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Shock to the system Empty Shock to the system

Post by Shrike Marine on Thu Jun 07, 2018 2:21 pm

"You think this will work ?"

" We really don't have choice, its this or let him die."

" If he makes it through oh man I hope you got a good explanation." 

" Worry about it it ready ?" 

" Yes sir."

"Good...let's get to it." 

- Weeks prior the infamous Strife had finally been all but defeated, he's rein of terror halted at the hands of a former alley, one who stood against him in the time of darkness, the tables had been turned, in a strange outcome where he once believed she was evil almost took her life as a result, when it had come full circle he was the evil and she was on the other side. 

Left with no choice but to face him head on she did, the two clashed weapons and fought each other tooth and nail. The battle had seemed to swing in Strife's favor in the end, however it was not with a short span, before him stood 3 powerful beings, one being one of his closest friends. Attempts were made by them to break the dark grip that had consumed him, every one failed and in the end there was only one option left. 

It had finally come to the end, she didn't want to but knew if Strife was allowed to rein un-challenged more would perish in the flames you spread to the world, As the twisted figure raised his weapon to strike a killing blow towards her, a massive discharge of enemy escaped from her hand, the beam of energy was so powerful it punched straight through the warp twisted armor and cleared right out of his back, vanishing into the sky. 

The warped figure lowered his head to see the hole that was the result of the beam blast, he stumbled two feet back before the armored being collpased onto the ground with a thud. Some how, despite the wound Strife was not dead, well not yet. Tho it seemed those were had put a end to his rampage believed he was dead. 

His life was slipping away, it looked like it was all over at this point until some one, or ones had arrived, before the battle had begun the twisted figure had set fire to the local town flushing out victims to interrogate. 

Standing above them, two figures, one human or Mobian, they both seemed to look down upon him, nodding at one another before they carried his almost lifeless body, placing it into a vehicle and setting off, Strifes vission was at best blurred and dark, unable to stay fully concious for more then 5 minutes at a time. Strife would black out completely at one point, only to find himself awake once more, above him a industrial light hanging from the ceiling, its flicking light and acompanying noise were all he could hear. Mere mutters and blurred bickering coming from another room, sounded like two personal arguing over a descion. 

"This is not even tested, how are sure it is worth it, what if it wakes up and wants to tear our hearts out of our chest."

" If my theory and mechanical math is right this should not happen, however we are about to enter uncharted territory, if the process fails and he remains as the way he is....we will have no choice but to terminate him for good, the danger is to great...every thing is in place and ready to go...time to roll the dice." 

-It seemed an eternity passed by, it was as if having your eyes shut and never having them open again, thankfully they did and what followed next would be a shock the system. Slowly the fluttering eyes began to slowly come to life, several moments seemingly fading in and out until finally fully opening, before him he gazed up above at the same light he saw before it all went hazy and dark. Slowly he raised his head but even still his vision was not in shape. 

The environment around him felt as if he had spun way to many times in a circle the sheer dizziness was enough to make one almost vomit. Eventually he had enough strength to least sit himself up right, lifting his head up, there before him behind a window was a figure, a mobian staring at him. Uneasy moments of silence went by before he eventually tried to conversion with him. 

" Uh, hello ?......Hello ? "

-At first it seemed like every time he tried to the talk this figure was trying to speak as well, perhaps it was just bad timing on the two trying to communicate, several more attempts were made but it all seemed to end in the same way, He tilted his head as the figure did as well, tilting it the other, the figure repeated the same movement. Several seconds would pass until something clicked, He slowly looked down bringing his hands up, they looked just like the hands of the Mobian in the window. 

The coin dropped harder then ever, panic and distress set in, It felt like he was on serious drugs that were making him see things that were not real, could this perhaps just be mere hallucinations. Thankfully the increased heart rate alerted one of the personal who brought him here in the first place.  Instead of just entering the room, the figure spoke through voice coms up in the corner sections of the room.

" Shrike...can you hear me?"

"Lysander...where..where am I..why does ever thing feel like l am on the trippiest drug dose."

" Shrike, a lot has happened, that feeling will wear there is something that is going to freak you out so I will put this as simply as possible I-"

"Sorry to interrupt but who is this guy at the window just looking at me, bastard keeps mimicking what I do!"

" Shrike....that is not a window....that is a mirror."

-Shrike went silent, what he once thought as visions on set by some strange drug or dream turned out to be false, what he was staring at was no Stalker or other personal, it was him, the feeling quickly changed to panic, Shrike began to look all around him, every thing was different, his looks, what he was wearing, he had no idea how to handle it. Lysander barged in restraining Shrike until he had calmed down.- 

"Listen to me! I know you having a hard time to come to grips with this and think its all some kind of crazy vission but it is not! We found you out side a burned village, surprised you were still alive, cutting it turned evil at one stage, probably not going to believe me but if you look at your armor over there in the corner and how twisted and warped it became that is evidence enough. When we got to you, you were merely hanging on by a thread. Putting you out of your misery is probably what every one else would of done but no, I had  a way...a theoretical way but one non the less, It was a really slim chance this would even work but it did. "

"So...this is a lot to process...what am I now ?"

"You are one of them, a Mobian, the process was complicated all in it self, mostly the reconstruction of the genetic system in your body, if I were to explain the details of which I had to work through to even have a hope of this working your brain would probably turn to mush, a great white shark species I might add , thought it might fit the bill." 

"So this is what it feels like.."

-Shrike hopped off the bed like surface to take some steps until he unfortunately treaded on something that sent a wave of pain surging into his back following a collapse onto the ground. Upon looking back it was discovered that Shrike had trodden on his own tail and tumbled right over it.-

" Oh my god I have a tail as well, man this is gonna take some getting use to"

" Yes it shall, but it was the only way for us to bring you back, I'm just glad we could remove the warped energy in you, if it failed and you still were evil we would of had to terminate you, so I believe this is indeed a sign."

"Can I be changed back ?"

"I'm not sure at this point I'm still surprised it actually worked. However even with all of this happening whether you like it or not Shrike you going to have to learn to work and accept this new you, who knows perhaps you will be more effective in what you do and operate now you became a Mobian, do not look at it as liability, now I'll give you some time to..get to know your new self a little bit more...oh and one more thing..welcome home Shrike."

-Shrike after that was left to his own devices, Lysander was right, whether he liked it or not this was his fate how, at least the evil had been driven from him finally, he was going to have to embrace his new found Mobian life and make the most of it, the world kept turning and things were about to get interesting. Shrike looked back into the mirror sitting himself down to take it all in desperately trying to wrap his head around the events that had just unfolded, would any one even recognize him now, he didn't believe they could of turned him evil, but ever glance at his old warp bent armor seemed to send the message home that he was, all of this was hard to accept a true shock to the system.-
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