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Dextetta - Cutesy android medic Empty Dextetta - Cutesy android medic

Post by Gamma V on Sat Mar 17, 2018 6:34 am

Name: Interactive Medical Index (MediDex)
Nicknames: Dextetta, Dexy
Age: 4
Species: Android (Mobian Cat template)
Gender: Female
Occupation: Medical Assistant/Medic

Dextetta looks like a teenage Mobian cat girl.  He fur is a pinkish red, with white on her muzzle, inner ears, and tail tip.  Her outfit consists of a white short-sleeved blouse with a cobalt-blue skirt, cobalt-blue neckerchief, white socks, cobalt-blue shoes, white gloves, and cobalt-blue bracelets.  She has shoulder-length hair with 3 large bangs in front and blue eyes.

Dextetta - Cutesy android medic Dextetta_2017___dynastylobster_remaster_by_gamma_v-dboskt4

Personality traits

- caring for people
- having accurate info in her database
- playing retro video games (when she learns about them)
- learning new things

- being wrong (especially when it endangers others)
- seeing people in physical or emotional pain

It's only recently that Dextetta has begun to develop a personality, which is curious, compassionate, and cute.  Due to her nature as a mobile, intelligent medical database, she's developing a strong desire to heal and comfort those in need.  She's also very curious about things outside of medicine, such as music, video games, and her own potential.

Combat traits

Powers: Dextetta is not built for combat and has no real offensive abilities.

- Extensive database covering medicine and robotic technology
- Quick learner

- No combat abilities
- Naive
- Overly compassionate

Social information

Positive relations
- Dr. Gavin Cooper (creator)
- Steel (possible love interest)

Negative relations

- Machina

Dextetta was created to be an intelligent access point for any sort of medical information her creator, GUN medic Gavin Cooper, would possibly need.  Initially, she was just an AI housed in his mini-tablet computer.  As her potential grew, he began placing her into spare GUN robot shells that he'd modify for medical use, exchanging their weapons for medical and diagnostic tools.  While analyzing a blood sample from Dr. Gari Kikuta, she became contaminated with nanites that had been injected into the scientist.  Fortunately, he was able to retrieve her core, make upgrades to her programming, and build her into an android body based on a modified version of Steel's body.  These program upgrades have allowed her to begin developing signs of a personality, and Steel has developed feelings for her.

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