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Post by Popptart on Sun May 20, 2018 6:26 pm

Nicknames: None
Age: 16
Species: Cloud Rabbit
Gender: Female
Occupation: Student / Does air deliveries part time
Appearance: Skye is pure white, except for her dark pink eyes that pop. Her ears are long, reaching down to her lower waist. Her hair is curly and it puffs around the frame of her head, and Its ends is ponytailed clumsily. Her hair covers one of her eyes, but it doesn’t affect her vision. Her hair and fur feel cotton-like to the touch. It has these ‘feather ends’ type of texture.
            Skye’s choice of fashion are ‘Alice in Wonderland’ like dresses that are stretchable and comfortable. Her dress is blue with a black collar gracing around her collar bone. She wears a pair of black shorts under her dress, and a pair black socks to accompany her black Mary Jane shoes. She finishes off with white gloves, secured by dark blue rings around her wrists.
Skye Wayra 111
Personality traits
- Sweet things
- Being in the air
- Travelling
- Meeting new people and
- Making new friends
- Loves birds and bugs
- Being free and wide-open spaces
- The rain and the smell of rain, the sounds too
- Weather with a nice calming breeze that isn’t too strong
- Adores Dandelions
- Making wishes
- Believing in fairytales and positivity
- Spicy things
- Hates being constricted, or being limited
- To be shackled or held back by any type of constraint
- Tight closed off, claustrophobic places
- The dark and being alone
- Tends to shy away from aggressive or scary behavior or themed things
- Hates being negative
- Being surrounded of hopelessness
- The concept of Bad Endings
Skye is a very hopeful and positive person. She is aware of the bad things in life, but just chooses to ignore them, or sometimes even deny their existence. She doesn’t like the bad sinking feeling she gets when thinking of depressing things, so she tends to overshadow them with overly positive vibes.
Skye is innocent and naïve, and still has a lot to learn about the world and how it works, plus, she has to overcome her anxiety of the negative aspects in life. She loves flying and being in the air. Being in wide-open spaces makes her feel free and alive, and she’d love nothing more than to just feel the air caress her face as she travels far and wide to different places.
A very social and upbeat girl, she loves interacting with others, and has this obsession with giving other people gifts, sometimes albeit a little too much. That’s the bit of the problem with this girl. Its either zero, or a hundred. She overdoes almost everything, which can become a bit of a problem if gone unchecked. She can be too nice, too friendly, too giving, too nosy, too pushy, too EVERYTHING. And too much of something is not always a good thing. Let’s just say, she can be slightly over the top.
Despite all this, Skye is a sweet girl, who just gets too excited over things sometimes. She has yet to grow out of her childishness. When she’s deep in thought, Skye does try hard to progress on becoming more mature and proper.
Even though she can be quite a handful, in times of rough and tumble, Skye strives hard to be the caring and loyal friend she wants to be.
Combat traits
Powers: Being a species of Cloud Rabbit, Skye is incredibly light and is very capable of maneuvering her body. She is very agile when she is in the air, and she can carry flight with her ears for a significantly long time.
Skye has little to no knowledge when it comes to close range combat and is very low on skills when it comes to punches and kicks. So, to fight, Skye manifests electricity that closely resembles lightning. She is a very range-focused fighter and uses her agility and ranged electricity attacks to deal damage. This is because she isn’t very durable and is hopeless against fights that make her soak up a lot of hits.
To finish, Skye has the ability to slightly alter the gravitational pull around her in a small radius. She uses this very sparingly, for it takes too much out of her. This is mainly used in very desperate cases of escape where she boosts herself up for a faster take off.
- Agility in the air
- Ranged style of combat
- Skilled in flight
- Gives a good support with electricity
- Very positive and uplifting
- Trusting and very loyal
- Frail and not durable
- Very weak in hand-to-hand combat
- Airheaded and forgetful
- Focuses too much on others rather than herself
- Can be very stubborn with listening
- Naivety can lead to being gullible
Social information
Positive relations
- Her Parents that support her
- Quill The Porcupine – A long time friend who was the first one who showed her the gist of what was life like low on the ground. Skye stays in her residence a lot and Is considered a close family friend.

Negative relations
- Not in very good terms with her Brother, who doesn’t approve of living or staying too long down below.
-       Skye was born in a thriving and successful group of Cloud species group up in the mountains.
Skye grew up used to living up in extremely high places, with limited ground, with more emphasis on flying to get to places. Her parents were businessmen who owns land farther down below, which was used as a farm for produce. The family business was big and thriving, so Skye grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth.
A few times each month, Skye and her family would visit the farms to check on the crops and animals, find things to be improved, or manage the employees. Skye found herself enjoying visits more and more each time they go lower, and found herself meeting Quill, one of the employees who works for her family’s company.
Skye grew curious of Quill because of how distant she was and would come off as slightly rude to her family. This in which intrigued Skye, because almost all of the employees treat her family like fallen Gods.
After one visit to another, Skye would spend more time with Quill. This didn’t go too well at first, because of Quill’s personality and how nosy Skye was, but eventually, Quill let down her guard and got charmed by the curious young rabbit.
Skye would then start to sneak out of home to visit Quill, and to climb lower and lower down from the mountains, with Quill as her guide. Skye was captivated by a whole new world to explore down on the ground, and loved flowers and bugs the most, since the climate up on the mountains was always so cold.
Skye’s brother was disapproving of this however and demanded that Skye never go back to the ground or meet Quill again, for all she ever needs and more is right here, up in the sky. Distraught, Skye ran to the aide of her parents, who were surprisingly okay with it. They agreed that Skye was already old enough to go discover things on her own and shouldn’t have to be trapped at home.
To the dismay of her brother, Skye now lives with Quill down on the ground with the support of her parents and her small earnings and is allowed to travel all the many places she wants to. This is of course, with the condition that she will go back home to visit once in a while.
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Skye Wayra Empty Re: Skye Wayra

Post by Spekkal on Sat May 26, 2018 11:40 am

This is one of the most wholesome characters I have ever read.
Her design is utterly adorable and she's so pure....
I'm only hoping that her brother doesn't think that he knows better and starts thinking he can drag her back up :c

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Post by Wolf478 on Sun May 27, 2018 4:17 am

Wow, I'm speechless. 10/10!

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