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Post by Adablur on Wed Jun 20, 2018 2:28 am

Name: Adahar(is) Ithaca Iohaughtry

Nicknames: Blustiel, "The Blue Fable", Fluffybuns, Iumemtum

Age: 18

Species: Diablur (Spuil)

Gender: Transmasculine Female

Occupation: Varied Artisan, (Concept Artist, Architect, Smith, Musican) Farmer, Cage Fighter

Appearance: Blu is a husky grey blue monster dog standing at around 5'2 and weighing in at around 130 lbs. They have leathery blue skin and a big bright red bull/reptilian esque nose. A somewhat curly grey mane lines them from head to tail, and their Amber eyes have red lightning bolt esque markings underneath each of them. Their tail is wolflike and it's tufts give off the appearance of spikes.
When they do wear clothing their casualwear is maroon shirt and grey work pants, whereas their formalwear consists of a white collared button up shirt, black capris. When out on missions appointed to her by the Forthright she wears a metal helmet-mask, leather gloves, and a thick red spiked radio transition collar, and carries a weaponized shovel with her. These attires may be crossed in some way at times.

Reference Images: Adaharis 20180716
Adaharis 20180612

Adaharis Shovel11

Personality traits

- Nachos
- Spiciness
- Blue Raspberry Soda
- Blood
- Fighting/Friendly Sparring
- Parkour/Gliding
- Sleeping
- Animals
- Nature
- Music
- Video Games
- Theology/Mythology
- Spirituality

- Beans
- Herself showing signs of Femininity
- Cities
- Harm befalling anyone/anything
- Pure Alcohol
- Politics
- Heat
- Pop Music
- Dark Magic

Personality: Although their grumpy exterior might suggest otherwise, they're a massive goofball that just wants to hug and cuddle the ever lovin' heck out of you. Contrary to what one might think for being a tough looking werebeast they're somewhat thin skinned and tend to take words to heart. They have a hot-cold duality to how they feel and act and have a rather addictive personality.
One moment they're smiling from ear to ear and the next they've got the urge to throw a chair at someone, and experience unforseen periods of sadness every so often, which more often than not causes them to lash out. So in other words you can say they're moody. Next to this they have a tendency to obsess over things for a given amount of time, and their interest in things they like have an inevitable tendency to burn out. If given the opportunity they'll laze around all day, though will feel bad both emotionally and physically at the end of it for not doing anything, as similarly to a herding dog, they need something to do otherwise they'll wind up restless and will chew up your fancy furniture; that and their body requires that they release so much pent up energy each day or risk fucking up their sleeping schedule.

Combat traits

Powers: Blu is a Bio-Eletrokinetic, and can emit electrical energy from her fingertips. This electricity tends to come in two colors, each signifying a different power level: the default Blue/White and more advanced Magenta.

Blue/White is the default power level. It can easily be manipulated and bent to Blu's will in the form of arcs, blasts, bombs, etc.

Magenta electricity on the other hand is much more uncontrolled. Blu has indirect control over this form of electricity, though in turn it grants her the ability to create physical things like wings of electrical energy.

In addition to being able to manipulate electricity, she also has influence over electromagnetism. She can attract metal objects her way, send shockwaves, and create shields via electromagnetic attraction/force. She can also glide this way.

- Is almost always on the friendlier side: avoids fights unless provoked
- Bestial fighting techniques add an intimidating feral edge to combat
- Physically Strong/Durable. Capable of deadlifting 800 lbs and taking damage 2x her bodyweight
- Heightened senses allow for her to easily detect and track a given
- Bio-Electrokinesis dramatically raises energy levels, thus making her less likely to tire as easy
- Influence over electromagnetism allows for enhanced navigational abilities: Jumping and Gliding
-Skilled in electronics and can repair certain kinds of electrical appliances
-Skilled in crafting things ranging from armour to pottery to a new pair of shoes
- Exceedingly skilled at parkour
- Can sing alright
- Can play a variety of instruments

- Predisposition to friendliness makes her a bit of a pushover
- Can be awkward in social situations
- In battle she can lose herself in her anger quite a bit, thus unconsciously becoming unstrategic and predictable
- Can internally combust/faint if electrical energy isn't spent/is completely spent
- Is weak to silver
- Water will cause her to short circuit and she cannot swim
- The scent/taste of blood drives her mad on occasion
- Is very self conscious
- Can be impulsive at times
- Can throw fits of rage whenever frustrated or mildly inconvenienced

Social information

Positive relations
- Jarvis Katharde: Blu's Mentor during her stay at Forthrighter HQ. While Francis used his kindness to manipulate, Jarvis showed Blu genuine support and taught her a thing or two about electronics, varying forms of crafting and how to control her powers.

- Julian Winchester: A fat cat lady friend met in the woods near her home. A very fascinating individual to Blu, they get along alright, and on occasion plan projects together.

Negative relations
- Francis Salvatorez: A pompous, bloated bear businessman to whom Blu suspects is out to get her in some way which involves her powers. In the time that she's known him he's been physically, emotionally, and mentally abusive not only to her but a handful of Forthrighter members.

- Kolburn Iohaughtry: Blu's father. A very intelligent beast comparable to the Marvel character Hank McCoy, to Blu he's been the “cool dad”. At an early age Blu sustained some apparent beatings from him, or at least according to Gael that is, claiming such to be the reason for Blu's anger issues. Blinded by his unwillingness to let go of the past, the relationship between the two has been strained in recent years now that she hardly visits him anymore on account of how controlling he tends to be, similarly to how Gael has been in the past.

- Gaelenawre: Blu's mother. Infamous in the Bellsongian wilderness for her bitchiness, she had been a source of comfort for Blu at an early age into her later years- though as the result Blu was sheltered by her. She'd guilt trip her into submission using things done for Blu in the past as a method of controlling her.

History: Blu was born in Dellthrack, Blearvion, to two weredogs who despite conceiving a child together, could not stand each other. Their hate for one another would come to effect Blu for much of her adolescent life as she would alternate between households every so often to live with one of her parents: Kolburn Iohaughtry and Gaelnawre. On account of these two Blu is dedicated to being a better person, through simultaneously she's inherited both her mother's ego and her father's rage.
Her main residence now is with Francis Salvatorez- a friend to Kolburn who runs a hubspace for those interested in advancing themselves in various fields of work in exchange for allegiance for a certain amount of time.
Blu has contemplated running off from the place to try her hand as a freelancing musician/cage fighter, as she suspects Francis of purposefully extending her years owed on account of her powers... that and he's kind of an emotionally and physically abusive prick just like her family.

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So I really like this character and the idea for her! This was a nice read.

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