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Post by RainbowTH on Sat May 19, 2018 6:45 pm

Name: Rainbow
Nickname: "Rain"
Age: 12
Species: Hedgehog
Gender: Male
Occupation: N/A

Appearance: A lavender (or purple) coloured hedgehog with a medium sized tail, sporting an orange tip. Sometimes he dons a pair of white headphones.

I now have an 8-bit esk picture of Rainbow, so here:
Rainbow The Hedgehog 2019-010
(Sorry if it's huge.)

Personality traits

- Chilling out in his home
- Looking around to get a better idea of the surroundings.

- Someone dying.
- Being knocked out

Rainbow can be friendly and most likely will keep the area in tact, but angers easily.

Combat traits

He can utilise aura abilities, such as a deployable shield, and short-range teleportation. Other than that, some aerial combos.

+ Effective combos
+ Can recover a tiny bit faster

- Doesn't know what's behind him
- Attacks are weak on their own
- Runs out of stamina fast (aka gets knocked out easily)

Social information

Positive relations
+ Lucky - Rainbow met her shortly after the Hybrid experiment and grew to best friends. (Yes she's been revealed but no bio because I'm mega lazy)
+ N/A - Friend slot open at this time.

Negative relations

- N/A - Foe slot open at this time.
- N/A - Foe slot open at this time.

(This has been shortened) After two experiments, Rainbow now has an aura and a different look from birth. (A light grey fox) He now uses said aura to perform various actions.

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