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Post by Caliburn on Wed Feb 07, 2018 6:35 pm

Heavily inspired by Lady-Tragedy and Uncanny-Illustrator's original Soul Crystal concept, though influenced by other sources and reworked a bit to be different. It's mainly just a concept right now, so any thoughts are more than welcome!


Soul Crystal(s): The very gems themselves that contain a strange type of energy. This is the dormant state of a Crystalite. Typically they glow a light blue, though other colors do exist, albeit less common. The very nature of a Soul Crystal is different depending on the being contained inside, though the physical shape and sturdiness usually remains the same between all crystals.

Sturdiness; Soul Crystals are very strong. Comparable to diamond, perhaps stronger due to magical energies, it takes a lot of force/concentrated energy to break one.

Energy; All Soul Crystals are an inherent source of energy. This means that they will be detectable by a radar, or anyone with energy sensing ability, easily.

Shape; Most Soul Crystals are shaped like a diamond of sorts, however when the Crystalite is awoken, the position/shape of the crystal on their body can be completely different.


Crystalite(s): The name given to the beings that inhabit the Soul Crystals. Whilst in a dormant state, they're essentially asleep and unable to do anything, until awoken by a physical touch from a compatible individual - an Inherent.

Awakening; Once a compatible person touches a dormant crystal, the Crystalite will awaken, and the two will become bonded. This bond will have various effects, though usually, no negative effects are given to the compatible individual, only to the Crystalite.

Elements; Crystalites don't necessarily have to follow an element strictly, though their very being is constructed around such, so it's far more common for them to be elemental based. The elements that are known are as follows;
Light, Dark, Earth, Water, Fire, Wind.

Being; The physical appearance of a Crystalite is almost always Mobian, though the differences between their attire/sub-species is limitless. Why this is the case is unknown, though the beings themselves are likely a lot older than their appearances let on. Crystalites are free to roam wherever they please, though they are more than aware that being close to their Inherent will benefit both of them.


Inherent: Someone compatible with a Crystalite. Virtually anyone is able to match with a Crystalite, though depending on a few factors, the likelihood will either increase - or decrease.

Element; If the individual matches the element of the Crystalite they are attempting bonding with (willingly or not) they are more likely to succeed in bonding.

Powerless; Those with no powers are the strongest Inherent - they will always be able to bond with a Crystalite.

Bonded; If already bonded with a Crystalite, the Inherent is no longer able to bond with any others.


Tether: The term for the bond shared between the compatible and the Crystalite. The less of a distance there is between the two, both physically and emotionally, the stronger that the power between them will become. Those that don't have powers will receive even stronger effects from such. The 'power' is usually increased physical prowess and some special powers from the Crystalite. The stronger the bond, the more intense those powers become. A bond breaking will not have any negative consequences on the Inherent by default.

Emotion; An important part of the bonding process. The thoughts between the Crystalite and the Inherent, the trust between them, and the very foundation of a relationship. The stronger all of these fields are, the less of a restriction between the two, and as such, the stronger the two become.

Distance; The closer together the two are, the stronger the bond will become by default. Physically touching is the easiest way to maximize the link, and also fills both the Inherent and the Crystalite with intense positive feelings, like being near a warm fire on a cold day - except constantly.

Break; A Tether can't break unless one of the three criteria are met;
Death - The Inherent individual dies.
Voluntary - The Inherent voluntarily severs the bond.
Disruption - The spiritual link between the two is cut off somehow.

If a break occurs, the bond between them will disappear, and the Crystalite will revert back to a dormant state - unconscious in the Soul Crystal. This will remain the case until the crystal comes into contact with another Inherent.


Death: A Crystalite is unable to die by normal means. If they 'die', they simply return to their Soul Crystal state. The duration of such depends on how severe their wound/death was. Drowning for example would result in two hours, whereas vaporization (assuming the crystal remains intact) would take weeks.

Shattering; Any form of damage to a Soul Crystal is severe. A small chip in the crystal will weaken the bond between the Inherent and Crystalite, and a crack or beyond will result in actual death for the Crystalite. It is possible for a Crystalite's physical body to remain if the Soul Crystal is shattered outside of the dormant state.


Creation: Anyone is allowed to create a Soul Crystal OOC if they want to, though following the conventions above is important.


Once again, this is work in progress! Give me any thoughts on the concept if you please.

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