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Post by HaileyJade on Fri Apr 27, 2018 5:48 pm

It was a beautiful day throughout mobius, Birds chirping and a light breeze. Hailey sat outside of one of the parks beneath a tree strumming her guitar. she was trying to get this song down pat for a small gig she had together with her brother. she huffed getting aggravated "maybe i should take a break..." she mumbles and puts the guitar down and leans against the tree with a long yawn. "its okay...just a few notes i need to remember" she went into her bag and pulled out a chili dog. she huffed "he told me these things were good..i hope they are or else.." she sniffed it unsure of how to react, she took a little nibble, savoring and analyzing the flavor. "not bad..." she continued to nibble on the chili dog, focused on that and her thoughts rather than anything else around her. 

(open RP! any canon characters are highly appreciated! along with OCs aswell!!)
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Post by Shrike Marine on Fri Apr 27, 2018 6:09 pm

-Being a freelancer takes you many places, more places then perhaps one would expect too go, but that was part of the charm of having all the time in the world too explore. 

That being said for  guy who was not the best with directions this could of a bit of problem, as getting lost was generally always part of the problem. Never the less where ever he went an adventure awaited..whether it was good or bad...usually bad but not always. 

He had been tasked with a small goal a simple retrieve and return, using a said device too navigate his way through some new lands who hand not set foot on before. 

The device was act sporadic, location seem too shift all over the place making tracking hard at best. The figure was fairly tall, wearing a mix of green clothing and black/grey gear. 

Normally he would of been heavily armed but in this case of day he was not, in fact he had no weapons at all. Very little in terms of gear just the essential stuff.

"Man this tracker is just not towing the line today for me..how am I suppose too find something that this thing can not even guide me too!" 

-Little did he knew he was in close proximity too near by beings.- 

"If this keeps up I might as well call it quits." 
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