Venture into Neo-Izheugate

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Venture into Neo-Izheugate Empty Venture into Neo-Izheugate

Post by MikeMurdock on Thu Mar 01, 2018 8:45 pm

Neo-Izheugate. A city deep in the Outer section of the Eggman Empire Territories. A city blending Yurashian and Empire architecture. The city is full of humans and mobians loyal to the empire and cybernetic augmentations is common, However if someone gets out of line they may have the EggSWAT sweeper teams come in to deal with them.

A small team of Heroes is now heading in to find something that can turn the tide of the war and destroy it. while also trying to do as much damage to the infrastructure to leave a bloody nose to the empire.

Meanwhile, Mercenaries hired by VALKOM Industries to steal this item in question in order for them to reverse engineer it and make products for personal game.


This RP I want to explore the idea of seeing cities under the Eggman Banner. People that can participate can be a Hero (either by there own side or a G.U.N. undercover unit) , Mercenaries , or even side with the empire.

Currently i'm trying to think up the mcguffin that everyone is looking for Smile
If interested please sign up here.
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Venture into Neo-Izheugate Empty Re: Venture into Neo-Izheugate

Post by Shrike Marine on Thu Mar 01, 2018 8:49 pm

Hmmm this seems like up my alley although not sure what is allowed, I guess a mech pilot may be over kill other wise Shrike would no doubt find his way in here, either going alone or working along side G.U.N
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