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Guild HQ possible expansion Empty Guild HQ possible expansion

Post by Dione on Sun Jan 28, 2018 10:59 pm

So! I have a few suggestions for new wings to add to Guild HQ. They're all listed below. Let me know what you guys think and if any should be added/removed!

Science tower
          - Astronomy dome to study the effects of the moon and stars on the powers of Mobians (if there's any effect, that is)

Weapon development department (including gear such as bodysuits and gadgets to amplify powers)
          - Obviously, a place where researchers, engingeers and weapon specialists can team up to develop newer versions of weapons, more efficient or powerful weapons or weapons that can boost/amplify the powers of Mobians.
          - Gadged department --> This can be a place similar to weapon development, a place where supporting gadgets can be designed to help in or after combat/
          - Costume Design --> This could be a place where armour and suits can be developed i.e. pyrokinetics can get a suit resistant to fire so they can use their power to their full extence, electric characters can get suits/armour that can store/release electricity at command.

EDIT: The areas above, might be easier to process as Non-playable areas, but more as a means of explaining where cool weapons, gadgets and knowledge came from. The ones below could actually be roleplayed in.

Test area
          - Similar to the training dome, except this is purely and solely to test out newly produced equipment before putting it up for use for heros and other guild members

Medical bay
          - Name says it all. It's like a hospital where guild members can go if they're injured during battle. There's a place for nurses, surgeons and all other kinds of medical staff (perfect for medically trained OCs!)

Leisure center
          - A hot pool, a sauna and massage tables. This could be a place to relax after fighting or training and it could be a good place for character bonding and interaction in a relaxed environment. They could go over what happened during their mission, or could start planning ahead for what's about to come.

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