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Name: Tokino Michika
Nicknames: Ren, “The Lone Warrior”
Age: 49
Species: Horse
Gender: Female
Occupation: Ronin

Appearance: Tokino is a tall and slender middle-aged horse standing at 4’1” and weighing 65 pounds with a long, flowing black mane with short, lavender furs along her body and green eyes. The fingers of her hands end with black keratin fingertips more similar to hooves than claws or nails, and she has hooves for feet. She wears a long black robe with a scabbard for her katana at the side, and yellow accents, with a white scarf and an obi tied nicely around her waist.
Kurokiri is her black-feathered, blue-eyed flicky companion, built the same as most blue flickies but with a few small headfeathers extending off the back slightly.
Her katana, Akatsukiken, is a relatively long sword slightly shorter than Tokino is tall, with a silver blade of a skewed triangle shape accented with gold and a small blade of similar colors at the tip of the curved hilt with a diamond-cut topaz in it.  


Tokino and Kurokiri
Tokino Michika 20180823_095716

Tokino Michika JPEG_20180512_185709

Tokino Michika Screenshot_2018-05-14-03-23-48

Personality traits

-Other cultures
-Rice Balls
-Art, music(primarily Japanese classical, orchestral, and new age), reading(primarily horror stories)
-Sunrise and sunset
-City lights at night
-Water reflections

-Hatred and Unnecessary Violence
-Sliamese and the Sliamese royalty
-Loud noises in a busy city
-Mild distaste for rock, metal, and techno

Personality: Tokino is a kind middle-aged ronin with a strong sense of justice. She's a fighter at heart and was trained by someone she cared for deeply, and so even though she prefers non-aggressive means to solve conflict she is not against pulling out her katana. She tends to use this primarily as a scare tactic - most people aren't willing to upset a tall horse with a long sword.
Though overly serious in nature, she is very motherly to those younger than her and protective over anyone she gets close to. This does include her flicky companion Kurokiri, but primarily this covers anyone she considers a friend. She is willing to risk her life and kill for people if it means protecting those she loves so that what happened to her master doesn't happen to others. She is somewhat known for dry humour, mostly aimed at her lack of knowledge of cultures outside her own or anything relating to technology. She is very accepting of others and is willing to learn about other people’s culture so she can better understand the places her friends come from.

Combat traits

Powers: Tokino is an energy manipulator, which involves the transfer and changing of energy surrounding her. While this does include things such as electrical or thermal energy, she cannot manipulate normal elements as a natural extension of her power - she can influence it, electricity especially, bit she cannot shoot lightning bolts or control fire, nor can she use this as a method of telekinesis by transferring kinetic energy to others. I'm saying this here, getting it out of the way, because of how vague energy manipulation is.
The primary uses of this is with her sword and for mobility. Being able to pull energy from nearby objects or herself to increase the kinetic energy in her blade, thus making it faster,  unleashing plasma off the blade from stored energy, using it to increase her own velocity in various directions, allowing her to run on walls and ceilings.
Her most powerful technique with this is the Senkou-ippo, which Tokino uses by focusing on a target and using all of her stored energy to dash at the target at such speeds that she seems to teleport.
Finally, she can slash Kurokiri, though this won't kill him. He seems to burst into energy, which fuses with Tokino to give her wings, make her glow white, and double all stats. This only lasts for five turns, and can only be used once per RP.

-Tokino is very fast, even for a horse, and that's without her energy manipulation!
-Her strength, speed, durability, ect. scales with energy she has stored.
-Just having the katana ready to be pulled is enough to intimidate others.
-She is good at parkour, and can run on walls and even run on ceilings.
-Is literally as strong as a horse despite her lanky body.
-Good cook
-Normally coolheaded and is loving of everyone, thus is good at making friends.

-She is rather easy to upset when someone she cares about is involved. She will go ballistic if a friend of hers, especially Kurokiri, is harmed in any way.
-She knows nothing about computers.
-Almost useless against someone with the similar powers - just as that other person would be to them.
-She can’t control Chaos Energy due to its natural chaotic nature, and she can't use other people’s natural energy, the planet’s natural energy, or ring energy to fuel her abilities for this reason.
-She cannot create energy nor can she destroy it. By the laws of physics it's impossible.
-Can be seen as overprotective.

Social information

Positive relations
-Julian is a kind young woman she's met just walking around town, though they don't talk much.
-Ren, her late master who she took the name of after failing to assassinate the King herself.
Negative relations
-The Sliamese royalty for their unironically inhumane beliefs and acts against humans like her master.
-She doesn't know why she remembers Pyro, but he's outputting to her.

The city of Sliam is the division line between the future of the north and the tradition of the south on Hinan Island. The city begins just a few miles north of the mountains, a stone wall acting as its border constantly being guarded for the threat of monsters and to make sure humans don't enter and ends a bit farther north with a wall guarded by turrets yet built as if they knew the builders knew it'd be torn down again - the city is built to stretch along most of the width of the island from sea to sea and is growing further north a few miles every decade, the Timelapse Kingdom threatening to overlap the entire northern half of the island within at least half a century…
It's here that in the late 1960s(using modern day Earth years for this, assume 15k years in the future if you follow comic universe), a young filly was born in the southern part of Sliam, barely touched by technology and ruled by traditional values. Tokino Michika was raised in the south’s equivalent of the suburbs with a family that, despite loving her dearly, couldn't support her and wouldn't let her go through education as a result of such a thing being frowned upon for women due to the values of their world. Shortly before her fourteenth birthday she found an adorable black flicky injured on the ground. Taking them home to get help, the family nursed the poor thing back to health with Tokino doing a lot of the work, before raising the bird as their pet from then on. The flicky, which she named Kurokiri, never left her side after that. It was around this time that news spread of the current ruler’s assassination and new leadership in place, western Mobians with a hatred of humans.
By her fifteenth birthday, her family sold her to a wealthy young human from the North. Though this labelled her as property and she frequently felt uncomfortable around them, she soon learned that he deeply cared for her and wanted to give her a better life then she had previously. Disobedient at first, the young man decided to train her as a fighter, someone who'd fight alongside him.
After years of training, he had his samurai, the young woman who he cared for now ready to fight for him and serve him.
His goal was to have her assassinate the “King” and his family, something she knew of… but soon, not just because Tokino was treated as property but instead because a human had seemed to belittled a Mobian, the human was arrested and given severe, unreasonable punishment.
Now a ronin, Tokino saw it fit to enact her vengeance. For the next decade she slowly got closer and closer to the castle, killing those who got in her way or mistreated her for her beliefs from the shadows…
Tokino and Kurokiri were at the King’s doorway, she only had intent in killing the man in power, she cared of nothing else by then…
She sneaked in, and just as she was to enter the bedroom to cut him down…
A loud gunshot was heard. Right in front of her, someone had gotten to them first. He was assassinated by a sniper. She left in frustration with a wish to not be caught in the room with the dead king’s body…
That's all she wanted. She wanted to kill him. She wanted to murder the man who had her master killed… she would have ended it that night, but she kept going, in respect for her master that after all the time she spent trying to avenge him she didn't let him die in vain, carrying on his legacy.
She soon left the island, not wanting to be involved when the child grew up and took control, and started wandering Mobius to see the world, find purpose in her life, and keep her master’s name alive. The Sliamese did believe she was the murderer and knew her as the Lone Warrior, a title that intrigued her...

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