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Name: Trist McGable
Nickname(s): None.
Age: 45
Sex: Female.
Species: Wolf.
Height: 5'0"
Eye Color: Aqua green.
Birthplace: Unknown, but assumed to be somewhere from the South of the United States.
Date of Birth: October 21st.
Occupation: Retired Mercenary.
Parents: Death (Mother); Henry McGable (Father). Both are still alive and well!
Sibling(s): Trent McGable (Twin Brother). Trent is alive and well!
Fur Color: Snow White.
Hair Color: Snow White.
Appearance: Trist McGable has a muscular build to her and a natural beauty to her thanks to her mother. Being a wolf, Trist has large, razor-sharp teeth that she keeps pearly white. When out and walking about, Trist's choice of outfit is something along the lines of what a lone biker might wear, or she might choose to go simple with a tank top and cargo pants. Trist's hair is in the style of a dreadlock ponytail that hangs all the way down to her rear. Scars from battles are present upon Trist's body, and the area most heavily scarred from various attacks is her back. Although she doesn't go on contracts due to being retired, if Trist has the chance to prepare for a fight, she'll often suit up in leather clothing due to its protective attributes. If going to a special occasion, Trist will reluctantly wear black dresses and earrings to compliment her snow-white fur. The only articles of clothing Trist will never wear are gloves and shoes due to the danger of possibly overheating if her paws are covered up.
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual.
Personality: Trist is an unique individual just like everyone one else. Having survived many years of mercenary work, Trist is a battle-hardened fighter who stops at nothing until her opponent is beaten. Despite being battle-hardened, Trist is an intelligent girl, always observing her surroundings, enemies, friends, and taking in as much knowledge as possible from the various books she reads. Because of her lifestyle, Trist feels more at home finding the nearest hot spring and spending her deals relaxing. Of course, if she has to remain cooped up in a house, she will do so without complaint. The qualities Trist prefers in a friend is honesty, bravery, intelligence, and cooperation. It takes a while for Trist to open herself up and reveal secrets to a person, but once she does, it's because she completely trusts that person. The one group of people Trist absolutely hates are humans, for she often regards them as "distrustful, conniving, idiotic, selfish, ignorant, self-entitled individuals". When asked to pair up with a human, Trist's first response will always be a fit of laughter followed by reasons as to why she will not be with a human. The second response will be a warning that Trist will hurt the human if paired up with him/her once they're alone. When alone, Trist will often meditate or do something to calm her mind from all distractions and anxieties of the world. Trist is often critical of the current generation, viewing them as lazy and ignorant of more important matters at hand. When out and about with friends, Trist tends to let go a little bit more, becoming prone to fun activities such as hanging out at a bar, a restaurant, or even playing a sport.
Concerning matters of love, Trist quickly becomes shy if flirted with, but she is very passionate about romance. While others might find her clingy, Trist finds herself as the type who will do anything to display her affection for someone. If told to back off on the romance, Trist will do so without rebellion. When around those she dislikes, Trist often ignores them or makes derogatory remarks to them. Trist's philosophy on the art of fighting is that the desired results must be attained no matter what action is taken to achieve such a goal.
Likes: Working out; driving a motorcycle; relaxing in a hot spring; Japanese culture; learning as much as possible; the yakuza; honest friends; all types of music; messing with people; basketball; cats; singing songs in Japanese.
Dislikes: Stupidity; ignorance; being captured; being taken advantage of; selfish behavior; humans; anyone bad-mouthing her family; anyone ridiculing the yakuza; mannequins.
- While Trist does have a rather mixed fighting style, her true strength in her fighting style is using graceful, quick attacks.
— Trist's sharp teeth allows her to easily injure an opponent or hold onto a limb and mail them.
— When things are not going her way in a fight, Trist will erupt into a blind rage, furiously attacking and biting her opponent with no disregard of her own safety.
— Trist's observant nature allows her to spot a weakness more easily than others.
— Trist's reserved nature makes it difficult for people to get close to her.
— Often armed with daggers, Trist is skilled in melee combat.
— Trist is naturally gifted at the art of combat.
— Trist's claws makes it easy for her to dig.
— Trist is able to take on multiple opponents at once.
— Trist is very resilient and is able to ignore or recover from injuries quickly.
— Trist has a high stamina.
— Trist's rage-filled attacks make her vulnerable to any and all attacks.
— When enraged, Trist does not think clearly and will proceed with any action without thinking of the consequences.
— Trist's reserved nature makes it difficult for her to find allies and friends.
— Trist is very weak against magical attacks, relics, and spells.
— Because she is new to Mobius, Trist is rather confused about what all the planet offers and where the more strategic areas of defense and offense are.
— Trist's distrust and hatred for humans makes working with her very difficult.
— Trist is vulnerable to overheating if her paws are covered up.
— Trist is very weak against fire attacks.
— Like everyone, Trist can get more and more tired the more she fights, causing her attacks to become less effective.
History (Summarized): Born in the South of the United States of America, Trist McGable grew up training to become a lethal weapon. Her mother, Death, helped Trist achieve this through various exercises and hunting trips. Once her 21st birthday was reached, Trist joined the Slayer Squadron Security mercenary corporation and gained more experience as a killer. After a falling out with the mercenary group she was a part of, Trist threatened to expose all of the wrong-doings of the Slayer Squadron Security company if the boss ever tried to make Trist kill someone who couldn't defend themselves. After fleeing to Japan, Trist soon found work with local Yakuza groups, blackmailing corporate figures, sabotaging non-yakuza gangs, helping citizens out, and transporting money to other Yakuza gangs. Trist quickly earned the respect of yakuza groups. After a while, Trist quickly fell in love with a high-ranking yakuza gang member. Soon after, Trist and her lover were married. Their love for each other soon ended in tragedy when the mercenary force Trist previously worked for decided to try and eliminate both Trist and her lover.
Trist, however, survived the attack and recovered in a local hospital. Thanks to the influence of a Yakuza group Trist worked closely with, newspapers and gossip reported Trist to be dead alongside her husband. After mourning the loss of her husband, Trist then ventured on a quest to take down her attempted killers. After years of investigations, interrogations, and strategic missions, Trist successfully took down her enemies. After her revenge was exacted, Trist lived out her days in a wealthy neighborhood until she was contacted by her country's military. Tasked with testing a prototype "gateway" that leads to a different universe, Trist carried out the goal and ended up on Mobius. After entering the portal, it closed on her, preventing Trist from going back to her universe. Now faced with a new world, new dangers, and an unusual predicament, Trist must find a way back to her world.
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