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What name should these 8 valuables be called in the Not-So Existing Canon?

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Creation Crystals Empty Creation Crystals

Post by RainbowTH on Sun May 20, 2018 8:54 am

Sharing a Hexagonal 'Concave Brilliant' cut, the 8 Creation Crystals (Or Crystal Caliber) are similar to the Chaos Emeralds but:

1. There are 8 of them, not 7.
2. They are NOT canon, as that will change things and inevitably screw the site canon up.
3. Each of them have different abilities when harnessed.
4. If they have somewhat bonded with a user, then they can become a whole new entity and enhance it's bonded person. (Yes they can be sentient.)

Rainbow usually holds on to these gems, but he came here for a different reason than helping others...

As far as we know, the orange crystal bonded with him, and now has the name of 'Kaoz'.

Oh great, it's THAT recolor again!

Just because you're not as talented as a well known hero doesn't mean you can't achieve more.
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