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An enemy Unkown(open) Empty An enemy Unkown(open)

Post by kingleon on Sun Apr 01, 2018 2:39 am

4:55 PM, Earth's Orbit
 the IC calypso, a cruiser surrounded by smaller  ships. Not only that, with a dock holding Fithers, Troop Transports,ECT. And with weapons such as Hypermium rounds, Rail cannons, and whatnot, attacking it seems like suicide to attack it.   But the bigfest dnager in this fleer nust may be it's leader, Demios Akroth.

A demonic figure, sitting in his captians bay.  Gazing upon the earth, the home of the  civilization he calls "barbarous" and "Uncivilized. The very civilization he scorns.  The civilization he wants to be eliminated.  However, the feelings are mutual from alot of earths inhabitants. The idea of what seems to be attack crafts in earth's orbit isnt populae with its inhabitants. Especially after the fiasco with the black arms.

The worlds goverments still do nothing. This is met with alot of resistnce from the citzens, and even members of said goverments. Riots, protests, attacks on goverment officers, ans even some small scale uprisings the things that will weaken human civilization.  Help the unkown foe reach their victory.  Some people realise this, and a milita begims to form, peoole in starships of varying sizes, power, roles. Earth's inhabitants will not take the threat sitting down.

"Wether you choose to accept it is your choice. But one Particular always rings true in ones life, the world is a dog eat dog situation.  Despite beliving in this 'power of friendship', You'll never get anywhere if you can't handle things by yourself"

-Fulgarias The Hedgehog
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