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That fateful day... Empty That fateful day...

Post by DeltaGear on Fri May 18, 2018 1:29 am

"We have one shot at this. we get in and shut down whatever Razors plan is and stop this war once and for all." the team leader looked over his team consisting of fabs of all shapes and sizes. some with strange weapons and construction or others of rare species.

"I just want to say it's been an honor serving with you. this may be our last our mission together... for best or worse. Y'all with me Hell droppers?"

There was a collective 'Hoora!' as they all shouted together. 

they were a family. and they were in it till the end.

(16 hours later inside Razors stronghold) 

there was was the humming of a huge device in the back of the room. the "Infinity collector". it hummed away as it began it's final charge sequence. but around the room other than the machine there was silence. dead silence.


The green robot spoke. his eye's filled with tears as he gripped the the place where his left arm use to be. now torn to shreds on the ground beside him. his body sporting gashes and cuts as he sat on the verge of being destroyed as he was on his knees.

"You were supposed to be a hero... a prime... you were supposed to be... someone people could trust..." he looked up at the red robot, the tyrannical prime Razor, who stood before him. his blade arm covered in the remains of his dead comrades who's bodies littered the floor around him. 

"Oh but I am." his voice was calm, cool, but ultimately heartless. "I'm doing what's best for everyone. this illusion you call freedom and peace with the organics down below is nothing but asking for trouble. and I intend to make sure our kind survives." his blade gleamed as he pointed it at the green robot, "No matter the sacrifice."

there was an alert as the machine stopped humming and it waited for the firing command.

"Speaking of sacrifice... I believe it's time. cherish your final moments. because with them you will see the beginning of my new world!"

with a flourish of his cape he turned pointed at the machine. 

"Fire the Infinity Collector!"

the green robot shouted and jumped up to try and stop the machine. he had to try... for everyone.

but it was to late. there was dead silence for a moment, only a moment. then there was a deafening roar as a wave of energy was blasted out from the stronghold. everywhere, people, men, women, child held each other close as the weapon went off. most were evacuating as fast as they could others who were left behind huddled together with their loved ones and waited, waited for the end.

in a single moment... a single solitary moment... there were voices that rang out in terror and others in pain.

then silence.

The robots eye's widened. he breath was ragged. he eye's dialated. he looked down and at the blade embedded in his chest just to the right of the gold ring that was his mind.

"You're just a little fabricated MechaMetal who rebelled against his creators and his job. you are a failure and a defective." his eye's narrowed as he pushed the blade deeper into him, "Now... die."

The green robot gripped the blade as he weakly tried to pull it out. his strength fading fast.

~No... No....~
something stirred within his mind as the wirld began to fade. suddenly there was a flash as his ring glowed for a second. without warning he straightened up and grabbed the blade, cracking it it slightly as a surge of power ran through him.


"what th-"

the green grabbed the blade even harder until with a final surge he pulled it out. shattering it as he did. he face was nothing short of pure rage and anger.

"You're going to pay for what you've done! Overdrive times 2!!"

he dash forwards and with a swing, slammed his fist right into Razor. he continued to pummel into him as he felt his engine go into overdrive beyond what should be doing and be able to handle.

"What... what are you?" Razor shouted as he continued to be push back by the onslaught.

"My name Is Gear. and this is for My team, my home, and everyone you've hurt!"

Gear slammed into him again as his engine began to break down from the stress he was putting himself through. his body surrounded by a powerful energy field.
he began to wear down as he couldn't keep up the fight. but Razor was far to damaged to continue. 
before either of them could could do anything else the area around them began to fall apart. the weapon had been to much for the base and it was collapsing.

Razor lept back as he slashed with what was left of blade, creating a portal. "Gear... I'll remember that name... if we meet again. I'll end you next time you little pest." with that he escaped into the portal and it closed.

Gear moved as quickly as possible out of the facility. finding a warp pad he used it just in time to escape as the stronghold exploded. he made his way out of the ruins of the from the warp pad he found.
traveling as far as he could he found a still functioning repair bay. getting into one of the pods he hoped he would be able to be out soon. he had to bring everyone back. he had to save them. he wasn't going to up... he wasn't...

he fell into darkness as the pod closed and his eye light flicked out. the last time they would see anything for many years.


"You can break my body... but you cannot touch my soul."

"Battle isn't about beating your opponent. It's about two fighting spirits clashing and growing... a betterment of ones self through combat and understanding your limits."

"I'll do what it takes too help everyone. Powers or no powers, anyone can be a hero"
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