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Post by Shrike Marine on Thu Jun 28, 2018 2:30 pm

"Are you sure this thing will live up to all the hype its been receiving from Vektor ? Last thing we need is another brilliant concept falling to pieces the minute we try it out ?" 

"They have given full clearance that nothing faulty should happen to the machine they are 100% certain of it."

"Taking a awful risk with this Captain I hope for your sake this does not fail." 

-In the shadow of a poorly lit hanger stood the latest creation from Vektor engineering, a technological triumph which could pave the way for a safer future for all those who lived on the planet, The race to come up with the answer had already been found, the success of that sparked the creation of new generation of AI derived from the main one, so came to be the Cybreds. 

In a concealed base several kilometers out side of central city a group of high ranking officers belonging to both G.U.N and the United Federation met on what was soon going to be the first actual combat test of a Cybred. Among the group was a German Shepard at the rank of Captain, he was tasked with over seeing the operation. 

The hanger was a dull grey with lights above illuminating the dark place, thick steel walls and bays stood empty..but all but one. The officers along with the Captain came to a stop at the very edge of the hanger. The light above flickered for a bit before lighting up the bay.

There standing in it at a height of 9 meters was the first very self thinking, self aware and self sustaining Cybred war machine. Its light and dark grey armor shined, its weapons fully installed, a true sight to behold. The officers gazed up at the machine quietly sitting there. 

As any curious person would be a lone officer decided to approach it upon getting near its large foot actuator a blue glowing line came about at the top of the cybreds central chassis, this sudden effect caused the officers to back up a bit, however the Captain assured it was nothing more then the machine switching it self on. 

The small rectangular like pod that was where the central AI was located seemed to shift from officer to officer inspecting each and every one of them. Captain Liao stood just in front of the machine turning to face the officers.-

"Ladies and gentlemen I present to you DBL-813 Diablo the first active and ready combat Cybred, this large fellow is decked out in the latest technology vektor supplied to us, every thing from weapons, shield display system, actuator leg muscle system, radar and more are top of the line, look closely, these will be the new enforcers of peace across the planet soon enough." 

-A officer quickly spewed a few words of his own regarding the machine.-

" Excuse me captain but has this..thing been tested in actual combat ?"

-Upon hearing the word "thing" The Cybred shifting its control pod over to the officer who addressed it with almost a displeased look of "Really? You called me a thing" -

"No..not yet at least but that is the other reason you are all here today, for it is today that the combat trial will take place, we have intel suggesting a large machine bearing a uncanny resemblance to a Egg destroyer has been sighted around this area, we don't know if the empire is planning any thing nor are we going to risk simply sitting around and waiting for a event to happen. We are going to task Diablo here with engaging and destroying the said machine in a one and one engagement."

"The empire would not be foolish enough to send one machine I assure more will be near by."

"Even more so worth test, now if you would all please follow me to the hanger control and command center so the ground crews can finish final checks on the Cybred before deployment."

-The group hurried along to ascend floors leading into the large over watching control room, mean while back down in the hanger ground crew members would making final checks on the Cybred, checking the green light giving the all clear. Back inside the control room a UAV had been launched with a state of the art surveillance camera wired directly to the control stations video system, the officers and Captain would have a front row seat to watch their newest project at work. 

"Ground crew this is Captain Liao status report on 813 ?"

"Ground crew here Cybred is green light, Diablo is ready to deploy." 

" Diablo 813 this is Captain Liao of G.U.N there is a large empire robot operating west of Central city, target threat level is high, use bearing 137 heading west, your orders are to locate and destroy the machine, I repeat..locate and destroy..you are clear to deploy."

-The state of the fusion engine powering the cybrid came to life as it look its first steps, leaving the bay, its large mechanical legs make heavy thud sounds which each step, shaking the place a bit, it reached the hanger doors and exited the facility. Upon exiting the facility the Cybred seemed to look from left to right and even up into the sky for a moment, shortly after which the large Cybred accelerated to its full top speed, striding across the land scape with each large mechanical thud of its feet. 

The officers bared witness to the sheer grace upon which the machine strides ahead, it seemed so natural and not clunky as they originally thought, impressed by it by shown emotion on their faces. So far so good the Cybrid was making good speed its large torso swinging left to right as it looked at the world before it as if like any inquisitive person would. 

Not long after the cybred picked up the enemies signal upon its radar, the target was large if not a bit larger then it self but it knew's orders and would carry them out. However the threat seemed to be nearing dangerously close to the city limits, thinking quick the cybred moved further west discharging a highly power particle laser blast into the ground in the open generating a large scale explosion, its idea was to draw attention to where the blast happened and hopefully the machine would follow. 

After the Cybred had done so it relocated it self to the nearest tall foliage and hid among it, this tactical thinking was all thanks to the Cybreds self aware nature, it knew that trying to engage the target near the city cause cause severe collateral damage and thus decided to lure it out into the open.

Test of mettle  7lxCkiM

https://instaud.io/2mZz < --

Several moments passed but as predicted the large empire machine fell for it, and soon was spotted moving to investigate the said explosion, it was large a bit larger then the Diablo and armed with a array of weapons. The trap was sprung the Diablo Cybred exited its hiding location and began to blast away at the empire machine, all hell broke loose as the two duked it out, Particle lasers, rockets and more were discharged between the two, the Diablo's Mk9 Shield display system absorbing damaging as weapons fire struck against it, the Cybreds powerful weapons soon took heavy effect after one last good lined up shot the Cybred punched hole straight through it and eventually brought the machine down into a pile of burning metal. 

The triumphant Cybred marched over to its fallen target to inspect and confirm its destruction, that is when one of the officers fears were realized, suddenly multiple signatures were picked up closing in on the cybreds location. 

"I knew this was going to happen! The Cybred doesn't stand a chance against that kind of force!" 

"Settle down! This is as we said still a test, let us see how the Cybred handles this."

-The Cybred knew it was out gunned and while it could stand and fight it would ultimately loose, it decided to switch tactics and began to make for the thick tall foliage once more, drawing the enemy into a dense and concentrated environment. The Cybred took refuge against a solid clump of trees and switched its radar off, this now made it almost impossible to detect until very close. It also shut off most of its internal systems to hide its energy signature. 

"What the hell is it doing! Is it hiding!? Why would you make a machine run off scared!"

"It is not hiding!....It's...laying a ambush."

-The empire machines enter thick jungle like environment, sweeping the area for the Cybred, tho thanks to its tactics they slipped right passed the machine, waiting for the exact moment, the Cybred suddenly came back to life, darted out from upon which it hid and unleashed the full might of its weapons upon the empires robots, who's backs were now to it, caught totally off guard the Cybred smashed and tore through the machines with accurate and ruthless efficiency, the empires robots tried to turn back to engage but it was far to late, all it had taken was 30 seconds and the entire Robot force was nothing more then burning husks. 

Smoke poured from the barrels of the Cybrid who stood there, against all odds the machine proved it self maybe even a bit and above what thought it was capable of. A great cheer arose from the officers, blown away by the effectiveness the Cybred had proven to them, It was a sold deal there and then.

"Diablo 813 excellent job we confirm all targets have been destroyed..please return to base for inspection and rearm."

-The Cybrid confirmed the order and began to make it's way back to base, the officers and crew eager for its return, a short while later the victorious machine came up to the hanger and halted just before the officers and Captain.- 

"Gentlemen and ladies I think that was proof enough that the Cybreds are indeed more then capable if not better at defending us against enemies such as the empire, Diablo here went above and beyond and still manage to pull a solid victory. You really gave them a pasting out there. Mobius will be a safer place with your kind for years and years to come."

-With that said the officers and Captain retire to the control room to began plans of full production of Cybred models, The Cybred was left alone for short while, it seemed to gaze off into the horizon a bit before returning to its hanger and awaited the ground crew to attend to it, what they didn't know was just how deep this AI was, it was thinking a lot, what it was thinking..only it knew, but what was clear it had no doubt proved its mettle and saw a future as a protector across the world.-
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