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Journey to NorthHamer Empty Journey to NorthHamer

Post by MikeMurdock on Wed Jan 31, 2018 12:23 am

From Central city to Westropolis there were rumors of In one of the Mountains of Ice Cap zone was a Treasure. The story came from a small town of Eldvalla in Ice Cap Zone going down to the major cities. Some say the treasure is a hot spring with regenerative properties that can heal those that are ill, Some say the tresure talks about a hidden entrance to a lost treasure of gold and jewels, The list goes on and on not knowing which is the true story.

Many groups travel to Eldvalla to find more information to lead them to this treasure. Treasure Hunters in search for riches, Mercenaries hired to secure the rights of the gold or springs, Even those in the Eggman Empire send a few to find the truth, Although there is also rumors of another player. Some town folks talk about an isolated society that trades rarely with there town and are fierce warriors depicting them like fighting like well armed vikings, but with more modernized weapons.

No matter the danger some will press on. trying to learn the truth of the rumors and whatever there goals are hope to know the truth from the fiction of the rumors.
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