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Shona Deville the Wolf Empty Shona Deville the Wolf

Post by Awakened Vega on Mon Mar 19, 2018 1:48 am

Name: Shona Deville
Nicknames: Devi
Age: 21
Species: Wolf
Gender: Female
Occupation: Singer


Shona is a wolf with a bright, burning red colour. However, her fur becomes a deep black from her forearms to her fingertips, and from her lower legs, down to her feet. Shona is a rather small figure, being shorter than the average mobian, and being just a tad on the slimmer side. Her eyes are a bright red, just as her fur. (although she often likes to wear various contact lenses, especially on stage in order to seem more spooky~) He hairstyle varies quite often, but her hair is of a short length, not going any further down than her neck, her hair is very frizzy and curly, the bangs on either side of her face curling down as the rest of her curled hair sits behind her head. Her casual outfit is that of a semi-see-through black veil long sleeved top, along with a black vest underneath that. She also wears a pair of jean shorts which feature various patches and pins, and some rips on the thighs. And finally, she wears a pair of heavy black boots with some metal caps on the toe area.


Personality traits

-Music (Mostly Metal/Rock)
-Chit-Chat/Learning about others

-Aggressive behaviour
-Being alone
-Preparation/Getting ready


Shona has an outgoing personality, often chatting on and on for ages, even to people she doesn't know. She is awfully playful, especially with her friends, poking fun, flirting, anything to get a laugh from them or herself. Shona is easy to tick off though, despite her small stature, she is the first to give someone a harsh telling off no matter their size. Her anger can be dangerous however, as a giant surge of anger can make her go into a completely different state of mind.

Combat traits


Shona has no powers normally, being completely normal, yet a surge of anger or negative emotion overwhelming her can cause her to enter a demonic state. The whites of her eyes becoming black, and the red and black of her fur switching places. A black halo appearing over her head as she goes into this form. This form gives Shona the ability to control darkness, an element that preys on the good inside of people, causing a piercing like pain to anyone she uses this mist like power she unleashes from her hands and mouth. However, this transformation does not effect Shona's durability, meaning knocking her out can easily revert her to normal. 

-Very Non-Confronting
-Intimidating (In demonic state)

-Very Fragile
-Only powerful in a limited form
-Often avoids using her transformation

Social information

Positive relations
- Just about anyone!

Negative relations



Shona had a regular life up until she was around 13 years old. She began getting to hang out with a crowd of kids that were older than her, they would all listen to metal and rock music together, even learning how to play instruments themselves, Shona loved to sing, and she became very good, very fast, her notes being high, loud and impressive. This however, caught the attention of some of the members of the friend group. They decided to invite Shona out to come and hang out with them, inviting her to a forest to come and explore. When Shona arrived, about 5 of her 'friends' surrounded her, they began to tease her, push her and ridicule her, until, things went to far, as they were pushing her to the floor, her head connected with a rock with a hard smack. Shocked, and disgusted, the mob of teenagers fled the scene. Shona was about to pass, in agony as she laid there, begging for help. Her call was answered by a figure, this figure, while of mobian shape, was not, in a physical from, it was see through, a red mist, it began to speak to her, its voice neither male nor female, it told of being able to save her, being able to revive her to health, as long as he could rest his growing darkness within her body. Shona was desperate, she didn't want her parents to suffer the loss, so she accepted, her pure soul being filled with the darkness of the red, mist like figure. The figure would disappear, and Shona would wake up, in a few days time, in hospital. Her head was wrapped in gauze, and she had absolutely no memory of what happened. No one has spoke of the memory. When she recovered, she found that some of her friends had left the group! Leaving only 4 of them. She would remain friends for a long time with this group, continuing to learn music with them. At current day, Shona enjoys a semi-successful singing career, singing in rock clubs, small venues, getting by okay, it made her happy, and she could make others enjoy themselves, and that's what matters. However, the darkness still lives in her heart, and its still gorowing, developing, and fate only knows what it can hold.

What Have I Become, Now That I've Betrayed
Everyone I've Ever Loved, I Pushed Them All Away
And I Have been a Slave To The JUDAS In My Mind
Is There Something Left For Me To Save, In The Wreckage Of My Life
I'm Becom-, I'm Becom-, I'm Becoming
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