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Post by Awakened Vega on Thu Apr 05, 2018 8:59 pm

"Look I don't like this anymore than you do."

The words escaped from the bright white hedgehog's mouth. His silver eyes looking to his side, viewing a very similar white hedgehog too, this hedgehog however, was female. She was tying up her long blonde hair as she scoffed at him. 

"Shut up. Just, shut up. I'm not here for you, I'm here to find out why this trash isn't dead." She replied to him, shaking her head. Before holding a note in her hand, it was an invitation of sorts.

"Phaze look, they guy's insane, we just need to compromise him.." He would plead with her, knowing her nature, and her distain towards the man they were conversing about.

"Vega I said shut up. You're little heroic act makes me sick and I'm not here to help you with it." She scoffed once more, before looking forward, as the very ground began to rise, the earth splitting apart as a mound covered in dirt and grass rose before them. A single, steel door rising from the ground upon the uplifted piece of land.

Phaze would push on, swinging the door open. Grumbling, her steps were heavy and her eyes squinted as she entered the room, Vega would quickly follow. "Hold on!" He would call as the doorway led them down some steel stairs, down further and further. Dim, flickering lights led the way as they eventually reached the floor.

Upon reaching the depths of this hidden room, they would be greeted with a lab. Not just any lab, but one lined with computers, oversized test-tubes, dangerous looking fluids, and more.

"The son a bitch made a new one? Fuckin' A." Phaze would grit her teeth, again stepping forward. "Alright ya bottom feeder, were here, now hurry up and explain yourself before we go round 2 up in here!" She would shout out, her voice echoing through the metallic room.

"Phaze please, we don't know what could be in store!" Vega would plead again, looking up, down, all over the place, fearing that an attack could come from any direction... but nothing happened, apart from very subtle footsteps coming from the shadows...

Right before them, a dark, black furred porcupine appearing before them. His spines ran long down his back, and his red eyes locked onto them behind his circled glasses, his teeth showing on his wide smile. He was garbed in a white lab coat, buttoned up.

"Aaaah you finally made it, it has been so long! My... creation." He would say in his gravelled, deep voice, staring Phaze down as he stepped forward some more, grinning wickedly. When just then... Phaze reached into her black shorts, pulling a handgun and aiming it directly at the porcupine.

"Cut the shit Dias or whatever ya call yourself now, I'm pretty happy to put an end to ya' sorry life for the second time, so you got a few seconds before I pull the trigger." She threatened, a sense of deep distain in her voice. Vega quickly stepped in, trying to push the gun down from Phazes hand. "Hey, hey, no one has to die here!" He would say to her. Yet the second he stepped in, Dias snapped at them.

"Quiet you!" He barked out, looking at Vega. "Even looking at you makes me ill, your disgusting, power ridden body. The only reason I have you here is to offer my chance at redemption for your 'sister' here." He would say, soon standing tall and regaining composure.

The dark porcupine began to wander over the lab, reaching a medium sized metal container, about the size of a suitcase. He slowly opened the lid of the container, some steam rising out with a loud TSSSS as it was popped open. "You see, I can finally put an end to all the worry, all the hatred, with just these." He grinned, looking to them and reaching into the container, holding whatever it was in his hands.

Vega stood at the ready, in case this was a trap, his eyes squinted as he watched Dias closely. Likewise, Phaze still had a fun pointed at him, that distasteful look still on her face. Dias grinned, flicking the items in his hand towards Vega, who's eyes widened as he caught them, they were two finger-sized rings. A bright, shimmering green gemstone In the centre, with a 'C' etched into them.

"These are the connect rings." He would say, grinning from ear to ear. "Any two that wear them will join bodies, and join subconciousness. And being that lovely Phaze here is but a clone, I can assume that... Vega will maintain most of the control, appearance and mind of his current self. So Phaze, you finally won't have to have distain for your life anymore." He would say, turning his back, still grinning. "Of course, there may be some side effects, but, I'm sure you can work it out." He would say, his voice low.

Vega and Phaze would both look at him, and then the rings questioningly. Before Vega gripped them tightly and looked to Dias. "Dias, I can't risk letting you continue your ways, you're going to hurt someone, I need to bring you to some help, now." He said, taking a step forward. But right then, Dias snapped.

"Listen you, you cretin! I absolutely don't care what you think, you're the reason the do what I do! You and all your other disgusting power ridden kind! You're a menace, a destroyer! Your kind cost me everything!" He would go on and on, loudly. "Now I offer you a chance to leave here and fix your own messes!"

Vega paused, shaking his head, gritting his teeth before stepping forward slowly, his hands raised. "Look.. this doesn't have to go this way... I just want to do whats ri-" BANG! A loud snap of a bullet being shot emitted right from a few feet behind Vega, the lightning quick wind of the bullet wind whisking right past the side of his head.... and striking right behind Dias' eyes, his glasses falling and cracking upon the floor, as he dropped down. Lifeless. With Phaze standing, scowl on her face, and her gun smoking.

"Wha!" Vega stopped dead in his tracks, gasping as he watched Dias drop, before turning to she Phaze standing there, remorseless. "P-Phaze! Why?! I could've handled this!" He said, completely taken aback by the actions she committed. "Save it. I know you could've taken him downtown..." She put her gun back down the side of her shorts and stood forward. "But to be honest, I still haven't forgiven the lowlife for bringing me into existence, and... now, him wanting me to join up with your sorry self? Hah. That's the final nail in the coffin."

"But.. you didn't ha-" Vega would plead, being cut off sharply. "I do what I want to alright?! I right now, I want every trace of this fuck gone. Now, stand back." Phaze would warn before her entire body began to glow with a bright white aura.

"Phaze don-!" 


Within seconds, the entire lab was engulfed by a bright, blinding energy emitted from Phaze, the room being destroyed instantly, crashing, flames, explosions everywhere as Vega was thrown into the air being the massive blast, launching him all the way back out into the outside, before he crashed down onto the earth beneath him. "Uugh.." He would struggle, his blurry vision returning as he wobbled up to his feet, before seeing nothing more than a large crater before him. Littered with glass, broken pieces of steel... a shattered pair of glasses, and not a sign of Phaze to be seen.

The sound of sirens echoed closer in the distance. Vega opened his clenched fist, looking down to see the two rings, intact within his palm. "Damn it." He would mutter under his breath, before quickly rushing off into the night.

What Have I Become, Now That I've Betrayed
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