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Post by Awakened Vega on Wed Mar 21, 2018 4:33 pm

Name: Kuwa Raiger
Nicknames: The Dark Storm
Age: 32
Species: Stag Beetle
Gender: Male
Occupation: Super VillainĀ 


Kuwa Raiger Gfhj10
Credit to Dione for the art!

Kuwa is a navy blue stag beetle, his horns are a bright gold and spike up and outwards upon the top of his head. His eyes are deep, piercing black around the small whites and red pupil. He wears some sort of respirator over his mouth area, concealing his voice under a deep filter. Kuwa posses two wings upon his back, as natural to his species, the wings are contained within their navy blue shell, the shell being rather sturdy. His wings allow for flight, however, are awfully flimsy. Kuwa wears a light armour, consisting of golden shoulder defenders, matching the colour of his horns. His arms are covered in a tight chainmail. His chest, and torso are covered in a light resistant fabric, bearing a dark blue colour. Upon his waist, he has a large, gold belt that is tight to his body. Upon this belt, he keeps his claw grip weapons (More on them below). The material upon his legs is the same as his chest and torso, only it is coloured black rather than blue. He wears knee defenders, matching the ones on his shoulders in colour, along with gold coloured boots.

Personality traits

-Having people at his command
-Complete and Utter Control
-Causing Suffering

-Heroes (Colourful, Obnoxious ones in particular)


Kuwa is an awful, deluded man. When he comes into contact with people, he is condescending, manipulative, and forceful. He will push his ideals of control upon people, forcing them to obey him, should they face his wrath. He takes delight in causing pain or suffering to those who resist him. He also angers very easily, going into fits of rage, destroying whatever he pleases to satisfy that anger.

Kuwa however, can also be rather imposing when he feels control, using a calm and collected persona to push how controlling and dominant he feels.

Combat traits


While Kuwa posses no physical powers, his armour itself acts as a conductor for electricity, simply from moving around, generating the static in the air, Kuwa can build up a mass of electricity, possessed within his armour, which he can release from amplifiers from his palms and even the respirator on his mouth.

Kuwa also wields two claw grips, these claw grips snap onto Kuwa's wrists, allow him to wield them with full movement, the grips are in a 'U' shape, and can open wider and snap shut. They possess both sharp, and blunt edges, allowing for more combat versatility. They can also snap shut upon an opponent, the sharp edges pushing into them, which also leaves them in close quarters, and hopefully at Kuwa's mercy.

Kuwa can also use his wings for combat, allowing his to fly above his opponent and widen his range of ability, his wings are typical of that of a beetle, they allow him to move very fast within the air, however, they are flimsy, even the slightest damage will cause them to be unusable, the wings rest inside his shell upon his back, which doubles as a shield for Kuwa's back when not opened.

-Constant Generation of Power

-Limited to his suits power
-Most Weapons/Armour vulnerable to destruction

Social information

Positive relations

Negative relations



Kuwa's childhood was very troubled, he was bullied very often, simply because of his species,this however, unknown to Kuwa, was simply under the childhood mentality, the children at his school were very much the worse of the bunch, he would be called disgusting, vile, ugly, among other things. He would spend every day wondering why people would do this to him. He went to his father for assistance... only to find his own parents in tears, his father, the one he looked up to, was pushed, and forced out of his own job by his co-workers, and put up no fight at all. They told him "This is just how things are for us." Little would Kuwa, or his father know, that the people doing this to them, were simply jealous, jealous of Kuwa's father and how hard he would work, how much he would get done and be able to leave early, yet, it was never that clear to them. Those words resonated with Kuwa, they fuelled his mind. And things began to change, his rage grew more every single day, he would destroy household objects with little reason. He began to craft weapons for himself, ranging from wooden spears as a child, to swords, and really dangerous weapons as he grew older. He left home without a word once he reached 18. Not a single word, or an appearance, for years. He had went into hiding, beginning to build, and craft his armour that he wears proudly, his weapons along with them. And now, he intends to have to word bow at his feet for the crimes it had committed against him.

What Have I Become, Now That I've Betrayed
Everyone I've Ever Loved, I Pushed Them All Away
And I Have been a Slave To The JUDAS In My Mind
Is There Something Left For Me To Save, In The Wreckage Of My Life
I'm Becom-, I'm Becom-, I'm Becoming
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