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Special Squadron; Guardians  Empty Special Squadron; Guardians

Post by Awakened Vega on Wed Feb 28, 2018 8:04 pm

The Special Squadron was a former group of five individuals. These five individuals were gifted with a power from a rift that appeared before them. These items were a single cuff, well, 5 single cuffs, one for each of these fated people who gathered in the location of the event.

When the a cuff was worn by each of the individual member of the group, it would shine that of a corresponding colour. Wearing this cuff would grant the user a temporary power, speed and defence boost. However the use would rapidly drain the users stamina, often leaving them vulnerable once the effect wore off.

Activating a cuff would also change the users appearance. When activated, the cuff becomes more of a gauntlet, extending from wrist to forearm, and it becomes a bright gold, with the user's corresponding colour in the form of a gem in the centre. It would also form a large piece of golden armour across the users chest, again with the users coloured stone in the middle. While this armour was mostly cosmetic, it served as a small defense boost in the area it shielded.

It was noted, that when all five cuff-holders were together, and all of them used their power as one, the power boost they gained was sustainably higher. However, if any one of them was knocked out of their 'transformation' or were separated, the boost would return to its regular state.

As time went on, more powerful evils began to rise, and with them, more powerful heroes to deal with them, the more intense things became, the less need for the Guardians. And thus, one by one, they began to disappear... it is understood that most Guardians have simply ditched the cuffs, and moved on....


Cuffs & Holders:

Cuff of Bravery
In Possession: Yes
Holder: Vega Desol
Gem Colour: White
Info: The Cuff of Bravery was entrusted to the leader of the group, said to contain the essence of a brave, strong heart and overflowing with the will to fight.

Cuff of Trust
In Possession: No
Holder: ???
Gem Colour: Yellow
Info: The Cuff of Trust was given to the peacemaker kind, the one who always tried to resolve problems, to come to an understanding. The cuff was pulsing with the sense of tranquillity.

Cuff of Strength 
In Possession: No
Holder: ???
Gem Colour: Red
Info: The Cuff of Strength was passed to the determined, strong willed fighter, with the ability to push on no matter how big their task. The cuff contained the power of overwhelming adrenaline.

Cuff of Heart
In Possession: No
Holder: ???
Gem Colour: Pink
Info: The Cuff of Heart was bestowed onto the gentle, compassionate one, who cared for everything with a beating heart. The Cuff was bursting with the power of acceptance and nurturing.

Cuff of Hope
In Possession: No
Holder: ???
Gem Colour: Black
Info: The Cuff of Hope was given to the being which possessed the strong, undying outlook that the future will be protected. The cuff was surging with the sense of nobility and justice.

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