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Post by CyanFox on Thu Feb 01, 2018 8:35 pm

(Some backstory for people that do not quite get what happened before. Luka found a stray cat wounded and took care of her, after that she gave it to Alina seeing as their house needed another companion. Prescill became worried about her cat and saw that her cat was getting helped by Luka. After that she started following her cats tracks.)
Prescill sat on a bench across the house her cat entered. "That was it. She's being held there. Let's check how they treat her." Her vision moved towards the window. She could see sharp enough from this side of the road. There was someone there. Apperantly it was the kitchen from what she could spot. A purple figure. Prescill suddenly held her breath. " that..." It couldn't be. What were the odds? She tightened her jacket and lowered her hat so that she looked even more covered.  She stood up and looked closer at the purple being. It was a fox. Not just a fox. *It was him.* She crossed the road and walked a big circle around the house, afraid that she might get noticed. A window on the side. No...No.... She couldn't walk for a moment. Her legs were turned into stone. "Alina..." She whispered with a trembling voice. She had grown quite a lot. How old was she now? Right. She had just turned 18. A fine woman. Very pretty. And she was petting her cat. Alina seemed happy. Her eyes teared up. She remembered that she had to stay moving. She moved herself against the wall. One of the windows was half opened. The one next to Alina. Prescill came up close to the window so that she could hear what they were talking about.
"How was school today?" A deep voice. In her ears it sounded very sinister. "Was cool. Nothing much happened. Howwww was your day?" So that's how her voice sounded like now. Prescill really had to try hard to keep her focus. "Looked up a new recipe. Cooking it right now. What's your opinion onnnnn....cooked carrots?" "Ugh. Not my favourite. Oh b-but I'm sure you can make something delicious from it!" The fox chuckled. Prescill's head was clogged with thoughts.
She climbed up towards the roof with ease. She balanced herself  on top of it. There was a small platform on the roof. That was convenient. She needed some time to sit down. Her head was still spinning with thoughts. "He lives here. He *lives* here. I could...I could." She heard soft sounds behind her. She quickly turned around, but the cat was already on her lap. Prescill looked at it. A tear fell down her cheek as she petted the cat's head. The cat looked at her with big eyes, as if it was trying to tell something. "You're....You're doing great huh? I can see they've treated you wonderful...just like..." The squirrel sighed. Flashbacks. She could've done so many things different. She could've maybe gone with them. She didn't have to fight him. But it was too late to change that. "I have to do this. For her...for you. Maybe she'll forgive me eventually. Isn't that right?" She asked the cat, but it didn't reply. It seemed hopeful though. That was all Prescill needed.
The cat returned downstairs. It had a note stuck to its collar. “Oh?” Alina kneeled down and grabbed the note. “Did you search through the garbage again?” She took a glance at the paper. It wasn’t crumbled up. Strange. There was text on it. She folded the letter open and read it. The handwriting looked bad. Very unstable and squiggly. Also there were some drops of water on it, but the text was good enough to read it.

“Dear Alina
I know that you hate me. I really don’t blame you, but it seems like you’ve obtained my cat somehow. I don’t know if it’s fate or anything, honestly I think it’s just bullshit. Anyway, I really care about this cat. It’s the only family member left that still likes me. She seems happy here. Way happier than at my place, so I’ll leave her here so that you can care for her as much as I did. You’re a good kid Alina. I never expected you to grow so beautiful. I guess Craid didn’t do half a bad job. Maybe I can even forgive him a bit. Alina. I still love you and I want you to know that. You don’t have to like me. I have done some really bad things, just take care of my cat. If you ever want to talk to me with a letter, just give it to my cat. She’ll make sure I’ll get it. You don’t have to, again I have been the biggest bitch ever so I don’t blame you.

Your big evil sis,

Prescill Marilayra

PS: Her name actually is Adelaine. That green fox called it Kitty and-“ A part seems to be scratched over with. It reads: “it’s annoying the hell out of me.” Then the letter continues normally. “If you think that name is okay, then name her Kitty, but do respect her actual name.”

Alina looked confused. Prescill? She knows where we live now. That’s not good. That’s not good at all. But her letter. It seemed so honest. She had to think about this. Maybe she had to keep this a small secret from Craid.
A small one.

A month later. Prescill just returned to her apartment. She hung up her jacket, removed the blades from her wrists, threw her boots to the side and landed on a half broken sofa. She heard sounds in the kitchen. That must mean Adelaine is here. She raised her head over the couch and there she was. From the kitchen already on one of the chairs in the living room. Adelaine was the sneakiest being Prescill had ever met. She grinned. “I see you wanted to pay me a visit?” Every week the cat visited her at least once. Apparently she was smart enough to take the train from Scelus to Station Square.
Then she noticed something around Adelaine’s collar. “What the fuck?” A note. A NOTE? Prescill didn’t know how fast she could stand up. She snatched the note from Adelaine’s collar. It was tied on with tape and she almost ripped it in two. Her hands shook as she opened the letter. Instead of her own bad handwriting, there was text on it with lots of fancy swirls.

“Dear Prescill,
I’ve been thinking hard if I should write to you. Honestly I am pretty afraid that you come to pay us a visit and slice Craid’s throat open. I’ve always had that fear, but since I have got that letter from you it became worse. I’ve always been afraid of you. The things you’ve done, especially the killing part is frightening me.
However people have taught me that everyone should get a second chance. I think what you did on that fateful night was reasonable. When Craid asked us to join him, you saw him as a threat. As someone who’d kill us. But he wasn’t. Sadly you wouldn’t change your mind about him. But that doesn’t mean you should go into killing. You are better than this. You just had a rough start. What you have to do now is turn things around. Once you’ve done that. Once you don’t kill anymore, I’ll consider seeing you.
I want you to have a normal job that doesn’t involve killing or the black market. I want you to be healthy, and I certainly do not want to see Craid dead. If you could do all that, then we can maybe talk. Sent me a letter when you have done all of that.

Your sister that believes in you,

Alina Marilayra

PS: I’m sorry, but Kitty is engraved into my mind. I’ll try to call her Adelaine more often, but I don’t think Kitty will ever be forgotten.”

She cried. She hasn’t cried in years. It felt strange. She collapsed and fell on her knees. All the stress of all those years suddenly came out of her. The past. The world hated her, that’s why she got this fate. As if anything could change that. She’d never see Alina again. Never. She didn’t want to visit her. She didn’t. She could only visit her when she was a normal decent person, but she’ll never be that. She’ll always be the ill-minded killer she is now. And it hurt her.
“I-I-I can’t Adelaine. I-I c-can’t change…I-I’m a freak and I’ll a-always will be…” Adelaine walked over to Prescill and started licking her cheeks. “O-Or should I try?” she raised her head. The cat stared at her. Prescill rubbed her arm over her face to dry her tears all over her face. It seemed to be ineffective. Mascara was all over her face now, but she didn’t care. She hugged the cat, hoping to find some stress relief. “M-maybe I should try….we’ll-“ She inhaled deeply and as she exhaled, she seemed to be somewhat more calm again. “We’ll see….Alina.”

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