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Post by Electrisa on Sun Apr 22, 2018 6:27 pm

The science wing is a building situated to the left of the training dome. It isn't as tall as the dome, however it's got a tower protruding from the roof that contains sky-examining aparatus for both day and night. Going down from there, the top floors are the ones where the most serious magic goes on - weapons and armour not yet released to the Guild members are being conceived, produced and tested here. Then the bottom floors are a bit of a freeway - there's all the room and materials for scientist members to go wild with their ideas - be it concepts of new weapons, costumes, means of transportation, simple gadgets or just something completely random - and if whatever it is they conjure up turns out good enough, it'll surely get upgraded to the upper floors so it may aid all heroes in their future quests!
   While members of different roles (except for supporters) don't have direct access in there, scientists are allowed to let their friends onto the lower floors at any moment. Maybe get some heroes to do some beta-testing for them (and a medic in case the tests go awry)?




Weapons fueled by the Guild's alien allies, Wisps. Every member gets access to one kind as soon as they reach rank D (apart from powerless members who get one at the very start).
Wispon TypeAbilities
Burst WisponAttacks with fire
Drill WisponAttacks with a drill
Lightning WisponAttacks with a whip of lightning
Hover WisponBlows away enemies (or yourself) with a shockwave of air

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