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The Leisure Centre Empty The Leisure Centre

Post by Electrisa on Sun Apr 22, 2018 6:35 pm

In the right wall of the main hall, there's a small café in a wall nook. That café is connected to one of the Guild's wings, known as the Leisure Centre - a place for every member to go to and get some well deserved rest.
   Like all wings, it's got several floors, and each with different equipment - at the very top there's a roof terrace with lots of greens and several loungers, perfect for sunbathing. Below is a pool, and under that there's training rooms - a bit more traditional than the dome, filled with your regular gym equipment.
   At the lowest levels, there's simple rooms to meet up and have fun - there's food to try, bean bags to sit on, a smaller library to pick something up and supporters for a shoulder to lean on!
   While they don't seem to have that big of a role, supporters are members who are ready to help others not only during quests, but also during the calmer times. They're entirely in charge of the leisure centre, and while that means they keep it tidy and in order for everyone to enjoy, it also means they can deem a member unworthy of a rest and chase them out to do some actual good before getting their reward. From the leisure centre they also have easy access to every other wing of the Guild, as they're the only class who have access to them all, in case they need to assist a scientist or act as a nurse to a medic.

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