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Yrvxian species  Empty Yrvxian species

Post by DeltaGear on Wed Feb 28, 2018 8:46 pm

Species: Yrvx

Home world: Qxvent

Alignment: Neutral, peaceful.

Average lifespan: 150~250

        ₩General information₩

Yrvx are an intelligent reptilian/insectoid species that work much like a hive in many respects.
They have a hive mind in which they all connect to the queen, the ruler of the hive, creating a hive mind with her as a nexus point. They can check in and share knowledge and everything if they wish. She also can contact any of them specifically or all of them and give commands telepathically.

They are a peaceful race that expand and travel the cosmos to find other races to meet and established relationships with. They create small colonies on hospitable planets and continue to grow and expand, gaining knowledge and cataloging everything they find.
Their hive is also open to "join" as they have the ability to convert others species into Yrvx if they are compatible. People converted keep all their previous memories and can sometimes keep there previous powers and abilities. There are two methods:
1: Being submerged in and injected with Yrvxian life blood. This is a slow process that can take days. This process can be stopped mid-way and the person can return to normal as long as the mind hasn't been converted yet.
2: Being converted by the queen directly. She must bite into the spine of a person and transfer some of her life blood as well as rewrite their brain and body. This is the fastest but most painful process.

They do not convert unless the person is willing and ok with it. Once turned it is impossible to change back.


                ₩Racial traits₩

Yrvx possess strong cobalt blue exoskeletons and insectoid wings with yellow reptilian-like scales the make up the areas between the plates on their bodies.
They have a single set of soft milky blue eyes and various markings that cover their faces. Male markings are more harsh and sharp, females markings are more elegant and smooth. 
They have hidden claws in both there hands and feet and posses small sharp teeth a long tongues with a paralysis inducing salvia.

The queen possesses a stronger body with the ability to process vast amounts of neural information and the ability to convert compatible species into more Yrvx for the hive. 
The queen is able to live for roughly a thousand years and possesses the knowledge of all the queens before her. When a new queen is needed she chooses a compatible female Yrvx and transfers all of her own life blood into them which alters their body in order to withstand and maintain becoming the hive mind. 
The former queen then dies and is buried on her birth world. If the queen is a converted Yrvx and dies, the body is returned to the inhabitants on her original home world in honor of what she was originally.


"You can break my body... but you cannot touch my soul."

"Battle isn't about beating your opponent. It's about two fighting spirits clashing and growing... a betterment of ones self through combat and understanding your limits."

"I'll do what it takes too help everyone. Powers or no powers, anyone can be a hero"
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