Prediction of a Storm

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Prediction of a Storm Empty Prediction of a Storm

Post by Awakened Vega on Sun Mar 25, 2018 11:35 pm

"I have lived in isolation... in preparation for this."

The deep, droning voice resonated down the dark halls of an undisclosed location. The walls were solid, rocky, mountainous. Dim burning candles lined the walls, leading into the small opening. It was small, a room in the shape of a circle, low roof, again surrounded with the same solid rock.

Outside, it was a terrible day, the rain hammered down, large, heavy droplets splashed onto the mountain region, every so often the harsh claps of thunder rumbled throughout the cavern like setting, the heavy rain slapping onto the cave roof above.

Inside, was a single being, he sat upon a large throne, carved out of the same rock that lined the walls. He was dark, his tall body hunched over. His eyes were a burning, piercing red, and they were wide, as if he hadn't blinked in years. Upon his head were a pair of tall, spiked golden horns. His navy blue colouration left him blended with the dark shadows that filled the room.

"The time has come... to have the world bow at MY feet..."

His voice was low, dragging, each word spoken painfully slowly. He slid his hands from the throne, pushing himself up to his feet, his tall figure casting a shadow to the ground beneath him. His body was lined in a thin armour, gold coloured pieces covered his shoulders, forearms and needs, each being lined with intimidating looking spikes. Upon his gold belt line, were two, horrific looking weapons, both the same, they were claws, grips, each with slots to hit easily within his hands, they too, were lined with spikes.

"Every action, every injustice... shall be paid back ten fold, in pain, and anguish."

He reached up to his mouth, placing a large, deep blue coloured device over the entire mouth area, a loud CLACK as it snapped into position. It was a metallic device, his breaths now became more distorted and warped. 

He began walking, step, after step, the burning candles flickering as he passed by, each and every dim fire fizzling out into nothingness as he walked to the exit of the secluded lair. As he finally exited, he stood upon the mountainside, the raining pouring down his body, the shell that held his mighty wings, and onto the floor, the loud strikes of thunder just metres away.

"The Dark Thunder will bring the harsh punishment to all! From now, until eternity, the name Kuwa Raiger will be a beacon of fear, terror and destruction!"

He would raise his arm, his body glowing with bright blue crackles and harsh zaps of lightning, before a bolt escaped from his palm, firing off into the sky and directly inside a rolling thunder cloud, causing many large cracks of lightning to fall around him. His distorted, warped voice laughing deeply as the mountain was ravaged by the weather and the dark cloud, ominously rolled on...

What Have I Become, Now That I've Betrayed
Everyone I've Ever Loved, I Pushed Them All Away
And I Have been a Slave To The JUDAS In My Mind
Is There Something Left For Me To Save, In The Wreckage Of My Life
I'm Becom-, I'm Becom-, I'm Becoming
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