Demios Akoroth(Criticism is appreciated)

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Demios Akoroth(Criticism is appreciated)  Empty Demios Akoroth(Criticism is appreciated)

Post by kingleon on Thu Mar 15, 2018 1:47 pm

Name: Demios Akororh
Nicknames: None
Age: 45
Species: Kragozoian
Gender: Male
Occupation: Captian of the IC (Imperial Cruiser) Calypso From the Galactic Age Nation "The Maruyan Empire"

Appearance:    Demios is about the height of an average human, he has two horns on his head simmilar to what you would see on a Goat. He has a large amount of body armor, most of it formed by his own body.  The armor surrounding his skin is black in color. 

The IC Calypso Demios Akoroth(Criticism is appreciated)  Awesom10

Personality traits

Their likes are bullet pointed here. Feel free to add more if need be. You do not need to go into detail here, as your character will be expanded in the 'personality' section. Simple words will do, which will allow the reader a basic view of what your character is like.

-Humanity, he considers them to be a primitive race who can't do anything but fight amongst themselves
- Enemies of the Maruyan Empire

Demios is extremley nationalistic. he would do anything to protect his planet and nation.  He often speaks about how  great it is  

Combat traits

Demonic Force Manipulation- The user of this power possesses and is able to utilize strong demonic power. This ability not only grants the user great strength and control over numerous variations of demonic abilities, but also allows them to overwhelm weaker demons as well as rival that of powerful demonic entities.

-Can disassemble molecules and reassembling them elsewhere, Form of teleportation

-Tactical Fighter
-Large amount of speed

- Less control over demonic abillities

[size=39]Social information[/size]

Positive relations
- Maruyan Empire
-Crew of IC Calypso
-His son( Akios Akoroth)

Negative relations

- Residents of Earth
-Enemies of the Maryuan Empire

Demios was born on the southern area of planet Maruya,  A lava planet that should be unable to support life. He was the son of the late Gesalt Akoroth, A man killed by a demonic entity when Demios was at the tender age of 7 .  As Gesalt died protecting the young Demios; therefore his family showed a coldness towards him, and he was disowned soon after. For many years he was just another orphan wandering the planet. 

Until he made the decision to join the The MSC(Maruya Space Corps) At the age of 18. After getting into a many number of fights while travelling his planet, his latent  combat talent began to grow. A few years after joining the corps and getting the private rank; he engaged the demonic entity that he had met all those years ago. He wanted his revenge, and he fought accordingly. He won the battle and ended up absorbing the demon's power. (Age 21)

He then proceeded to rise in the ranks before coming a ship captain at the age of 26. He was seen as a man with a high amount of potential. Most people didn't become ship captains until they were much older. Then again, Demios couldn't be called most people anymore. Later he conquered his first planet, One that had a level of technology near that of earth's in World War 2. Over the years he captured many more planets, and ended up marrying a woman of  a human-like race known as the "Cryxians" at 31. 

his son was born 3 years after.  He discovered the planet known as earth at 42, He then started to look at this planet's culture and history. He started to see the humans on earth or "terrans" As alot of people called them as a primitive race who could do nothing but fight among-st themselves. While he still continues his other missons, he investigates earth quite alot.

"Wether you choose to accept it is your choice. But one Particular always rings true in ones life, the world is a dog eat dog situation.  Despite beliving in this 'power of friendship', You'll never get anywhere if you can't handle things by yourself"

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