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Post by DeltaGear on Mon Feb 12, 2018 6:13 pm

Project-63 (Evelynn)
Name-63 (Evelynn)





Disguise form: She is of average height with tan fur and emerald green eyes. She is usually disguised wearing a grey sweater with blue jeans or shorts and red shoes. However she can change what it looks like shes wearing at any time.

Liquid form: her body is mostly a wet play-doh like slime substance and is almost entirely yellow. Her eye's turn black with green pupils however when feral or angry or while in slime state.

She is very kind and caring and is very hesitant to be around people, both for being shy and her condition. She often masks her emotions as to avoid getting attached to people and many times will run away from others to hide herself. She loves music and often plays a violin to soothe herself or those around her.
Her more feral personality manifests when she is very low on energy, being her mind going into a panic and desperation to survive. She becomes very sadistic and uncaring as she will willingly drain anyone around, no matter how good of a friend or family as she can't control herself. While she's like this she can't be reasoned with, only subdued until she gains sanity back or completely destroyed.

-Her locket, the last true possession she owns.

-Reading. She's a sucker for novels and romances.

-People she feels she can trust and call true friends. Especially those willing to stay after learning of what she is.

-Hurting others, either by hurting others feelings or feeding off them.

-Being in public places for to long, as she dislikes crowds and busy places.

-Being alone. She is very lonely and doesn't want to be left behind or unwanted.

~Powers and abilities~ 
As she is made up of non-solid putty-like unstable material, she can mold and reshape her body into technically any form and shape. Using this to squeeze through tight spaces or to extend tendrils to grab opponents or create temporary weapons made out of her body. 

Her body can also regenerate at a rapid rate, healing from most damage, except fire, easily.
She can absorb life energy from people by either feeding off their aura energy or by making physical contact and draining them directly. The more she has the easier she can maintain a disguise and the stronger she becomes. She must do this to survive however and is in almost constant need. If she goes for too long she can go feral and lose control.

-Has a very caring and loving side. Willing to help anyway she can.

-Is not required to eat normal food and water to sustain her. 

-Her body is resistant to poison and incapable of getting diseases.

-Often runs away from others to avoid hurting anyone. As she is shy and afraid.

-Has no ability control herself when she's starving, making her extremely dangerous to be around in that state.

-Often starves herself trying not to feed or hurt others. doesn't work and usually ends up with her going on a feeding frenzy.

-Has an extreme weakness to fire or heat based attacks. As it burns her body up and delays her regeneration ability.

Evelynn Rosetta Ross was an average girl living an average life. She had loving parents, amazing siblings, a wonderful boyfriend who she was soon to marry, and a great talent for the violin and musical career ahead of her.

Unfortunately one day tragedy struck when she was killed in a hit and run accident. Her boyfriend, an A.L.C scientist, took her remains and began to work out a way to bring her back.
Exactly two years later with extensive research and several government military grants and specialists he began   testing a way to clone people.

Another year passed as he tested it again and again, trying to perfect the process in order to bring Evelynn back. However with no results and nothing coming out of it the government began to question the need for it and threatened to shut down the project if no results were given. 
In a final attempt he put everything he had in the experimental process, "Attempt-63", his last chance to bring her back. At first everything went ok, the process was working. However just as it seemed the clone would hold stable it completely broke down. In a desperate attempt to save it he channel more and more power into it, overloading the machine, melting it down and releasing the unstable clone of Evelynn. The clone then went on a rampage and killing several scientists and personal, draining them of their life energy. During the frenzy she almost killed her fiance but snapped out of it at the last moment. however he had already been scarred seeing what looked like his beloved kill others and almost him.

With the damage done and no home to go to and memories of a girl long since dead, she ran away. Wishing beyond everything that she didn't exist, a mockery of someone else.

(Current status)
She currently stays with Emmett Degreef in station square. He is currently helping with her condition and is her first friend.

~Character tid bits~
-While she doesn't need to eat, she can still absorb it as well as other organic matter. She also can still taste food (through the mouth or not as long as it's absorbed) thus she prefers sweets to "eat".

-She has reserved the blank space in her locket for a picture of someone who will truly love her. She is not confident she will ever find someone however.

-Her disguise only works as long as someone doesn't touch her. If physical contact is made the person will immediately feel that her body is slimy unless she's putting extreme concentration into that area to be solid.
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Post by Cosmickat on Tue Jun 26, 2018 2:05 am

Okay so I went through your characters and honestly this one is my favorite! Smile interesting powers, history, and character overall.

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Post by DeltaGear on Tue Jun 26, 2018 2:10 am

Thank you. She's a favorite of mine.


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