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Post by Shrike Marine on Tue Jan 30, 2018 5:22 pm

-A menacing voice echoed in the twisted skies above, deep, dark and forbidding in its tone, the voice traveled across the lands. Standing on those twisted and warped grounds stood a figure a figure thought too be long dead, well seems like he was pretty darn close too that conclusion but not quite at that point. The voice spoke too him.- 

"You have chosen too accept my challenge, your goal is simple, fight your way through the mazes and labyrinths of Cydonia, great evil and perils will be between you and your destination, if you succeed I shall grant you return too your home world...but if you fail..I shall consume you too create a spawn of my controlling forever afterward.....before you embark a single weapon shall be your tool too fight the evil that awaits..this weapon shall not break, shall not falter and shall not run dry...choose wisely and begin."

-The voice echoed off into the distance leaving the being too choose his weapon, going by how he was trained he opted for a range fire arm weapon, a shotgun, pump action 12 gauge heavy hitter. Once chosen he would be flung too the start and off he went, the labyrinth were like mazes of olden times but of course far more hellish in there appearance. 

From all sides they came, sharpen claws, talons, teeth and pure hatred, as they drove forward too kill him, he hit back hard putting them down as their bodies dispersed into ashes, left, right, right and left again he went down maze route after maze route fighting his way past all manner of creatures. 

While he manage to destroy them the toll he was taking was clear too be seen, the multiple impacts of dark energy against his military grade of armor were beginning too show, parts had began too fall off from him, making metal clangs as they hit the floor, claw and talon wounds on his arms and top chest yet still he pushed on, Jumping down too the next set of mazes, the sky above was clear dark blue but the tunnels and routes before him dark and unknown, Swinging around one corner a creature of humanoid shape and size, large, bulky and eyes burning with light blue forced his weapon down, The figure would use the rear of his shotgun bashing the creature across the face with a powerful thud, gaining him enough time too pump a shell straight into the beast knocking it too the ground. 

Round and round he went past this way and past that, before a horrific scream came up from behind him, swinging back, what ever was coming was large, the ground shook as the tall muscular creature charged at him, his few shots from his shot gun did not seem too stop the beast as he knocked him down too the ground with a skid. 
The beast let out a taunting roar before charging once more, the figure scrambled for his shotgun gaining hold just before the horrific monster could sink his teeth into him, the figure shoved the long barreled weapon into the beasts mouth and pulled the trigger blasting its head off its shoulders. 

More horrific enemies would follow, now into a new maze with short cut grass floor and stone walls, twisted and warped images of his former friends lunged from the corners all seeking too kill him, playing with his mind and sanity the figure acted on pure instinct of fight and blew away his opposition. 

Again and again from maze too maze and all manners of unknown the figure fought on, under the watch of the higher entity, it grinned too watch armored figure suffer under the almost never ending horrors of each turn he took. 

Then, it all stopped, the mazes seemed devoid of creatures..nothing had attacked him in minutes..the figures guard did not fade or falter, with each corner and way he took he took with caution, always checking his back too see if something was not trying too rip him a new one from behind. By now the figure had last virtually all his armor, abandoning most of it along with his webbing, leaving only his white vest, and green open jacket on his body. 

His black combat boots were the only sounds heard echoing down the mazes hall ways as the masked figure tried too figure out where he was going or why the attack had stopped. The glow from his visor of the helmet shon in the darkness, his only source of light was the meager flash light mounted underneath.

Stamina depleted and his mind over stimulated, voices began too rise, shadows began too appear and other unknowns seemed too haunt him, images of friends, family lurked into the shadows, playing with his mind. He tried too ignore the lies they attempted too slip into his mind. 

Hours went back, it sure felt like eternity, His journey would eventually come too a end, too a alter he would appeared, before him a rift..was this the rift the higher entity spoke of..the way home ? As the figure approached the rift it seemed too fade back further away, toying with him like a prize being hung before him and slowly pulled back, he began too run faster and faster only too feel like he was not getting any closer, he dropped too his knees and could not run anymore, the stamina was all gone and his spirit of getting home slipping away. 

His fight was not over, a figure formed at the entrance of the rift, its eyes burning light blue, his shape and over all look was too similar, once more the voice echoed from the sky above.- 

"You have made progress, but it is not that easy too finish this...before you stands....yourself...your twisted, dark self...all the physical form...he is your anti, your opposite..he will be your final challenge...Strife..." 

" are my anti...complete opposite..all my anger and hatred creating you....I am glad some one killed you on Mobius...cause its what you deserve."

" You certainly have the mouth huh...oh it was a utmost joy too sow terror and destruction on your home, I went un challenged for months. Course your little jackal wolf friend and her robot seemed too cut my fun short..not matter..once I beat you and take what is left..I'll go back and do it all again...I'll burn it all down too the ground. 

" Good..I had hoped she would kicked your I get too do it myself..bring it on you warped weirdo." 

-The battle began as evil took on good in a battle too the end, it was quickly noted that Strife was faster, stronger and had the abilities of fury as a distinct advantage over him, the two exchanged weapons fire and all manners of fighting, He would avoid close range combat knowing full well Strife's corruption at that range would cause issues, the two would battle with out them able too effectively kill each other, yet they had done a pretty good job at knocking each other about. 

The battle seemed too reach its epic when Strife closed in and locked up with him, the two staring each other down waiting too see who would strike the final blow, The blue energy from strife began too seep over him, time was running out, with each passing moment his life force was being drained, getting weaker and weaker, till he collapsed too the ground, attempted too crawl away Strife would mock the figure as he believed he was trying too pull himself away from Strife. Far above the higher entity watched as the final moments seemed too conclude the victor. 

the figure grabbed something, when all seemed lost he rolled himself onto his back, he had not try too flee, but crawled far enough too grasp his shotgun, aiming it towards his evil twin.-

" This it for all the hell you caused them." 

-With a simple click of the trigger the shotgun blasted a violent almost point blank shell tearing through the left side of Strife's face, his shield was down due too the energy being used too attempt too corrupt him, Strife stumbled back before hitting the ground with a thud and half. Angered by the fact that Strife had lost, the higher entity attempted too collapse the area around him, knowing that he had only minutes too spare the figure pulled himself and sprinted too the rift, just as he was about too reach it a massive concussive wave of unknown energy hit him hurling him through the pouring rift landing him slap back into the wet ground. 

Rolling himself onto his back, he stared up into the rainy sky, laying in the lush grass of the landscape, defying all sheer luck and determination..some how some way..he had manage too get home..but his ordeal was not over yet.
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