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Post by ThePromiseIncarnate on Sat Apr 28, 2018 12:35 pm

Name: Julian Elaine Winchester
Nicknames: Julie, “The Promise Incarnate”
Age: 19
Species: Manx-Maine Coon Mix Breed(Vampire)
Gender: Female
Occupation: General Laborer, Writer

Appearance: Julian is a rather chubby cat at approximately 204 pounds standing at 4 feet 10 inches and has red eyes and mostly beige and dull brown colored fur. Her headfur is at least shoulder length and rather messy with curls, with blue highlight along her bangs. She tends to wear a loose, black shirt under a snug white shirt and shorts, which tend to match the color of her Ear buds(normally red) as well as her tennis shoes’ secondary color other than black. She tends to wear a gold earring through her left ear. Her tail is approximately 1 foot 7 inches long and is incredibly fluffy with black fur at the end of the tail. When she has to go out into the sun, she tends to wear a loose, black hoodie jacket.

Julian Winchester and Hope Struck
Julian Winchester Julianref_by_pyrode-dcaf574

Julian Winchester by DeltaGear
Julian Winchester 20180429_152525

Personality traits

-Chicken and Rice
-Bacon Provolone Melts
-Cookies and Cream Ice Cream
-Soda, especially cherry flavored sodas
-Medium Rare Steak
-Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends
-Video games, especially indie horror and platformers
-Large open spaces, especially areas by the water like beaches
-Baseball Bats
-Cool breeze

-Spicy foods
-Minor fear of heights
-Severe fear of the idea of death
-Drinking blood of unwilling people(but sometimes you gotta do it to survive…)
-Most music from before at least the 1960s or 1970s

Personality: Julian tends to be a very introspective person, whether it be silly thoughts that they can’t help but let out or the more ridiculous mind-bending trains of thought that makes complete sense to them but barely any sense to anyone else. They don’t have much of a brain-to-mouth filter beyond “try and not upset anyone or hurt anyone’s feelings”, making them feel dumber than they really are when they say something weird or random and get reactions they didn’t expect if they even expected any at all. Beyond that, they try to be kind and open-minded to new ideas but are very opinionated and lazy. Their mind is almost always clogged up with the things they obsess over and they tend to worry they may be hurting their loved ones by focusing so much on the things they are working on. They tend to have existential crises at the drop of a hat and like everyone in their relationship are way too emotional. They are also a chubby chaser.
Julian wants to write stories based on the adventures she goes on following in the footsteps of the hero of Mobius.

Combat traits

Powers: From Julian’s discovered love of water, and being around magic users such as their mother who was a wiccan, they also discovered an ability to manipulate and control water, even being capable of drawing water out of humid air around her to attack with and while she can't swim normally, she can torpedo through water and form her own air bubbles.
They also have the classic vampire abilities including super speed, super strength, and increased durability. If they want to turn someone into a vampire, they can also inject a strange venom from their teeth into the body of the ‘victim’.
Notably, being a cat, she has sharp retractable claws of which she can attack people with or climb walls.
Julian’s main weapon is a bat-shotgun called “Hope Struck”, which in ‘shotgun mode’ is fueled by her water powers to blast opponents.

-Very sturdy with a high endurance, because “cats have 9 lives”
-Can survive high falls with ease as long as she falls on her feet, which she can because cats tend toward landing on their feet
-Being a vampire increased her speed and strength - she's capable of lifting approximately 600 pounds and can run as fast as a car on the highway
-Knows a little karate, and was taught the basics of boxing and jiu jitsu by and with her cousin
-She is strong-willed and very loving
-If in a region with lots of clean water, like near a beach, or in an area with fresh air, like a forest, her powers are strongest
-As a result of being both a cat and a vampire, they have excessively increased senses, a powerful climb, and enhanced night vision
-Not a bad singer

-Fears heights as a result of a fall that damaged her back
-Lower back is weak and if hit could cause her to instantly give up, surrender, or generally incapacitate her
-Despite being a cat, she isn't very agile as she can't jump very high or far and prior to becoming a vampire her speed was pathetic
-Sun won't kill her but it severely hurts, and all other classic vampire weaknesses excluding counting rice(seriously why), running water(would incapacitate her), or the inability to go inside buildings uninvited
-Can be overwhelmed very easily
-Isn't a very confident artist
-Procrastination, constant over-analyzing, and over thinks everything
-If in a very dry area or an area where water sources are heavily polluted her powers are nullified - she can barely use her powers in deserts, volcanic regions, or even near factories like those Eggman would build

Social information

Positive relations
-While she hasn't personally met Sonic the Hedgehog, she still admires and looks up to him as an adventurer and hero.
-Tokino is a calm, kind, motherly figure she sees every so often walking.around. Though they don't talk much, Julian does consider her a friend. 

Negative relations

-Pyro is just some weird creep who threatened her after finding out she was a vampire. A fight almost broke out, but she found reason to leave before he did anything dumb. 

   A young male kitten born and raised in Station Square a month before it got destroyed by Chaos, they tended to be oblivious to the things around them like most kids were. They saw the world as a big story like in the movies, and attributed characters to everyone - they didn’t understand how things really were. When they were seven, life tried to give them a wake up call and it nearly worked, after they fell from an escalator during their time out of Station Square as it was being repaired and didn’t land on their feet but instead their back, their back was incredibly weakened as L3 of their lower back, normally very spongy and soft, was compressed and hard as a rock. Shortly afterward, they returned to Station Square. Previously they were very active, it was at this point they stopped being so active and started being more introspective. But they still didn’t lose that childhood innocence fully, until Middle School, it merely grinded away with every problem that arose until then. Most notably, in 4th grade they were accused of calling one girl a whore despite knowing very little if any swear words, and most of his friends abandoned him. It was only when they were in Middle School after their terrible grandfather died that reality hit them like a truck - their childhood best friend and then girlfriend, Julia, left to a different school after they broke up due to school drama, normal Middle School bullying problems, weight gain that didn’t help with the bullying, puberty, and worst of all their grandfather had mortgaged the house before he died. They nearly gave into depression in 8th grade when they were temporarily taken out of normal school to use an online school system, which ironically didn’t help with the bullying problem as much as it did introduce loneliness, laziness, procrastination, and a hatred of their teachers.
   As time went on, they found they were more comfortable visualizing themselves as a girl and did everything they could in secret or subtle ways to look more feminine, and then took on the name Julian - which they were open with because it was a gender neutral name and it didn’t make it as well known their plans. It didn't really work out, and they were kicked out shortly before Station Square was destroyed again. She didn't know what to do with her life until she saw Sonic on the news, and decided that she'd travel the world and write stories under her new name based on her travels.
After they were turned into a vampire, she was kicked out by her parents for being a monster.
(To be revised later)

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