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Post by Awakened Vega on Mon Mar 12, 2018 10:31 pm

Name: Axel Heart
Nicknames: Heart Throb (Self-Given)
Age: 18
Species: Porcupine
Gender: Male
Occupation: Professional Wrestler


Axel is a porcupine with a mostly black colouration. He has many spines along his head, some going forwards, some going back, down and across his back, his spines have a neon green accent in a stripe formation, this accent also remains true to other parts of his body. His normal attire, is well, also his wrestling attire. He wears a pair of black shorts that also share the neon green upon his body, a pair of tall black boots, also with green accents, and a pair of fingerless black gloves. Although, when casual, in order to have some modesty, he wears a black vest, often with a random design.


Axel Heart Egfwce10

Personality traits

- Flirting
- Being Centre of Attention
- Winning

- Being Ignored
- Anyone 'Beneath' Him
- Goody-Two-Shoes


Axel is just, not a very good person. Hes a womanizer, constantly flirting, using his looks and money to get what he wants. He will often kick people while they're down, feeling no remorse in insulting or picking on whoever he pleases. 

Combat traits


While Axel posses no powers, he is significantly well trained in multiple martial arts. He is of a slim, athletic build, allow him to be very nimble and athletic, being quick and versatile in a fight. He also has a considerable amount of stamina, allowing his to stay at full capacity for a long time.

- Nimble
- High Stamina
- Athletic Ability

- Not overly Strong
- Often too cocky
- Easily outsmarted

Social information

Positive relations

Negative relations



Axel grew up in a wealthy family. Being born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he got whatever he pleased, and was treated to a life of luxury. Upon growing up, he never had the need for a 'real' job, so he decided to follow his dream of being a professional wrestler, since he would always watch that on TV. Axel, used his money to have private lessons and training, which instantly fast-tracked him into wrestling for audiences. He portrayed himself as a character, a rich, egotistical 'Heart Throb'. He would use cheap, dirty tactics to defeat his opponents, making true, pure wrestling fans hate his guts, he would only rile these fans up more by claiming their jealous of his money, belongings, girls, and so on... he continues this life style to this day.

What Have I Become, Now That I've Betrayed
Everyone I've Ever Loved, I Pushed Them All Away
And I Have been a Slave To The JUDAS In My Mind
Is There Something Left For Me To Save, In The Wreckage Of My Life
I'm Becom-, I'm Becom-, I'm Becoming
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