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Name: Aidan Hwitely
Nicknames: Pyro, The Fiery Vivacity
Age: Biologically 19 years(Number of times reborn unknown)
Species: Phoenix
Gender: Male
Occupation: Bounty Hunter

Appearance: Aidan is a young anthropomorphic eagle standing at 4 feet 2 inches and weighing approximately 70 pounds, with a relatively lanky build. Naturally he has red body feathers with golden feathers along his arms/wings. He has sky blue eyes, three relatively short, round tail feathers, wing-like arms, a golden beak, and feathers on his head styled into three large spikes curved forward. He tends to wear a golden chain necklace with a cylindrical lapis lazuli encased within a metallic dragon, a black pair of aviator goggles, a black leather vest open to reveal his bare abdomen, a belt holding his whip-katars Warpaint by his hips and holding up black camo jeans, and black combat boots.
He comes off as warm, but not inviting, carrying weapons and wearing such dark clothes. His voice in itself is smooth but quick with a New Jersey accent.
The Warpaint are gold and red katars with a silver, fragmented blade interlocked into a metallic whip.


Aidan "Pyro" Hwitely 20180821_204132

Aidan "Pyro" Hwitely Pyroapp_shazbeth_by_pyrode-dadf94y

Personality traits

-Chicken, especially from the Chaos Fried Chicken Restaurant, and scrambled eggs are some of his favorite foods
-He's a soda addict, enjoying energy drinks and fruit-based to your average Chaos Cola
-He loves heavy metal, hard rock, techno, and some rap
-Action movies and comedies
-He's quite a jokester and a bit of a prankster
-Running or flying through forests and fields of grass is relaxing to him.
-The view of cities from above at night.

-He doesn't hate humans, but he can still come off as racist towards them
-Monsters may not be all bad, he still doesn't like them though
-He hates water, especially people will powers relating to water and ice
-He also isn't a fan of aquatic or arctic life...
-When people comment on his eating habits - yes, he's a bird, so what
-Losing - no one likes losing but he takes it personally
-Greedy people

Personality: Pyro is known for being kinda hotheaded, kinda birdbrained, and trying too hard to be cool. First impressions tend to be awful, making him seem like a weirdo or a creep, and his naivety doesn't help in that regard. But, he's very fun loving, child-like, and kind.
With that in mind, he's also very passionate and determined, a fighter who knows his priorities. He's a bounty hunter, doing questionable work both for money and because he finds it fun, but he's also a family man. He grew up wanting to join the MHOS, but when his sister died in a monster attack and an offer was given to bring her back, Pyro wasn't sure how to feel when even his dad, who worked with the MHOS at the time, left shortly after the revival process was complete, and even left home to live closer to Bonnie and keep an eye on her. He is loyal to his family, but beyond that he's a hedonist wanting money, sleep, food, and fun and will do what he can to get it within the bounds of his own morality. Pyro may have his own vices, and may not be too smart, but like his sister he's child-like and kind. A hero after a pay so he can eat, sure, but still a hero.

Combat traits

Powers: Pyro, being an anthropomorphic bird with wing-like arms, can fly naturally.
Pyro has biothermal fire conjuring, meaning he uses his powers by extending the extreme heat of his body out in the form of flames. While he can't really manipulate fire, he can shoot flames out of his mouth, cover his appendages in flames for fire melee, fire his own feathers at people while setting them on fire, and increase his speed with his own variation of the Sonic Boost, the Flame Step. While Flame Step is active, his feet are covered in flames and he leaves a trail of flames, increasing his speed and damage from flame kicks. While in the air, he can set his tail feathers on fire to give him the appearance if a jet and increase his acceleration. His signature move is Pyroboom, a spherical AoE attack that surrounds Pyro in flames within a 1 yard radius, being heavily telegraphed by him screaming out “Pyroboom!”
When his internal body temperature reaches a high enough point, he bursts into flames, taking on the form he calls “Star Pyro”, which gives him fire manipulation, minor passive healing, and provides touch damage against others due to being on fire, though he's not invincible and it only lasts 5 RP turns.
Finally, he has Warpaint, his katars made by his father but designed by himself, with a segmented blade that give it the properties of a whip, allowing him to cling onto buildings and swing around, grab opponents while dealing cutting damage, and to perform the move Eruption where he extends his heat into the blades and directs them into the ground so that when they resurface, flames burst from them.

-He is incredibly fast, being able to run at most 90 miles per hour and fly about 100 miles per hour - with the Warpaint he could probably fly through the streets of Tokyo in less than 20 minutes.
-Can take about 300 pounds of force without taking damage, being very durable
-Great with most weapons
-Resists wind, plant and wood, is immune to fire, and healed by ashes
-Good singer and plays drums
-Good with kids
-Can handle extreme temperatures
-Death isn't really permanent...

-...he just gets reborn as a baby, with barely any if any memories of before death
-He is easily angered, thus can become predictable
-Isn't very smart, not a strategist
-He is physically weak, without his powers or a weapon he can take a hit but can't dish it out
-Elementally weak to water, earth users can put out his fires
-Can't swim
-Cold weather can weaken or outright nullify his powers
-Absolutely terrible cook, could probably literally burn water
-Very naive and immature

Social information

Positive relations
-His family, consisting of canines. Bonnie, who is living in Station Square near him, and his parents Ryder and Shelby back home.
-Ash. He saw him while collecting a bounty for a vampire, and learned that not all monsters are evil from Althalos, who himself hates vampires, killing the vampire with a bounty on them together and helping a girl after she was turned.

Negative relations

-He came across Julian in the past, she didn't fully agree with his ideals, found him a dumbass, and wanted him to leave her alone. Due to her being a vampire, with water powers no less, he found many of his own reasons to hate her.
-MHOS, while he once wanted to join them, he was against it after his own father left. They have questionable morals, and generally
-Tokino Michika is a kind woman, but she gives off this horrible feeling

One day, while Shelby Hwitely was walking home from work, she heard a loud squawking, like a baby crying, from an alleyway. Upon looking, she was horrified to discover an infant red avian laying in a pile of ashes. Bringing him home to her family, her husband agreed, with some concern, to take the young boy in.
Raised alongside Bonnie as his older sister, they went to school together he was quite a troublemaker in his childhood. He cared deeply about his sister, and when he saw someone bullying her he was quick to jump in to defend her. Still, he found himself in detention for more than just fighting for his sister, he also was caught pulling immature pranks. For those who didn't see him as a delinquent, he was the class clown. He didn't care about school, he already had his eyes set on what he wanted. Like his father, Ryder, he wanted to join the Sliamese militia, the Monster Hunting Organization of Sliam.
It was in his teen years he discovered his powers, Ryder noting it didn't seem tied to any sort of Okratil as with most Sliamese, but a result of his natural growing body heat - his powers were biothermal. Pyro would begin training with Ryder after a while of asking, and was even tasked with making his own weapon.
Ryder wasn't sure what to make of the odd thing that Pyro tried to make, but getting the idea of what Pyro wanted he did humor the young man and tried to remake it, what Pyro named “Warpaint”.
Shortly after, Bonnie’s class was going on a field trip that resulted in a horror show that ended up killing her. Shortly after, during the family’s grieving, the MHOS mailed the family an invitation to be a part of Project Echo. With confusion, they accepted…
Shortly after Bonnie’s revival, Ryder came home mad, having quit his job and leaving the organization. Pyro was confused, and the family was stepping on thin glass due to her confusion and upset. To clear her mind and let her figure things out, she decided to move out, of which Pyro was asked to go with her.
Nowadays, the two have their own apartments, living close together but separately. Pyro, as opposed to doing military work, has taken up bounty hunting.

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