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The (Name to be found) Clan Empty The (Name to be found) Clan

Post by Angered-Fluff on Thu Feb 01, 2018 4:30 pm

"We are not bred into this family, but we are born.
We are fractured by the world, but we are one.
We do not share blood, but we share Spirit.
Give thanks to our Soul,
Give thanks to our Breath,
For the Gifts they have bestowed on us."

The --- Clan is a special class of aura manipulators and wielders, using their power for only the benefit of their pack and their people.


Elders: The highest of titles, Elders can live for thousands of years, and are the most powerful. This is the only title that cannot be born into, and the only ones the wield white Spirit. They are the center of multiple packs, often the organizer of events and protector when packs are weakened and need a new leader. Almost always has an 'apprentice' that they keep by them. While the apprentice is often the one to become an elder, if someone else is chosen, they are to remain an apprentice for the new elder and teach them the ways the previous elder taught them.

Elite Warriors: The mightiest of the fighters, and is usually the alpha in every pack. Are the most common to rise to Elder status, but the honor is very rare. They live for maybe a couple thousand years, and have bright colored Spirit.

Warriors: The average warrior, often wielding bold, but not neon colored Spirit. Often follow one elite warrior, and help expand the pack.

Runts: Those that are part of a pack, but not strong enough to be considered a warrior. Often have dark Spirit, but necessarily dark auras. Often healers or gatherers if the pack is isolated.

Sage: Possibly the second most important role. Sages can connect to the world of Spirit, known as Breath. This is how they find others like them, and send pack members to recruit them if possible. Often with the Elder's main pack, they are the most protected individual.


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