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Post by Electrisa on Sun Apr 22, 2018 6:38 pm

Medical Bay - looks, smells, feels, and practically is a hospital. A white wing with a typical red cross on the building, it is a pretty basic, yet extremely important asset of the Guild. After all, we gotta have a place to patch up heroes after quests don't go the intended way, right?
   The floor levels are the ones where you get carried in if you happen to cut your finger off - or your arm, in which case you get sent to second floor, congratulations. It's very likely that you'll meet a supporter there helping out with lighter cases, but the higher we go, the scarcer they get - medics have some secrets to keep, too.
   Scientists are more bound to tools and metals, while medics are more experienced with biology - thus, they get their own laboratory, albeit much smaller than the science wing, as it is only on the top floor. But there they can experiment with ways to heal the injured faster AND accurately (as well as perhaps think on how to enhance one's powers. Perhaps team up with scientists to get even better results?). As such, their main field is potions and medicines, although so far they've not been allowed to the public just yet. ...But who knows what the future holds!

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