better “sight” through using a combination of her aura reading/sight and echolocation.
There are probably many more things she can do with her powers, but since she isn't a fighter she hasn't experimented or wanted to learn. One of the most notable are firing lasers or turning shields into lasers. Notably, the Angel’s Channeler can't hurt anyone if hit by it, even if swung at full force it'll feel like less than a tap.

-Kind, intelligent, and creative
-Her power scales up with the positive emotions of people around her
-Her powers have a lot of hidden potential if she chooses to learn to use them
-Great artist and singer
-Very sympathetic

-Due to being albino, she gets sunburned much easier
-She can be stunned with her own ‘attack' with the Angel’s Channeler due to her sensitive canine senses
-Lacks confidence in her abilities
-Suffers from depression
-Headaches are common due to memory clashes

Social information

Positive relations
-Jack Blakely, a transgender ftm wolf-husky mixbreed, who died in a building collapse as a result of a fire, which Bonnie survived from.
-Her family, including her adopted brother Pyro.
-Shrike is a nice man she met who helped defend her on her way home. 

Negative relations

-Though she doesn't hate anyone, she was raised where monsters are despised and seeing as she isn't a fighter, she resorts to fleeing when confronted with the fight-or-flight response.
-She feels uncomfortable around other Sliamese, especially members of the MHOS or the doctors she was helped by, or anyone who shares their views on humans.
-(To be added)

Bonnie Hwitely was born in an upper-middle class home in Sliam to a Ryder and Shelby Hwitely, and when she began school she met a young girl named Jackelynn who she quickly became best friends with. Despite this, signs of depression began appearing as headaches, low mood, low energy, eating more, and morbid thoughts became apparent, which Jackelynn tried her best to help with, being a good friend.
Through puberty the two developed differently and even developed more romantic feelings for each other as they discovered themselves. The combination of Bonnie’s depression and puberty caused her weight to swell, which only made things worse for her, and Jackie began trying to appear more masculine, feeling more comfortable as such and even preferring the name Jack. Bonnie’s depression got so bad that she attempted suicide, but Jack was able to stop her and for years until college they were considered a couple.
By age 20, tragedy struck, a severe monster attack resulted in a building getting destroyed. While she survived, Jack was said to have died.
She was devastated, and on the edge of another attempt without anyone she thought cared about her to stop her…
Then something happened. Vivid imagery of life without her best friend and lover played through her mind like memories, her suicide attempt never happening due to her love of her parents, and… most upsetting and confusing of all, her dying in a building fire.
The strange, disturbing, confusing memories were mysterious and grabbed her attention. It didn't make it much better that she then seemed to have powers she'd never developed, adding to her confusion.
Wanting to learn the secret of her new memories, and realizing she could help others, she put off suicide in memory of her lover, who she knew would want her to keep on.
She eventually moved out of Sliam, got a new job, and a new apartment. Talking with her parents didn't help much…
They didn't remember any Jack.
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